Never Tried Car Photography? Here Are Five Good Reasons You Should.

Photographing cars and motorsports is a unique and exhilarating genre of photography, here are 5 good reasons to try it.

Maybe it’s the speed, or maybe it’s the sound. Or even the feeling you get when a glorious V12 engine roars past you, unleashing a rush of blood-pumping adrenaline. There are countless reasons to love cars, and as you can see I’m a huge fan, which is why events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​are the big highlights of my year. The Festival of Speed ​​combines all things car and motorcycle, from classic vehicles to state-of-the-art Formula 1 machines, all driven by new talents or old greats. This festival introduced me to photography in the first place, so it holds a special place in my heart. My last four visits there have served as benchmarks to witness the evolution of my photography. Thinking back to those years of photos taken at Goodwood reminds me why I photograph cars and why you should try it too.

1. Appreciation

For gasoline heads, it’s a no-brainer. Photographing cars allows us to appreciate the beautiful machines that we love so much. This allows us to dive deep into the details of every wheel component or flowing body element designed perfectly to cut through the air. Car photography allows us to relive those moments when we witness our favorite auto race or capture a moment of action in a wheel-to-wheel race. It captures that fleeting moment of emotion, allowing us to relive it over and over again. And who wouldn’t want that?

2. A fantastic day

There’s a lot more to auto shows than car nerds and hot rubber. Even if you have only the slightest interest in cars, a day at a car show is fantastic for solo photographers or the whole family. Local events may have activities for children or perhaps the adult who wishes to be a child. Burger vans and live music are popular finds on the grounds of a UK car show. So even if cars aren’t your main attraction, stepping out to enjoy a summer day with a drink in one hand and a camera in the other, there’s no better feeling.

One thing that I appreciate enormously in photography is the community of creatives that it allows to meet. Through creation I have had the opportunity to know many talented people, many of whom I would now consider close friends and I believe there are parallels in the automotive community as well. In just four days at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I spoke to several other photographers while waiting for the next batch of cars. As you chat, you realize you may have more in common than you previously thought. I’ve found that these conversations can lead to fantastic friendships and help you build a network of creative colleagues you can collaborate with in the future. Community is an aspect of photography that we can often overlook; this art form can sometimes feel like a solo adventure, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have found that creating with others can lead to much more exciting results and tons of fun. Combining the automotive community and photography is a perfect way to start.

4. Adrenaline Rush

You can only photograph a few things that give you the same adrenaline rush as cars. Filming cars is undoubtedly intense, but there is nothing quite like it for those who love that feeling of excitement and thrill. It’s blazingly fast and definitely gets your heart pumping. Whether it’s racing from point to point on a racetrack or the hair-raising sound a classic race car makes as it zooms past you, there are moments to breathe. It will keep you on your toes every moment of the day and hopefully keep you coming back for more.

5. The challenge

Finally, automotive photography is a tough challenge. You may have to try and overcome many obstacles throughout your shoots, such as fences, crowds, and whatever mother nature throws at you. As I mentioned before, it will take a high level of skill to get brilliant results because automotive photography is fast. You may not have time to prepare every shot perfectly and therefore you will need to be very familiar with your camera and its operations to adapt your settings to changing lighting conditions and different types of shots. of sight. Pans are a popular technique, and it takes time and practice to master them.

Like many things in photography, you’re unlikely to get it right the first time, but with practice and repetition you can add a new skill to your repertoire, which is always beneficial. Despite being a challenge, automotive photography is a vast field of photography with a wide range of possibilities. There are only a few rules to follow, and I even encourage you to break them and try something different. This will help you stand out in scenarios where you will feel like many photographers are getting the same shot as you.

My recommendation

The next time a car event is in town, or you find you have that friend with a cool car, get out and try car photography, enjoy your day and get creative. I fell in love with it, and so can you!

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