Rose gold: hex code, shades, and design ideas

Let’s face it, everything looks a lot more glamorous when a little rose gold is added. Rose gold, the trending spinoff of the color pink, might as well be the luxury versionn of millennial rose. So let’s go. In this article, we’ll explore the popularity of rose gold, analyze the color of rose gold, how to create the popular copper tone, color palettes, and learn how to design with it. picsart.Rose Gold Cloud Edit

What color is rose gold?

Rose gold has a hexadecimal color code #B76E79. In the RGB color space, rose gold is 71.8% red, 43.1% green, and 47.5% blue. In a CMYK color space, it is 0% cyan, 39.9% magenta, 33.9% yellow, and 28.2% black. If you’re designing for the web, the closest rose gold color is #cc6666. Rose Gold has RGB values ​​of R: 183, G: 110, B: 121 and CMYK values ​​of C: 0, M: 0.4, Y: 0.34, K: 0.28.

Rose gold is historically known for its use in fine jewelry like engagement rings and was a popular color in Russia in the 1800s, often referred to as “Russian gold”. A famous example of this is the rose gold colored Fabergé egg commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II for his wife, Empress Alexandra as an Easter present in 1913. Another famous piece of fine rose gold jewelry is that of Cartier. Trinity ring. Jean Cocteau, the famous French writer, is known to wear this ring on his little finger.

How is rose gold made?

Rose gold is a metallic color that lives in the pink spectrum of the color wheel. If you learn how to make rose gold color by mixing paints, you simply combine gold, silver and red paint tints to get a new color. You can also experiment by mixing red and white to create pink, then adding gold and silver for added effect.

rose gold inspired menu sample

What colors go with rose gold?

Rose gold has a sophisticated and playful air to it, so it’s easy to work with a variety of design projects. You can create a unique rose gold color palette, using it in a soft, romantic background or as an eye-catching accent color on a black and white flyer. A little rose gold can go a long way in your design when paired with the right color choices. So consider one of the following color combinations for your next rose gold color palette.

complementary colors

complementary color to rose gold

The complementary color of rose gold, which is the color directly opposite it on the color wheel, is gray (#6DB7AC). The gray creates an elegant background that allows the subtle undertones of the rose gold hue to really shine. We like to pair rose gold with dove gray and slate gray.

Separate Complementary Colors

split complementary color for rose gold

The split complementary color scheme provides most of the contrast of a complementary color scheme but without the intensity of saturation. Combine rose gold with Frosted Emerald (#6DB787) and Bluebird Feather (#6D9DB7) for a cool rose gold color scheme. Muted shades of blue and green allow the metallic nature of rose gold to really pop.

Analogous colors

analog colors for rose gold

To create an analogous color palette, pair rose gold with light brown (#B7876D) and light purple (#B76D9D).

Triadic colors

triadic color scheme for rose gold

This color palette produces a vibrant combination and consists of three evenly spaced (120°) colors on the color wheel. Combine rose gold with Bud Green (#78B76D) and Glaucous (#6D78B7) to create this scheme.

You can also experiment with shades of blue like royal blue, pastel aqua, seafoam blue, Wedgwood blue or navy blue to make the rose gold shine. You will often see these color combinations in home decor and on wedding invitations as their combination makes for a very elegant look.

Tetradic colors

tetradic color scheme for rose gold

The tetradic color palette is made up of four colors evenly spaced (90°) on the color wheel. Pair rose gold with Bud Green (#78B76D), Larchmere (#6DB7AC), and Light Purple (#AC6DB7). Remember to balance warm and cool colors when using this scheme in your design. Due to its coppery nature, rose gold has a warm undertone, so it pairs better with cool shades of purple like lavender rather than the warmer shade of lilac.

Monochrome colors

rose gold rose monochrome colors

To create a monochromatic palette, combine rose gold with its various shades and hues. Some of them include Pressed Flower (#C58B93) and Rose Dust (#A4636C).

Similar colors

colors similar to rose gold

Looking for colors similar to rose gold? Check out Old Rose (#C08081), Coral Rose (#C37f7A), Rojo Dust (#B57466), Copper Penny (#AD6F69), Coral Clay (#Bf796E), Carley’s Rose (#A87376) and Rita’s Rouge (#BA7176). You can use them to create a cool shadow or gradient effect.

What are rose gold color palette ideas?

1) Combine rose gold, navy blue, platinum and champagne to bring out a sunny color synergy. You will often see these pairings on wedding invitations and programs.

pink blue and white color combination

2) Pair rose gold with sandstone, amber, fried brick and purple for a warm earthy palette.

sandstone, amberglow, fried brick and purple color combination

3) For a dramatic rose gold color scheme with a touch of glamour, pair rose gold with black, midnight blue and falu red.

black, blue, pink and red color palette

4) Consider pairing rose gold with black and ivory for a retro 1950s Barbie style.

black, pink and ivory color scheme

5) Create the perfect fall-themed color palette using rose gold, echo blue, dark gray, navy, sangria, and mauve.

blue, gray, red, rose and pink color palette

6) Pair rose gold, lavender and gray for a soft pastel themed spring edit or use on an Easter card.

lavender, gray and pink color palette

7) Create a monochromatic Valentine’s Day wallpaper for your phone using different shades of pink and balance it with ivory. Bonus: yellow gold works well for any text you might add to this rose gold color scheme.

monochrome pink color palette

Is rose gold the same as rose gold?

Rose gold and rose gold are best known as metals made from an alloy of gold and copper. Adding copper to gold adds a nice pinkish hue to the gold alloy due to copper’s already bold pinkish-orange color. While rose gold and rose gold are often used interchangeably, the difference between these names is the copper content: the higher the copper content, the stronger the pink-orange coloration. The copper content of rose gold is higher than that of rose gold, hence the deeper dewy hue of rose gold. Compare:

18K Rose Gold is 75% Gold + 22.5% Copper + 2.75% Silver

18K Rose Gold is 75% Gold + 20% Copper + 5% Silver

difference between pink and rose gold color

Create fantastic photos using rose gold

Now that you’re familiar with all things rose gold, it’s time to start designing with it! Here’s how:

On the Web:

1) Open the Picsart web editor and start a new project.

how to start a new project in picsart web

2) Click Background and type the hex code in rose gold.

how to get rose gold color background

3) Add pink color stickers to your montage by clicking Stickers and search for an image of your choice.

how to find rose gold stickers in picsart web

4) Customize your edit further by adding text using the Text tool.

how to add text in picsart

5) When you have finished editing, click Export at To download to your laptop. You can also name your file, change the file format, and scale in this step.

how to export custom background edit from picsart

On mobile:

1) Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen to start a new project.

2) Press Drawingsthen Create a new. Now use the Color pallet to select a rose gold shade or simply type in the rose gold color code mentioned above (#B76E79). That’s it! You now have a rose gold background.

how to start new edit in picsart app

3) Scroll the Editor toolbar at the bottom of your screen and tap Sticker, then search rose gold.

how to get a custom rose gold themed wallpaper in picsart

4) Adjust the opacity, multiply and reposition the stickers as needed. Faucet Apply when you’re done to save your change.

5) Link your edit using a filter found under effect. Here we went with Glitch. Adjust the filtering level by long pressing the filter.

how to create custom wallpaper in picsart app

6) When finished, press Nextthen to safeguard Where Job your edit to share with the Picsart community.

how to export wallpaper from picsart

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