Maroon Color: Hex Code, Shades & Design Ideas

What color is brown?

brown example

Bordeauxit is HEX code is #800000. In the RGB system, it is composed of 50.2% red, 0% green and 0% blue. In four-color space (CMYK), color consists of 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 100% yellow, and 50% black.

Named after the French word for chestnut or chestnut, Brownthe color got its English name in 1789. Since then, Brown color has acquired many new meanings, some gastronomic, some sporting and some even spiritual.

The psychology behind the color brown

brown floor

What is the meaning behind the colors? Colors evoke different feelings in people. So what’s the psychology behind brown? As a shade of red, it borrows some of the meanings of red: exuberance, liveliness, passion, rage, energy, and victory. At the same time, it is a darker, brownish red. This adds a touch of muted sophistication. Together, brown becomes the color of enthusiasm, confidence, warmth, class and creativity. It is a color that immediately evokes the fallespecially if you add a golden accent.

Brown is an integral part of almost every holiday: in the context of Valentine’s Day, it symbolizes infatuation, while in the context of Christmas, it is elegance, and during Thanksgiving, Bordeaux represents the harvest season.

According to color psychology, brown has the ability to whet the appetite. This makes it a popular color in restaurants and the food service industry, often appearing on logos and menus. Maroon can also be found in various American school colors, where it represents integrity and academic excellence. It’s often the perfect accent for a preppy, bookish outfit, or the color of rich, velvety fabrics that pair well with a glass of dark red wine.

What colors make brown?

Put red and brown together and you get brown. But if you’re trying to paint with only primary colors, you should darken the red with blue first, then add a bit of yellow for that pop of brown.

How do you work with the color brown?

There are several ways to create brown themed edits in Picsart. Later, we’ll walk you through more detailed step-by-step editing ideas, but here are some inspiring uses to get you started:

Brown background:

brown background

Creating a brown colored background is as easy as clicking Color (the teardrop icon) and typing the hex code (#800 000). The background of your blank page is now brown.

Brown sticker:

brown stickers

If you want to add a brown sticker instead, just click the Sticker tool and search brown. Once you choose one (or more), it will appear on the canvas and you can move it around and adjust its settings.

Brown font:

brown font

If you want to add brown textclick Text and set its color in one click with the Ccolor picker. You can also play around with the other text features, giving black text a brown shadow, for example.

Brown shapes:

brown elements

As geometric designs? Just click Elements in the left toolbar, select the shape of your choice and change the color to brown with the teardrop color picker.

What goes well with the color brown?

To really make a color sing, you have to put it in a suitable setting. Discover some harmonious color schemes that include brown to inspire your color palette:

complementary colors

complementary colors brown

The complementary color of brown (the one opposite it on the color wheel) is Teal (hexadecimal code: #008080, decimal RGB: 0 128 128, CMYK: 100, 0, 0, 50). The combination of brown and teal is very popular in the fashion world.

Analogous colors

analgesic brown

Analogous color schemes generally appear serene and pleasant. Combining brown with Saddle Brown (hex: #804000, RGB decimal: 128.64.0) and Tyrian Purple (hex: #800040, RGB decimal: 128.0.64) creates a muted color harmony that looks great in interior design.

Triadic colors

triadic brown

Brown, along with navy blue (color hexadecimal: #000080, decimal RGB: 0, 0, 128) and green (color hexadecimal: #008000, decimal RGB: 0, 128, 0) constitute a triadic color scheme. This combination works especially well for uniforms and ornate textile designs.

Tetradic colors

tetradic brown

Combine Brown, Indigo (Color Hex: #400080, RGB Decimal: 64, 0, 128), Teal (#008080), and Bilbao (Color Hex: #408000, RGB Decimal: 64, 128, 0) – essentially two pairs of complements – will create a rich palette to experiment with.

Monochrome colors

monochromatic brown

A monochrome palette is all about the different shades and tints of a single hue. If you combine brown with red (hexadecimal code: #ff0000, RGB decimal: 255, 0, 0) and light coral (hexadecimal code: #ff7f7f, RGB decimal: 255, 127, 127), you will get a versatile monochromatic color scheme. Consider adding a neutral, like black or white, to balance it out so it isn’t too overwhelming on the eyes.

Split Complements

brown complete split

Separate complements help you avoid direct confrontation of complementary colors by working with colors right next to each other. If you put Brown, Dark Cerulean (Color Hex: #004080, RGB Decimal: 0, 64, 128) and Salem (Color Hex: #008040, RGB Decimal: 0, 128, 64) together, you will get a more color play. soft.

What colors are similar to brown?

Looking for something similar or an alternative to the color brown? Consider some of these fun options:



Named after the famous French wine, Burgundy has a hex code #800020. In the RGB space, its decimal is (128, 0, 32) and in the four color system (CMYK) it consists of 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 75% yellow and 49.8% black. To the human eye, burgundy looks almost identical to brown, but there is a subtle difference: burgundy is a mix of purple and red, while maroon is a mix of red and brown. This makes burgundy brighter than brown.



Crimson has a hex code of #dc143c. In the RGB space it has one decimal of RGB (220, 20, 60) and in the CMYK system it is 0% cyan, 91% magenta, 73% yellow and 14% black). If you want to lean more towards red and pink, while maintaining the intensity of brown, Crimson is the perfect choice.



Scarlet is a bright and bold, almost aggressive red color with a very fashionable orange tint. Its hexadecimal code is #FF2400 and its RGB decimal is (255, 36, 0). In CMYK space, scarlet is 0% cyan, 85.9% magenta, 100% yellow, and 0% black. If you want to immediately grab attention, scarlet should be the color of choice.

Create brown color edits using Picsart

Ready to apply your knowledge on all things brown? Try these simple Picsart tutorials to see what you could create.

On the desk

1. Open the Picsart web editor and click the New project icon.

2. Choose a social media canvas size (for the purpose of this illustrative exercise)

3. Now is the time to fill in your canvas. Click on Background in the left panel and enter the HEX code for brown.

4. Click on the Stickers tool, search by theme or color and add your selections to the canvas.

5. You can repeat the above steps if you need to add images, text or other graphic touches. Once you have finalized all the changes, click Export and upload your work.

On mobile

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen to begin your design.
2. Press on Drawingsthen select the Create a new option.
3. In the Tools menu, press the color picker.

4. Enter the brown color code and tap the tick in the top right corner.
5. At the bottom of your screen, tap Sticker.
6. Search by theme or color and add your selections to the canvas.

seven. At the bottom of your screen, tap the Text tool.
8. Type in the required copy and tap the checkmark in the upper right corner.
9. Choose your font, color, size and hit apply when you’re done. Repeat the process for any additional text required.

ten. When all changes are complete, press Next then save your work or post it to the Picsart creative community.

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