Love is Brewing: A Coffee Themed Bridal Shower

This blog post is about a coffee-themed bridal shower.

So you are planning to host a cafe bridal shower for a friend or sister. Well, if they are coffee lovers, they would greatly appreciate it.

Coffee is a big deal for many people. We had no idea how important coffee is to people and how successful it is at events. There are so many coffee fanatics who would love to be part of a coffee themed shower.

One thing that’s so special about this thing is that the coffee takes a step. And since there are so many coffee shapes and flavors, the options are endless when hosting a coffee wedding shower.

coffee themed bridal shower

This theme could take place in your home, just install the coffee maker. Or the shower could take place in a real cafe.

As coffee lovers, we wanted to show you some of the best coffee-themed bridal shower ideas on the internet. We’ll give you amazing examples of invitations, decoration, food, gifts and more. At the end of this article, we hope you have enough inspiration to start your coffee-themed event.

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Coffee Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

coffee themed bridal shower


Café bridal shower invitations are the perfect way to ask people to come celebrate. We found some cute examples for you to send.

When choosing invitations for a love wedding, be sure to include the bride’s favorite coffee. For example, if she likes iced coffee, it would be a good idea to feature iced coffee on the invitations.

coffee themed bridal shower invitations

Here is a simple example of a “love is getting ready” bridal shower invitation. If you don’t know where to start when selecting a style, this is a great choice. Pretty coffee mugs and flowers with scattered coffee beans are an invitation you can always go with.

coffee themed bridal shower invitations

This invite is a bit more specific as it features black coffee and coffee with foam. A cappuccino theme is popular because everyone will remember a coffee and when the worker froths the coffee in the shape of a heart.


coffee themed bridal shower signage

You can use signage to really exaggerate the love making coffee theme. This example has a blackboard coffeeshop style sign. You could put a cute coffee pun on the signage or you could have the quote “love is brewing” on it. Post signs at the entrance and on the tables at the bridal shower.

If you need some great coffee puns for signage, we’ve found 53 incredibly cute coffee puns for brunch.


coffee themed bridal shower decorations
Drawings by Smar

Decorations for a fairly simple cafe wedding showers. You can decorate however you like. For example, if the bride’s favorite color is pink, you can have pink balloons and tablecloths, etc.

It really doesn’t matter as long as you have the smell of coffee in the room. If you really want the decor to coordinate with the theme, use neutral colors like white brown or beige.

Here is an example of a Starbucks themed party. The designer used Starbucks brown and green colors and incorporated them into the table decor.

You can also make it for the bride-to-be’s favorite cafe. See how the famous Central Perk cafe from the TV show FRIENDS was incorporated into this bridal shower HERE.


While researching this theme, we noticed that there are many beautiful cookie designs that go well with it. We had to show you some of these amazing designs!

coffee themed bridal shower cookies

This example is a Love is Brewing spring cookies design, there’s nothing better than love, a cup of coffee and cookies!

Here are some fall coffee themed bridal shower cookies. Love the contrasting colors and the warmth and coziness these cookies display. They are almost too cute to eat!

coffee themed bridal shower cookies 1

This idea is just brilliant! Dominique is marrying Joe, isn’t she? Their wedding shower must be coffee themed and their wedding hashtag is #DomsCupOfJoe!

starbucks coffee themed bridal shower
Gigi makes cakes

We think these are for a birthday party, but a Starbucks themed shower would be so cute. Feast your eyes on these delicious cookies!

Coffee is a great idea for brunch or bridal breakfast and these cookies bring out everything we love about the morning.

To drink

All you need is a coffee bar full of coffee or tea (we recognize that everyone is a coffee lover). Don’t forget to have nice signage and decorations near the cafe bar. One idea is to have a sign that says “The Perfect Blend” next to the couple’s favorite cafe.


Don’t forget cafe bridal shower games. The most popular game you might play is “How many coffee beans in the jar? But you can also include hits such as He Said, She Said, How old was the Bride and more.


coffee themed bridal shower favors
wedding dates

Personalized coffee favors for guests would be a lovely little bridal shower gift. We think they would like to bring home a wedding coffee.

coffee themed bridal shower favors 1

These Dunkin Donut keychains make such a cute bridal shower favor. These are very easy and carefree while being a novelty party favor for guests.

This blog post was about a coffee-themed bridal shower.

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