Announcing the 2022 Picsart Masters of the Year Tournament Winners

What is the Masters Tournament of the Year? Originally submitted by the master contributor @youevil in 2021, the Masters of the Year tournament is a bracket-style competition where Masters compete to hold the title of Master of the Year in Image Editing, Original Photography, Original Artwork, Original Proofreading, and Original Sticker. In each round of … Read more

How to Make a GIF

GIFs are the visually spectacular answer to the dual question: how do you make that image move and how do you let people passively surfing and scrolling see it without hitting “play”? Animated GIFs can be videos, graphics, text, even photos that have subtle or bold movement, and play automatically. And they play continuously or … Read more

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni, Fastidiosa

JTF (just the facts): Published in 2022 by Overlapse (here). Softcover (16.2 × 21.6 cm), 228 pages, with 234 images and illustrations. Includes mixed fine art papers with double fold, sewn section, exposed binding and silver printed dust jacket. With two additional 28-page booklets containing interviews with farmers, one in English and one in Italian. … Read more

How to Make Amazing YouTube Shorts

YouTube added Shorts in 2021 to become competitive with short video platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram Reels, and after a few months it’s clear that YouTube Shorts are an effective format for creators and the platform itself- same. Not only do viewers love watching these little videos, but they’re relatively easy to make because … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by William Boling

book review Modern instances Photographs by Stephen Shore Reviewed by William Boling “In Modern Instances, Shore’s knowledge, ideas, and teachings are on full display. With over 170 photographs and illustrations, the book is a feast for the eyes and a “sine qua non” for any photographer, curator, or collector. interested in a deep exploration of … Read more

Prism Photography: A Step-By-Step Guide

Looking to create stunning photos using prisms? You have come to the right place. In this article, I explain everything you need to know about prismatic photography, including: How the prism effect works The equipment you need for prismatic images Simple step-by-step instructions for capturing creative prism photos Much more! When you’re done reading, you’ll … Read more