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This blog post is about a retro bachelorette party.

You’re going to love this bachelorette party idea! It’s so GROOVY baby * Voice of Austin Powers. *but seriously, this is such a cute party theme and the styles and colors you can incorporate are just gorgeous. You might want to throw a retro bachelorette party.

A retro theme is relatively any style of fashion or design from the recent past, within the last 20 or 30 years. With this theme, you can incorporate the musical, artistic and clothing trends of this era.

Most retro party themes are usually from the 60s or 70s. We personally love five 70s, so that’s what we’re going to do today. So if you’re into a That’s So 70s vibe and want to consider a dazed and committed bachelorette party, keep reading.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best ideas for a retro bachelorette party. We’ll be looking at invitations, decorations, outfits, and more. By the end of this, you’ll know exactly what you want for your retro bachelorette party.

retro bachelorette party

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21 Retro Bachelor Party Ideas

You could have fun and get creative from start to finish with this bachelorette party theme. You will find similar design aspects in most of the articles listed here. Since we’re doing the 70s which is a popular period, please know that you can also use this post as a preview of your favorite retro period.


You need to have retro themed invitations to get the party started right. You can make them indicative of that era or just a modern version of it. Either way, enjoy the cute designs available for retro party themed invitations.

retro bachelorette party invitations

In this example, they went with the tie-dye and disco sparkle theme. I love how they made the engagement ring out of a peace sign, which was so popular in the 70s. it’s such a great way to get people to know what your theme is about so that they are ready to be “stunned”.


retro bachelorette party

how groovy are these favors? It goes with invitations and is a great gift for bridal bands. This is a cute and inexpensive bachelor party favor. And they’re tie-dye scrunchies that were popular in the ’70s, making them appropriate for this event.

retro bachelorette party drink

Label your bottles with the retro wording. And this example, they design their rosé bottles with a 70s theme labeled personalized with the name of the bride and the location and year of the party.

retro bachelorette party

When it comes to retro bach clothing, you can do it all with this theme. And this example, you see the sunglasses and T-shirt fit the whole 70s aesthetic. For more fun t-shirt ideas for bachelorette parties, click here.

retro bachelorette party pins

These are nice pins for going out on a night on the town. Pair it with a cute outfit and you’ll be ready for Saturday night fever.

And speaking of your outfit, this dress is absolutely amazing for a retro bachelorette party. Not only is the price on a budget but the design is on point if you really want to get into character then this is the dress you wear to a retro party. Looks amazing for a girls night out or house party. It’s perfectly retro and objective with the 70s theme.

retro koozies bachelorette party

Another item that can be used during and after the bachelorette party is these retro themed koozies, not only do they keep your drink cold and keep out moisture, but they also look cute while doing the party. outside party.

retro bachelorette party cookies

For this theme, it’s a good idea to have some sweet treats for the guests. One of the best things you could gift are cookies. they make awesome snacks for the bridal tribe that might take them home as favors.

There are so many shapes and styles a baker could make for a giddy, engaged party. For example, peace signs, sunglasses, and neon colors are all the rage for these cookies. In this example, they have some really cute ideas for bachelorette party cookies. We love how they have the cookies with text. For example, they have the bride-to-be’s name and a nifty wedding hashtag or tagline on the cookies.

On these bachelorette party cookies, they opted for the tie-dye pattern. It’s so cute and guests will appreciate how creative the host is with these cookies. Look at those happy festive faces, daisies and peace signs! They look almost too good to eat!

On decoration and on all party supplies. We want to remind you that the now retro 70s was also considered the disco era. So go with the disco party vibe you want, it all fits into a retro bachelorette party.

In this example, it’s an example of a clean white background with frilly disco vibes. White balloons and silver backdrop are a wonderful alternative to create this theme, especially if the bride doesn’t like bright colors.

retro bachelorette party hangover kit

Given the nature of this theme, we want to make sure everyone is good the next day to continue pre-wedding activities. That’s why we’ve included this recovery kit dedicated to the 70s music genre. So be sure to include these Stayin’ Alive recovery kits for girls. And who doesn’t love a BeeGees reference.

Now here’s a fun game you and your checkers could play. This game is fun for a house party or a night out on the town. Play this ultimate bachelorette party drink if you’re playing for a fun night out with your friends. We found one with a retro bachelorette party design.

Here are some ideas for decorating a retro party. The first thing we noticed were the daisy-shaped balloons and lots of flower power details. On this example, they have flower shaped balloons on the wall and even the plates give a floral vibe.

Rosa Paredes

Now this theme not only makes a wonderful bachelor party theme, but you can also use it for birthday party, bridal shower and much more. We recently saw this on Pinterest for a groovy twosome for a little girl turning two. Don’t think this is just a good bachelorette party theme. The possibilities are endless with this when it comes to a retro look.

This blog post was about a retro-themed bachelorette party.


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