Pastel yellow color: hex code, shades, and design ideas

Read on to learn more, find out how to create pastel yellowand explore palette ideas for any creative project.

Pastel yellow color codes

pastel yellow example

The pastel yellow color hexadecimal code is identified by the sequence #fdfd96. It makes it a pale and deaf yellowish green tint. There is a lot of pastel yellow variations on the hexadecimal color graphic, but #fdfd96 is the truest shadow.

Hold codes are different from Pantone colors. Hexadecimal codes are mostly used online because they are web secure and render consistently on digital screens. Pantone and hexadecimal codes are sometimes used both in brand style guides, however, communicate the visual identity of a company.

One of Pantoneit is colors for 2021 was the Illuminating color (#F9E547), which is described as a bright and cheerful yellow.

How to make a pastel yellow color

example of pastel yellow color

If you use the RGB color pattern, pastel yellow color is composed of 99.22% red, 99.22% green and 58.82% blue.

If you approach color through CMYK color model, which includes four colors (cyan, magentayellow and key), pastel yellow is composed of 0% cyan0% magenta40.7% yellow and 0.8% black.

What colors to associate with pastel yellow?

The perfect color combinations do to exist. Surprisingly, they have more to do with math and science than art. Because pastel yellow is considered relatively neutral, it can be used in many combinations to add a burst of freshness or a subtle softness. Often it is associated with hope and the sun, so it adds a touch of optimism to almost any design.

complementary colors are determined by examining color pallet. These shades are paired by looking at the color directly opposite the color you have in mind. You can also determine a complementary color looking at triadic colors. triadic the colors are three colors equidistant around the color pallet.

In the world of fashion, pale yellow is often paired with other pastels and even earth tones.

complementary colors

Typically, complementary colors are on opposite sides of the color pallet. complementary colors create contrast between two colors while indicating compatibility when arranged together. Read on for some of the most compatible colors with yellow.


purple – complementary pastel yellow color

Violet is opposite yellow on the color wheel, making it a great pairing and complementary combination. Try that color combination for a funky aesthetic.

Light blue

pale blue – pastel yellow color

Twinning pale yellow and baby blue evokes feelings of perfectly blue skies and softly shining sun. Many school logos and mascots use it color combination for a fun and festive look.

soft pink

soft pink – pastel yellow color

Do you think of cotton candy and lemon muslin? You are on the good road. Put these two together for a dream combination.

Colors similar to pastel yellow

While you will find many different shades of pastel yellow in your creative pursuits, here are five must-have shades to consider. Some color names are inspired by flowers and some by fruits, but they are all great options for a pale yellow color pallet.

Summer daffodil (hexadecimal code #FFE078; RGB code 255, 224, 120)

Summer daffodil - similar pastel yellow color

This shade of yellow evokes spring and exudes an almost creamy quality that is easy on the eyes.

Mimosa (hexadecimal code #FFF4BC; RGB code 255, 244, 188)

Mimosa - similar pastel yellow color

Fruity and sparkling, the mimosa is defined by its resemblance to the sparkling cocktail that turns any brunch into a party. Did you know that the mimosa is also a flower characterized by a cluster of fluffy hairballs? Well, now you do.

Pale Cuckoo (hex code #FFE89C; RGB code 255, 232, 156)

Pale Blue Cuckoo - similar pastel yellow color

Created by shabby chic aesthetic designer Laura Ashley, Pale Cowslip 3 works great as interior or fashion accents. It exudes spring with a soft, soothing glow.

Yellow daisy (hexadecimal code #FAEAB7; RGB code 250, 234, 183)

Daisy Yellow - similar pastel yellow color

Whereas pastel yellow is inherently a soft and subtle shade, Daisy Yellow made by Devoe Paint, pushes pastel to the limit. Try it as a neutral background for your creative projects.

Calamansi (hexadecimal code #FCFFA4; RGB code 252, 255, 164)

Calamansi - similar pastel yellow color

With a hint of lime, this yellowish green option is a spicy version of pastel yellow. True to its name, a calamansi is a citrus hybrid native to the Philippines with a soft skin and tart fruit.

Pastel Yellow Color Palette Ideas

Any creative endeavor should start with a color pallet. He establishes a Color scheme and keeps designers on the same page about the look and feel of the design. Read on to explore different color palettes which incorporate the creamy yellow color.

  • Do you feel French? Pair pastel yellow with other muted hues in pale pistachio, pale pink and pale blue tones for a perfectly Parisian aesthetic.
    french pastel yellow color palette
  • A seaside palette is the perfect excuse to pair pastel yellow with complementary shades of sand, sea and sky. Yellow can represent the shimmering sunrise over the calm morning ocean.
    summer atmosphere in pastel yellow color
  • In recent years, many weddings and interior decoration color palettes focused on a combination of yellows and grays. Associate your pale yellow with a silver hue for a subtly modern look.
    pastel yellow palette idea

Create modifications using pastel yellow color

On the desk

1. Open the desktop editor and click Create a design by entering the required height and width for your canvas.

2. Click on the Downloads tool and select the image you want to edit.

3. Enhance your design with text. Click on the Text tool, select the title, type your copy and place it on the canvas.

4. Choose an appropriate font to style your text.

5. Click on the color picker.

6. Enter the hex code for pastel yellow.

seven. Enhance editing with stickers, adding as many as you want.

8. Finish your edits and click the Export button to upload your work.

On mobile

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the + at the bottom of the screen.
2. Scroll to Pictures and select an image to edit.
3. Tap the Text tool.

4. Type the text you want to add and choose its orientation.
5. Now select a suitable font for your text.
6. Tap the Color tool.

seven. Use the RGB code to select pastel yellow.
8. Adjust the size and positioning of your text as needed.
9. Tap the Sticker tool.

ten. Browse the sticker collection or use the search bar to find something specific.
11. Place your sticker over the image.
12. Add another sticker by following the steps above.

13. Confirm all changes and modifications by pressing the Apply button.
14. Tap the download icon to save your work.

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