New Product Launches: Plans, Checklists and Strategies

This is where your new product launch strategy can save the day. From new jewelry lines to seasonal clothing scraps, using a product launch checklist can make your new launch as smooth (and successful) as possible.

Ready to enhance your product launch with an out-of-this-world strategy? Here’s everything you need to know about new product launches, from crafting the perfect launch strategy to executing your plan with high-quality designs.

Top 5 Checklist Ideas for New Product Launches

In a nutshell, your product launch checklist is a list of action items that need to be completed to successfully launch your new product. It helps you think through the steps, set deadlines, and consider the creative resources needed before announcing your product launch.

So how can you set up your product launch strategy for success? To get started, here are some non-negotiables that you’ll need to add to your product launch plan checklist.

Dive into market research

launch of new products market research

Market research is integral to the success of your product launch. Basically, your market research shows what motivates your customers. It helps you identify their pain points so you can position your product as the #1 solution to their problems.

Your market research guides your marketing strategy. Why? The best marketing strategies connect with customers on a personal level. They understand customer issues, strike a chord, and show them exactly why they should click on the Buy now button.

Think about your positioning statement

brainstorming about new product launches

Once you know who you’re targeting, it’s time to craft your positioning statement. Your brand position should explain who the product is for, what it does, and what makes it different from all other products on the market.

Your positioning describes the who, what, when, where, why and how of your product. It’s your secret weapon for building relationships, differentiating your products, and shaping your customers’ perception of your brand. And when you combine branded storytelling with appropriate visuals, that’s where the magic happens.

Think about your marketing strategy

new product launch strategy

Once you have defined the perfect positioning statement, you can start thinking about your marketing strategy. Start by researching different go-to-market strategies, including marketing funnels and advertising techniques, so you can get off to a flying start (more on that later).

When creating a new product launch plan, consider the type of content you will use at each stage of the marketing funnel. From the awareness stage to the decision stage, eye-catching visuals can be your marketing MVP. They are the tool you need to differentiate your brand and retain your target audience.

Develop your creative assets

new product launch assets

Almost ready to launch your new product. But before announcing the release of your product, you’ll want to develop some creative assets.

When creating visuals, think about how, where, and when you will share them with your target audience. If you’re announcing new product launches on social media, customizable design templates can help you create solid designs for your next launch. In the meantime, if you’re hosting an IRL event to announce your latest drop, channel your inner artist with professional invitation templates.

Remember: you’ll only get one chance to successfully launch your product, so you’ll want to pique your audience’s curiosity with stop-running visuals to create buzz.

Choose the right launch date

new product launch date

Picking the right date (and time) for your launch plan is critical. According to market research, Tuesday is the best day to launch new products.

You also need to pick the right time (ideally one with high social media engagement). Make sure your sales team is available to take calls, respond to feedback, and resolve any potential complications.

New Product Launches: The 3 Best Strategies

new product launch ideas

From Facebook to Pinterest, your customers are constantly bombarded with promotions and marketing ads. So, to get the most out of your new product launch, you’ll need to grab their attention with a smart product launch strategy.

Even if you’re new to marketing, it’s possible to differentiate your products with a great strategy. It just takes time, effort and creativity. Here are some inspirations to get the creative juices flowing:

Get off the beaten track

How to captivate your audience and differentiate yourself from the competition? Think differently. From Etsy shops to Insta influencers, every brand has the opportunity to revolutionize their business. And it all starts with doing something your competitors have never done before.

Of course, this strategy is easier said than done, but the payoff is worth it. Try to take an innovative stance, paint a picture of the future your customers want, or appeal to your audience’s core values. Then refine your creative resources with cutting-edge tools to show clients what you’re up to.

Turn your launch into an experience

After big brands launch a new product, you’ll likely see press releases about their latest event. Big companies tend to organize an event around their new product launches. Sometimes they even shut down their online store to let everyone know that something big is going on.

If you run a local business, consider sending an email/SMS to your customers notifying them of your upcoming product launch. By turning your product launch into a real-life experience, you’ll shape your brand identity and build meaningful relationships with customers.

If you’re running an online business, get creative. You can host a Facebook Live or an Instagram Live to show off your new product. This way you can answer questions, talk about your product’s features, and show customers how to use it in real time.

Turn up the heat with pre-orders

If you’re an established player in the market, you may already have die-hard fans who will buy whatever you put out. As soon as you advertise the product, your most loyal customers will be lining up to place their orders. Why not leave them?

Even if you don’t have a huge following on social media, you can still harness the excitement to build buzz, build community, and confirm your pricing strategy. By offering discounts to your first customers (or better yet, releasing a limited supply), you’ll create a sense of urgency to drive initial sales.

How to Create Impactful New Product Launches with Picsart

Want to take your product launch to the next level? It all starts with creative resources.

Even if you’re not a seasoned graphic designer, it’s easy to create awesome product launch images with Picsart. Here’s how to amplify your new product launches with pro-level social media posts:

On the desk :

1. Open the Picsart photo editor and choose the required social media post canvas size from the design options for.

how to start designing a post for instagram

2. Scroll to Models and look for something suitable to start with. You can customize this shortly.

3. Replace the existing images with one of your own by clicking on the Downloads icon and choosing your new product shot.

4. Want to change some things? Scroll to Backgrounds and browse the range of alternatives available in the folder and select the one that best suits your brand aesthetic.

5. Colors not working for you on anything? Click on the model element you want to modify and configure it by choosing a new shade from the color picker.

6. Enter the hex code (if you know it) or experiment on the color picker until you find the shade that works best.

seven. The model is not ready yet? Add other graphic touches, such as stickers and elements, and position them accordingly.

8. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the modified template, click the Export icon to save and upload your new product launch social media post.

On mobile:

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) to start a new project.
2. Scroll to Models and tap All Models.
3. Choose your favorite template to start editing or use the search tool to find platform-specific social media templates.

4. Tap the model’s image so you can replace it with one of your own.
5. Faucet Add a picture to upload a photo of the product.
6. Then you can reposition, adjust and modify your product image as needed.

seven. Following your brand’s style guide, personalize your message with unique colors and text. Customize your template with stickers, text effects, and other design elements to create a scroll-free product launch announcement.

8. When you are done, press Next.
9. Now press to safeguard to upload your design or Job to share it on Picsart.

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