Proud by Design: a Space for Self-expression and Exploration

Pride content has been available in Picsart for years, and this year we continue to celebrate with all new content and more. For Pride 2022, we transformed the Picsart app into a space for the LGBTQ+ community to find power in creative expression and exploration. This creative destination was created to be a safe place where anyone, no matter where they are, can come together to celebrate pride, explore their identity, support their alliance, and share inspiring edits showing how much they are. #ProudbyDesign. Just search for #ProudbyDesign in the app.

To echo the words of Mama Duke, a recording artist and star creator of our photoshoot, “Pride in 2022 means power. It means whatever you want it to mean. It’s a new world. Out is in.

Proud by design

Pride is unique to each of us and where we are in our journey. This is why everything, including the name of this campaign, Proud by design, was created to be customizable. Proud by Design content is packed with free backgrounds, sticker packs, customizable posters, remixes and replays to allow for self-expression.

Inclusive by design

To kick off the Proud by Design space, we hosted a photoshoot where four LGBTQ+ designers and photographer Haley Varacallo collaborated to capture photos that truly represented themselves and their communities. Haley and each designer worked together to design their wardrobe, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. With Haley’s help, we enlisted a mostly LGBTQ+ team and designers from Brooklyn to help bring each designer’s vision to life.

When asked what it was like to be on set, Aria Puga, one of our star creators, said, “Being here today made me feel like I was heard, to work with people who listen to what you want to say.”

The photograph

Haley is a New York-based queer photographer whose unique style comes to life by “painting with light, bold colors.” With her team, Ashley Brown and Samson Smith, and a predominantly LGBTQ+ team, Haley, in her own words, “…wore many hats [for this project], which was amazing, because that’s what I love to do. I was the artistic director. I was the wardrobe stylist. I was the set designer, set builder, photographer, retoucher and digital artist.

photographer and model on set at the pride photo shoot by design pride

Haley on set

But what does Proud by Design mean to Haley? “I am Keen intentionally. I feel the most myself when I create something. I’m happiest and fulfilled when I’m creative and experimenting, and can use that passion in me to see something come out of it. And you’ll see, Haley’s passion really poured out in the photos she captured on set that day.

The creators

We collaborated with QueerUp and New pandemics to help us find a diverse set of LGBTQ+ creators who each had a unique story to tell through design. Xoai, Aria, Alexis and Mama Duke are all featured in this campaign with designs that capture their authentic identities.

all pride creators featured in this pride campaign

Creators by design

During filming, we sat down with each of our star designers to learn about their backgrounds, get creative advice, and find out what makes them proud of their design.

What motivates you to create?

“I want people outside of the LGBT community to be able to see their own humanity reflected in LGBT stories. For me, this is the way to really change our world. – Xoai Pham

xoai with pride sticker pack

What’s the story behind your design?

“The story behind my design is about creating a world – being able to create a world for myself that I live in, thrive in, and can share with my community.” – Alexis Ruiseco Lombera

Alexis proud of his design

What do you hope people take away from seeing you in this campaign?

“I hope people take in that we come in all shapes and sizes and colors and different types of power. Power doesn’t look like that to you, maybe. I hope people take in that you can present as yourself. Everyone in this room is different. And of course, you have these thoughts of, ‘Will I, can I, should I’, and the answer is absolutely. – Mama Duke

mum duke showing proud by design

What advice do you have for other LGBTQ+ creators?

“Make your own path. There is no basis you need to follow. It’s your own world. – Aria Puga

aria pattern with pride sticker

You by design

Ready to join the global celebration of Pride by creating your own Pride montage? #ProudByDesign is packed with completely free asset packs, replays, creative design challenges, and tools to help you tell your own story in whichever way is most authentic for you.

And to help you get started, here’s a rundown of what you can expect to find. These stickers are part of a set of limited edition stickers, backgrounds and templates designed in partnership with Queer Design Club and Jonathan Torres. These, and many more, can now be found on Picsart.

new 2022 pride sticker pack designed in partnership with queer design club

Year-round by design

Pride is so much more than June, which is why Pride content will live on all year under #ProudbyDesign on picsart. And because representation matters, the footage captured on set will also be used globally over the next year in a range of evergreen marketing and communications.

Above all, Picsart was founded and will always be a safe space for people around the world to create, express themselves and find community. We will monitor the Proud by Design space throughout the year to remove any hateful or negative comments, because hate has no place in creativity.

fight for a better future pride poster

Join the global celebration

The LGBTQ+ community is actively redefining gender, representation, and what it means to have a multifaceted identity. They use creative platforms to harness the power of personal expression and share their work with the world. And Proud by Design is here to support the LGBTQ+ community and amplify its message around the world.

We’ll be posting more Pride content regularly, so head over to Picsart and express your pride, support yourself through allies, and celebrate how #ProudbyDesign you are.

never hide your pride poster

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