Guest Blog: Photographing Bonnaroo for Red Bull, Day 1, with Music Photographer Brad Moore

Spectators enjoy Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN, USA on June 8, 2017. Editor’s note: This is part of a series on music festival photography. Also be sure to check out Part 1: Equipment for photographing music festivals and Part 2: Camera setup and post-workflow for music festivals. Bonnaroo Day 1 We started … Read more

photo-eye | BLOG: Siri Kaur

Photo-eye gallery Siri Kaur – SHE SAYS EVERYTHING, Practice and portrait Delaney Hoffman This week, we find Siri Kaur, artist of the Photographer’s Showcase, with a special interview about her project, SHE SAYS EVERYTHING. SHE SAYS EVERYTHING is a deep dive into the wondrous emotional worlds of the witches of Los Angeles with the artist … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Meggan Gould

book review After the exhibition Photographs by Nils Bergendal Reviewed by Meggan Gould “Opening After Exposure – a Cyclopedia of Broken Cameras was like coming across a kindred spirit, united by esoteric fixations. Nils Bergendal, however, is both more organized and more systematic than me. Here he pre-exhumes a graveyard of cameras, and tells an … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Odette England

book review Passenger Photographs by Martin Bogren Reviewed by Odette England “For some, ‘passenger’ is a word associated with travel, adventure, travellers, hitchhikers, pilots and pilgrims. photography I prefer to watch, my feet up on the dashboard of the car, the window down enough to make the stray blonde fronds float above my ears I … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by William Boling

book review Modern instances Photographs by Stephen Shore Reviewed by William Boling “In Modern Instances, Shore’s knowledge, ideas, and teachings are on full display. With over 170 photographs and illustrations, the book is a feast for the eyes and a “sine qua non” for any photographer, curator, or collector. interested in a deep exploration of … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Blake Andrews

book review Family matters Photographs by Gillian Laub Reviewed by Blake Andrews “If you want to portray the American Dream in a single image, you could do worse than the cover photo of Gillian Laub’s new monograph Family Matters. It shows Laub’s late grandfather, Irving Yasgur, engaged with a large cheeseburger and fries. It’s his … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Laura Larson

book review say like that Photographs by Whitney Hubbs Reviewed by Laura Larson “Whitney Hubbs’ Say So catalogs a series of ruminative, wacky self-portraits made in 2019 and 2020. Shot with a 4×5 camera, the photographs abandon the masterclass mentality of large-format practice for a messy performance bereft of desire and identify…” say like that … Read more