Zoner Photo Studio X Receives Major Update, Continues Pressure on Adobe

Zoner Photo Studio X is a holistic post-processing and file management solution for photographers, yet it goes unnoticed. Despite the fact that its price is only a fraction of Adobe’s full suite, major updates to improve it are regularly rolled out, and the latter adds a number of features. I first tried Zoner Photo Studio … Read more

Creativity for All in Education,| Adobe Blog

Creation is the ultimate expression of learning. At Adobe, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop essential creative and digital literacy skills that will help them learn and open doors to a better future. By preparing teachers in schools and colleges around the world to teach creative skills with Adobe tools, … Read more

Introducing the 2022 Adobe Rising Stars of Photography

By definition, photographs are simply images made using a camera, but in practice they are windows into how we see and experience the world. The unique perspectives of others allow us to better understand and appreciate the places we may never go and the communities we may never be a part of. From how photographers … Read more

Chic Country Style with Adobe Stock artist Philippe Marchand

Philippe Marchand, lifestyle photographer, was born in a small country village in France. “I was very, very far from the work I do now, very far from the very idea of ​​being a photographer,” he said. “It’s something I discovered as a teenager and hasn’t left me since, so I started taking pictures and I’ve … Read more

Enter a Semi-Surreal Wonderland with Adobe Stock artist Biruoh

Image credit: Adobe Stock / Biruoh. Hailing from the Isan region of Thailand and raised in rural Nakhon Rachasima (also known as Korat), Phatthranit Osman prefers to be professionally nicknamed Biruoh (the Japanese word for “beer”). The artist has turned her childhood love for drawing into a freelance career as an illustrator and UX/UI designer, … Read more

Capgemini builds next-gen digital experiences across the finance sector with Adobe

Today, many large banks have moved from physical branches to the digital realm. Customers expect to be able to do all their banking online: open new accounts, check balances, transfer funds or apply for loans. For many of the world’s largest banks and other financial services organizations, these websites, mobile apps and other digital experiences … Read more

VCU aims to become the university of the future by partnering with Adobe

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, employers expect their workforce to embrace lifelong learning and skills development. To prepare students for their careers, universities and other institutions of higher learning are looking for new ways to teach students the essential skills needed to succeed. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is bridging the gap between … Read more

Adobe is once again a best workplace for innovators

Nearly 40 years ago, Adobe co-founders John Warnock and Chuck Geschke set out to create a company they would love to work for themselves. From Adobe’s humble beginnings, innovation has been embedded in our DNA, guiding our unwavering quest to create tools for creating and delivering digital experiences with people who push the boundaries of … Read more

70 Adobe Lightroom Classic Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Beginners

Adobe Lightroom Classic is an incredibly powerful raw processing tool, but it has so many layers and features that users, especially beginners, can take a long time to discover them all. Many of these tools are even hidden behind a layer of keyboard shortcuts or obscure multilevel menus that can make it confusing to use, … Read more

Adobe Lightroom Ambassador Kane Andrade on finding beauty in pain through photography

Image courtesy of Kane C. Andrade. Looking at Kane Andrade’s photography, the first thing that strikes most viewers is his stunning use of light and color. Whether Andrade is focusing his lens on an intimate solo portrait or capturing the rolling fog over the Golden Gate Bridge, light is used to bring out a rich … Read more