How Long Do Photographs Last?

How long do the photographs last? The answer to this question is not as simple as one might think. There are many variables such as the process used, environmental issues, as well as when is the photograph considered unusable? Over the 183 year history of photography, dozens if not hundreds of different processes and materials … Read more

How to Learn from Photography Books: 5 Tips to Improve Your Work

I recently realized that I have a problem: I buy too many books, especially photography books. Not those cheap Kindles, but those beautiful, expensive printed books that ended up decorating my wall, or my coffee table, and, in my case, maybe many coffee tables. “Buy books, not gear” is probably the most common response you’ll … Read more

Why Pentax Has Failed at Mirrorless Cameras

Over the past decade, mirrorless camera technology has evolved to the point that it is now a welcome technology for many photographers and filmmakers. Although, along the way, it hasn’t been an easy task for major mirrorless camera brands. User sentiment, earthquakes in Japan, the pandemic, and the adoption of new technologies have all taken … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Meggan Gould

book review After the exhibition Photographs by Nils Bergendal Reviewed by Meggan Gould “Opening After Exposure – a Cyclopedia of Broken Cameras was like coming across a kindred spirit, united by esoteric fixations. Nils Bergendal, however, is both more organized and more systematic than me. Here he pre-exhumes a graveyard of cameras, and tells an … Read more

Judith Black, Vacation – Collector Daily

JTF (just the facts): Published in 2021 by Stanley/Barker (here). Hardcover three-quarter binding with reverse cover photo (250 x 250 mm), 128 pages, with 101 monochrome photographs. Includes an introduction by the author. Designed by Entente. (Cover and distribute the plans below.) Comments/Background: It has been several months since Judith Black Holidays was released last … Read more

How to Replace Colors in an Image | Color Changer Tool

Your browser does not support the video tag. If you have the right photo with the wrong colors, our color replacement superpowers are here to save the day. You don’t need complicated photo editing software like Photoshop to do this. You just need PicMonkey. We’ll show you quick steps to replacing colors in an image, … Read more