5 Reasons Why Black and White Shouldn’t Be Used for Landscape Photography

I asked a community of Dutch photographers what they thought of black and white photography for landscapes. It seems that this is not generally accepted, and many strange reasons are given why black and white should not be used. I would like to share some of the reasons that surprised me. If you shoot in … Read more

GoPro Hero11 Black Review: A Solid Upgrade on a Proven Formula

In what has become a somewhat predictable annual release schedule, GoPro’s new Hero11 camera doesn’t deviate much from the formula. If you’re already a GoPro fan, you’ll probably like what’s on offer here. Design The exterior of the GoPro Hero11 Black is essentially identical to last year’s Hero10 Black. If you haven’t paid close attention, … Read more

Is the Infinite Black and White Plugin a Great Alternative to Silver Efex Pro?

Infinite Tools has released a range of excellent plugins for Photoshop. Being a fan of black and white, I decided to dive into it and see how well it worked. Would this help Photoshop compete with the ever-growing and very good competition? Historically, I mainly used Silver Efex Pro for black and white conversions. It’s … Read more

Black and White Photography: The Beginner’s Guide

In the age of ubiquitous high-resolution color screens, it seems hard to remember that photography came into being without color. The medium earned its place in the worlds of journalism, popular culture and fine art long before Kodak introduced color film. But that does not relegate black and white photography to the basement. The genre … Read more

How to Convert to Black and White in Lightroom (Quick Guide)

What’s the easiest way to convert to black and white in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC? And how can you gain additional control over the conversion process to create beautiful black and white photos? In this article, I explain everything you need to know about Lightroom black and white conversions, including: A simple one-click method … Read more

8 Tips for Stunning Black and White Travel Photography

When we travel to new places, our soul is restless. We have feelings that don’t normally arise – and black and white travel photography can be used to express those emotions. However, there is more to creating compelling black and white travel images than just lowering the Saturation slider. In this article, I share some … Read more

Judith Black, Vacation – Collector Daily

JTF (just the facts): Published in 2021 by Stanley/Barker (here). Hardcover three-quarter binding with reverse cover photo (250 x 250 mm), 128 pages, with 101 monochrome photographs. Includes an introduction by the author. Designed by Entente. (Cover and distribute the plans below.) Comments/Background: It has been several months since Judith Black Holidays was released last … Read more