eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Arturo Soto

book review The golden city Photographs by Mimi Plumb Reviewed by Arturo Soto “Despite the surplus of ‘Golden Cities’ in the world… Mimi Plumb’s new book opens with many demolition sites and piles of dirt spreading in all directions, taking its time to situate us at the outskirts of the crown jewel of the Golden … Read more

eye | BLOG: Creativity and Turmoil, Part 2

Photo-eye gallery Creativity and Restlessness, Part 2 Anne Kelly, Amanda Marchand, David Trautrimas Is the tumult the fuel of an artistic process? Throughout history, people have suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually during the pandemic and quarantine, and through these changes many great works of art have been made. Recently, gallery director Anne Kelly asked a … Read more

Guest Blog: Child and Family Photographer Tracy Sweeney

Editor’s Note: In honor of Tracy’s new KelbyOne course, Retouching In Lightroom: It’s All In The Details, we’re sharing her September 2020 guest post! FIVE TIPS FOR PRINTING AUTHENTIC MOMENTS IN CHILD PHOTOGRAPHY Well Hello! Tracy Sweeney here, owner/photographer of Elan Studio in Bristol, Rhode Island. I’m thrilled to be back and blogging about an … Read more

Guest Blog: Portrait Photographer Frank Doorhof

Editor’s Note: This was originally published in 2016, and I thought it would be great to share it again with Frank’s latest KelbyOne course! Some time ago I posted this online: When you look at carpenters, you won’t see them mocking each other because of the brand of hammer they use. They know that everything … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Edward Ranney

book review Martin Chambi: Photography Photographs by Martin Chambi Reviewed by Edward Ranney “This publication of the photographs of Martín Chambi in the Jan Mulder Collection, Lima, is a welcome addition to the books devoted to this photographer from Cuzco, who lived from 1891 to 1973…” Martin Chambi: Photography Photographs by Martin Chambi Editorial RM, … Read more

Creativity for All in Education,| Adobe Blog

Creation is the ultimate expression of learning. At Adobe, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop essential creative and digital literacy skills that will help them learn and open doors to a better future. By preparing teachers in schools and colleges around the world to teach creative skills with Adobe tools, … Read more

photo-eye | BLOG: A Peek at Current Exhibition

Maggie Taylor’s vivid photomontages are awash with fantasy, history and symbolism. In this month’s Gallery Favorites segment, we each picked an image from Taylor’s exhibition Internal logic which speaks personally to each of us and details what we find intriguing and delightful in each work. For this post, we’re thrilled that Maggie is also sharing … Read more

Guest Blog: Music Photographer & Podcaster Steve Brazill

On stage at Self Help Festival 2018. Thanks to Adam Elmakias for the photo! What’s the best photo tip you’ve ever received? Hi! My name is Steve Brazill, and I’m a Southern California-based music photographer, and host of the Behind the Shot podcast. I want to start by thanking Scott for reintroducing me. I read … Read more

Celebrate Labor Day Like A Boss – Pixlr Blog

True to its name, Labor Day is a national holiday celebrated in the United States aimed at honoring its workers and their tireless contribution to the country’s economy. Across the country, Americans rejoice whenever this holiday arrives as it is often used to celebrate the end of summer with a long weekend. Brief History of … Read more