Rainbow Effect: A Complete Guide

A rainbow is a weather event caused by the reflection, refraction and scattering of light. When sunlight enters a rain droplet, some of the sunlight is reflected while the rest is refracted. This causes the light inside the drop to scatter into the colors we see as it exits the drop. This process results in a spectrum of light in the sky that looks like a multicolored arc. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear directly away from the sun.

In real-world scenarios and digital graphics, rainbows evoke feelings of happiness and hope. In modern society, this is especially true in the LGBTQ+ community, where the rainbow symbolizes pride, inclusiveness, and a celebration of life.

Different Ways to Use Rainbow Photo Effects

Rainbow effect before and after

Whether you celebrate and support your community or just love the look, rainbow effects can really make your designs burst with energy, creating a unique look like never before. Let’s talk a bit about the different ways you can use rainbow photo effects.

Rainbow photo filter

Adding a rainbow filter to your design is the fastest and easiest technique to achieve a rainbow photo effect on the go. With just the click of a button, you can turn an ordinary photo into something extraordinary.

Rainbow background or overlay

A rainbow background provides you with a base to add other design elements, while a rainbow overlay will add a layer of rainbow stripes above your design. Using picsart you can add a variety of rainbow backgrounds or overlays to your image and adjust the opacity until you get the look you want.

Example of rainbow effect

Rainbow Stickers

Stickers are another fun and unique way to add creative elements to your design. You can add rainbow-specific stickers or compile a multitude of colorful stickers to create your own rainbow. Picsart offers a range of predefined options and you can even create your own custom sticker.

rainbow brush

Similar to the Stickers characteristic, the Paint brushes Picsart Mobile’s feature lets you apply rainbow stickers with a paint-like brush. You can select a rainbow pattern and use your finger to brush it over your image in any pattern you want. For example, you can draw a heart around your selfie, but instead of a solid color, you can use the brush tool and paint with a rainbow butterfly pattern.

Rainbow outline or vignette

Another way to use rainbow effects in your images is to add a rainbow outline or vignette to a photo. Using a vignette will highlight the main subject of your photo by creating a focal point. For example, you can add an opaque rainbow spiral or ring around the main subject of your photo, which will create a nice organic outline and keep the focus on the center of your image.

Rainbow effect girl in the forest

Rainbow text

Adding rainbow text to your image can be a great way to add some color to your design. This works especially well if your drawing is mostly black, white, and gray. There are several ways to create rainbow text. You can either give each letter of your text a different color, or give each word or phrase a different color. You can also create different color backgrounds for each word or phrase while having a visible text color that will appear on all the colors of the rainbow. Remember the correct order of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

How to create a rainbow effect in your bedroom?

Rainbow light filters are all over social media. This trend is to use the refraction of light made by homemade objects to create a beautiful rainbow effect on your selfie or background. If you’re wondering how to make a DIY rainbow light filter, you can. using simple objects that you can find at home.

1. Create a rainbow using a mirror

What do you need: Large bowl or dish, water, mirror, sunlight, window, and a piece of white paper.
Instructions: Fill a large bowl or dish half full with water. Place a mirror inside the bowl so that it is partially submerged in water and partially out of water. Place the bowl with the mirror inside near a window with direct sunlight hitting the mirror. This method works best early in the morning or before sunset. Take your piece of white paper (the bigger the better) and move it over the bowl to capture the rainbow. Move the white paper around until you finally catch the rainbow light. You can adjust the appearance of the rainbow by moving the paper closer or further from the mirror.

2. Create a rainbow using a CD

What do you need: Flashlight and a CD.
Instructions: If you were born after the early 2000s, you may have no idea of ​​the difficulties of burning a CD, and you probably don’t have any at home. If you have a CD or DVD all you have to do is flash a light on the reflective side of the disc and a visible rainbow will bounce off you or where you are pointing the CD.

3. Make a rainbow with a homemade prism

What do you need: Three mirrors, sunlight or strong light.
Instructions: A prism is a geometric plastic or glass object (usually triangular) that separates white light from rainbow colors by refracting the light and breaking it up based on its wavelength. Essentially the same process that occurs in nature can be recreated using three mirrors. Create a homemade prism by pointing three mirrors at each other and holding your prism near sunlight or strong light. You should see a nice rainbow light reflect.

How to Create a Rainbow Effect in Your Photos

If you don’t have any of these materials or don’t want to create a homemade rainbow, there is a simple solution. Follow these simple instructions to create a rainbow light filter for your photos using the Picsart creation tools.

On the Web

Are you looking for a rainbow photo filter online? Follow these simple instructions on your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

1. Open the Picsart web editor and click New project begin.

2. Upload the image you want to modify.

3. To add rainbow stickers, click the Stickers tool on the left side. Then type “rainbow” in the search bar. Click on a sticker, resize and rearrange your photo accordingly.

4. Add the finishing touches (text, shapes, filters, effects, etc.) then click the Export button to download your work.

On mobile

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the purple plus symbol to get started.
2. Upload the image you want to modify.
3. To select Hide from the toolbar at the bottom.

4. Scroll until you find PRISM masks.
5. Select the PRISM mask you prefer, long press to adjust and apply the tint and opacity levels you need. Press on Apply to confirm your changes.
6. Save to your device or publish your creation to the Picsart community.

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