Scientists Create Battery-Free Underwater Camera Powered by Sound

A group of scientists has developed a wireless, battery-less, sound-powered underwater camera that is about 100,000 times more energy efficient than other underwater cameras. Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presented their prototype of this fascinating underwater camera that could help explore unknown regions of the ocean in an article published in Nature … Read more

We Review the Hasselblad X2D 100C Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

The Hasselblad X1D 50C and X1D II 50C helped redefine the medium format paradigm, placing a large sensor in a small, sleek package. Now the X2D 100C is here, and not only does it double the resolution of its predecessors, but it brings with it a host of impressive improvements and new features. In this … Read more

The Battle Between Camera Brands is Once Again Focused on Lenses

The mark of a mature camera system is the breadth and depth of lenses that are available to it. The most recent news about Canon, its RF mount, and third-party lens manufacturers demonstrates the main battleground between competing mirrorless brands. Camera sales are much more than just cameras. One of the reasons for the success … Read more

We Review the Guragear Kiboko City Commuter: Camera Bag That Has More Magnets Than My Fridge

GuraGear has made headlines with its new Kiboko City Commuter. The bag promises to be the perfect match between capacity, durability and weight. Designed not only for photographers, but also for content creators in general, the bag has a lot to offer. Let’s see how it behaves in the real world. Introduction Let me start … Read more

Did Hasselblad Take Inspiration From Leica for Its Latest Lenses and X2D Camera?

Hasselblad recently announced its latest camera, the X2D 100C, along with several new lenses. What’s interesting is that Hasselblad has used some design features in their latest lenses that are arguably reminiscent of another well-known company in the market, which is, of course, Leica. Hasselblad has announced a new camera, the X2D 100C. This camera … Read more

The Best Camera Drones in 2022

For anyone who has flown a drone with a camera, there is a lot of fun and excitement unlocked with the new creative angles with their ability to achieve views and vantage points otherwise inaccessible to a photographer in the field. While learning to fly them can be difficult, an epic new view of the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review: It’s Not About the Camera

Foldable phones may change the way you take pictures, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 won’t be the one to change the picture quality, if that’s what you’re looking for. As Samsung continues to refine its vision for its foldable flagship, it has relegated the camera array to familiar territory. From the first iteration, … Read more