Rebranding: Make Your Image More Attractive to Consumers

Whether you have a small or a large business, sometimes a rebrand is the right decision. Yes, it’s scary to change your image, especially because you already have brand recognition with your customers. But, if you are considering switching brands, remember that some of the biggest companies in the world have done so with great success. So get started with our guide on how to switch brands.

What is a brand change?

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We’ve established that a rebrand is a kind of corporate glow, but what exactly does that mean?

Thanks to a successful rebranding, companies change their voice or visual identity, and for the better. Normally this change is gradual or subtle and can be something as simple as changing the font of the lettering on their logo. It can be an almost imperceptible color change in their branded media. At other times, however, the changes generate some excitement by incorporating a logo dated to the current era, making the brand more current and accessible to new customers.

Rebranding Categories

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, good news. There are only three main types of brand changes.

  • Merger: Teaming up with another brand? Here is a successful partnership. In this rebranding style, you’ll create new materials that reflect the vibe of the company with this cropped influence.
  • Refresh: Think of it like putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls (and maybe in a slightly different color). You’ll need to update your entire brand kit, but not extensively, just to reflect this subtle change.
  • Rename: There’s nothing wrong with admitting something isn’t working, and if your branding isn’t right, do something about it. A complete rebranding involves taking whatever branding material you currently have, throwing it in the trash, and getting back to the drawing board. It may even mean renaming your existing brand. That being said, it can’t hurt to keep a reference to your brand’s old design if you can, just so existing customers recognize you.

Know when it’s time to switch brands

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You may have a hunch when it’s time to innovate, but check those instincts against the list below.

  • Your customers are changing: If you’re getting a new audience or want to direct your brand to a different target audience, you’ll need to think about what that new audience wants to see and feel about your brand.
  • You change things: Whether you’re launching new products or merging with another company, if your business is going through a major change, now is a good time to think about switching brands.
  • The game turned you on: If the industry is changing around you, don’t just sit idly by. Update your brand image to reflect that you understand the new market.

Rebranding strategies

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When you’re ready to shake things up, consider using one of the branding strategies below.

  • Change your logo: You don’t need to change everything about your brand. If the voice of your message is still relevant but the logo is starting to look dated, this may be the right strategy for you.
  • Change voice: Sometimes you can successfully revamp your brand without even touching the typography or color scheme of your logo. Maybe it’s the messaging that needs a refresh. Ask yourself if your brand voice represents what your customers want.
  • Develop a new marketing strategy: A new brand look may also need to come with a new plan for positioning it in ad spaces, social media, and even print, if you’re old school.

How to rename

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If you’re ready to switch brands but aren’t sure where to start, start with a solid plan. Here are some key points to stimulate your creativity. The rebranding process is not easy, and that’s normal. You have a product or service that you want to share with the world, and your message about it is just as important to you.

  1. Why: Know why you are rebranding and for whom. This means introspecting your motivations and checking in with your customers to understand what they want from you.
  2. What: No one knows your brand identity better than you, so frame your mission in a way that people can easily understand. Consistency is key to branding, to make sure what you mean and how. Ask yourself what your brand voice is. Is it hip and fresh or more casual?
  3. How: Create a solid visual and written identity. Yes, that includes a cohesive aesthetic. Once you’ve pinned your post, make sure it looks as good as it looks. Stick to certain colors, fonts, and shapes. You can easily model your brand kit using Picsart tools.
  4. Get out of here : Distribute your new image as widely as possible, and if it’s a big leap, consider explaining why to your audience. If you completely change your logo, for example, people will probably want to know why. If this new logo was a big change for your business, explain it on social media, your website’s landing page, and other virtual spaces. It’s a great way to connect with customers. And don’t forget to update your letterhead, business cards, and other marketing materials.

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