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Maggie Taylor’s vivid photomontages are awash with fantasy, history and symbolism. In this month’s Gallery Favorites segment, we each picked an image from Taylor’s exhibition Internal logic which speaks personally to each of us and details what we find intriguing and delightful in each work. For this post, we’re thrilled that Maggie is also sharing her favorite.
We hope you enjoy viewing our favorite prints from the exhibition and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of the selected works – Maggie Taylor’s Internal logic is currently viewable in the photo-eye gallery, and the newly signed monograph, and limited edition which includes a print, is available in our bookstore – HERE.

Anne Kelly selects If I had a boat

Portrait of the gallery director

One of the challenges and joys of collecting photography is deciding which artists you want to collect and which images by that artist to select. When it comes to prolific artists, like Maggie Taylor, the image selection process can seem daunting. My advice is to let the process be fun and organic and don’t let it intimidate you.

My first rule of collecting is to select images that you like, even if you can’t identify what they are. You will have plenty of time to find out why the image spoke to you. If you’re looking for a more mindful strategy, try making a selection that contains a visual element that you have a personal connection to. I believe that art and music have the power to spark the imagination and help revisit good memories. Images that have this transformative power are rewarding and joyful to experience, in my opinion.

By following my advice, the image that I retained from our current exhibition is “If I had a boat”. When I was growing up, my grandparents lived on a lake and my grandmother owned a small butterfly sailboat. Some of my fondest memories are seeing my grandmother sail and, as I got older, being able to take sailing lessons. When I focus on this image, I’m temporarily transported to carefree summer days on the lake…the sun on my skin, the splashing of water, the smell of sunscreen, and maybe even the my grandmother’s voice in the distance.

Maggie Taylor selects The game

As is normally the case, my personal favorite image is the one I finished most recently. “The Game” began with an intriguing pair of dogs, painted at different times by different artists. I added a third character – a combination of a baby elephant skeleton that I photographed at the Natural History Museum in Oxford, England a few years ago and a small painting of Napoleon that I found at an antique sale. Since there was no one to interact with these creatures, I added the woman who exists in a different dimension, but still has the ability to play with dogs. Probably the most fun part of working on this image was exploring all the possible color palettes and outfits for each character.

Jovi Esquivel selects The meeting

Portrait of the gallery associate
Jovi Esquivel

In a cloud of water, a group of small boats carrying small animals, wearing paper crowns, revolve around a woman floating in a body of water; in the center of the photograph with her arms and hands open towards reception, her soft, calm gaze meets mine as I survey the fleet around her.

Throughout history, the open palm has been associated with truth, honesty, and openness; in this image, I’d like to think of it as a surrender to a sense of wonder.

I grew up in Southern California, not in a coastal town, but the thirty minute drive to my favorite beach made it an easy place to get away. The view offered by HWY 1 (PCH), heading south toward the state park was the first giveaway of promise. Now, as a meditative practice, I try to remember as many details as I can – the range of aqua between me and the horizon as I stand on the shore, the salty breeze, the shock of the touch of cold water that seems to wake up every fiber in me. If you’ve been to the Pacific Ocean you know it’s not an easy body of water to get to but I learned to respect its nature and in turn it taught me to trust myself and follow my intuition. Immersing myself in its wilderness reconnects my soul to my body.

The bright colors found in Maggie Taylor The meeting reconnecting to the times I spent standing on my favorite shore, physically preparing myself to accept the gifts that come from abandonment.

* * * * *

Internal logic — Photography and art by Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor’s digital creations are built layer by layer and object by object, through a disciplined process of trial and error in the studio.

Internal logic highlights Taylor’s sense of what makes an image “work” and offers insight into the shape and contours of his inspirations.

*Limited edition contains an 8″ x 8″ archival print.

Printing charges are in effect until the time of publication and are subject to change.

To learn more about these and other works by Maggie Taylor, or to purchase specific prints,

1300 Rufina Circle, Unit 3. Santa Fe, NM 87507

Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You can also call us at (505) 988-5152 x202

Photo-eye gallery
A preview of the current exhibition – Internal logic
Maggie Taylor, Anne Kelly and Jovi Esquivel

In this Gallery Favorites segment, we’ve each chosen an image from Taylor’s Internal Logic exhibit that speaks personally to each of us and details what we find intriguing and delightful in each work. For this post, we’re thrilled that Maggie is also sharing her favorite.

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