Premiere Pro and After Effects Templates That Help You Grow Your Audience

Premiere Pro templates are one of the few quick fixes that can help you improve your video production. Graphics, text, typography, and animations can help you illustrate your point much more effectively. Unfortunately, trying to incorporate all of these elements into your video, especially if you’re creating them from scratch in software like After Effects, can be expensive or time-consuming. A company called Videvo has a great solution.

Audience participation

If you produce video content for social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, attention is extremely important. Getting the first click is obviously vital; however, holding your viewer’s attention is what will ultimately help build an audience.

For example, YouTube has put a lot of emphasis on engagement. A lot of this has to do with how long people watch your content. If your audience clicks on your videos too quickly, it can be painful in several ways. Above all, it will limit your organic growth. If you fail to hold your audience’s attention, they are unlikely to want to keep watching your content any longer.

The second problem is that the platform itself can end up limiting your exposure. As people click on your videos, your average watch time will decrease. This tells platforms like YouTube that the content you’ve produced isn’t worth moving up the ranks because people aren’t interested. For most, the problem may simply be that the way the content was edited or produced isn’t as engaging.

For example, long static shots have been shown to be less effective at holding the audience’s attention. That’s why many of the most successful content creators on social media use lots of clippings, graphics, and text in their videos.

Essentially, it just continually renews the grip it has on the public’s attention. If you imagine for a moment that every individual viewing your content has an attention meter, that meter is continually being emptied. However, when new elements come on screen, such as a new clip, song, or animation, the attention meter recovers a bit. If you’re able to keep going and hold your audience’s attention, you’ll have a much better chance of growing your channel. Moreover, templates can also help you create a cohesive identity for your videos with an attractive opening sequence and standardized lower thirds and transitions, to name a few. Standing out from other creators and being instantly recognizable with a high production value will surely increase your authority and therefore your engagement.

Show, don’t tell

One of the fundamentals of good storytelling is showing your audience the content instead of telling them what it is. B roll is a great way to do this, and many content creators use this method quite effectively in their videos. If you’re talking about a particular camera feature instead of just discussing it, it’s much more effective to show it to your audience while talking about it.

Besides, it also plays very well on the above point. When you go back and forth between the B-roll and the main footage, you create the change required to reclaim the attention meter. Sometimes even subtle additions like text overlays or an animated title can be enough to grab the audience’s attention.

One of the ways you can implement the use of B-roll in your videos is by using Videvo footage. Along with footage, motion graphics, title animations, and sound effects, you can quite comfortably produce a full video without having to shoot anything yourself. In fact, many hyper-successful YouTube creators use this method to produce engaging content.

For example, Cold Fusion is a brilliant case study of someone who managed to build a successful YouTube channel without using much of their own footage. The content is its research, which is compelling enough; however, with the addition of music, titles, animations and stock footage, Dagogo Altraide consistently produces amazing content.

This shows how entirely possible it is to create compelling content using footage and archival content. Of course, how you modify features is important; however, it shows how important and useful these elements are for a content creator.

Why Video?

Premiere Pro templates and After Effects templates can usually be quite expensive. In many cases, websites tend to focus on one of the two applications instead of offering compatibility for both. This is why Videvo is an awesome site. You can download content compatible with Premiere Pro or After Effects at any time with an active subscription.

Moreover, with the same subscription, you get access to all the premium library available on Videvo. This library includes a wide range of video content, audio effects and music, as well as an impressive library of animations, templates and overlays. All of this is available at a remarkably cheap price.

For $20 a month on the annual plan, you get access to everything Videvo offers, including music and sound effects. However, if you don’t need the music and sound effects and only need the video and templates, the price drops to $12 per month on the annual plan. Both of these plans include unlimited downloads, no ads, and a money-back guarantee.

There is a slightly more expensive monthly payment option; however, this does not include unlimited downloads. Therefore, if you plan to use a lot of content from the site, it may be worth signing up for the annual subscription, bearing in mind that you have a money-back guarantee.

Ultimately, for content creators, Videvo offers incredible value and content. The content library available is sure to help you produce more engaging content, which, in turn, can help you grow your audience.

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