Light Blue Color: Hex Code, Shades & Design Ideas

Light blue hexadecimal code

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The light blue hex code is #add8e6. In the RGB color space, it consists of 67.8% red, 84.7% green and 90.2% blue. In the CMYK system, it is 24.8% cyan, 6.1% magenta, 0% yellow and 9.8% black. You can easily make light blue paint by adding white to blue.

Light blue color can also be described as pastel blue or soft cyan. People often confuse it with blue-gray, cerulean, sky blue and other similar shades. According to color psychology, light blue represents tranquility, confidence, freedom, healing, and cleanliness. It is an expansive and soothing color that reflects dreamy and contemplative moods. Even the logos of popular social media platforms use it. You will also find light blue widely used in marketing and branding. Elsewhere, it can be found on the flag of the country of Argentina, and it is the color of choice for many universities and sports teams.

How do you work with the color light blue?

The light blue color is a pleasure to work with. Here are some simple design ideas to spark inspiration:


light blue model

Picsart has such a large collection of templates. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something to work with. Click Models and search for “light blue”. Alternatively, you can search for “blue” and choose those that feature light blue. Click on the template you like and customize it easily.


Light blue is the perfect background color in many cases. To set the background color to light blue, click Colortype the light blue hex code, #add8e6, and click Enter.

professional light blue


Want to add light blue text to your designs? Click Text so what Add body texttype what you want, click Color in the menu above and add the hex code #add8e6, then click enter. You can now play with the font and make other adjustments.

light blue font


Click on Stickers in the left menu and search for “light blue”. Scroll down to browse the multitude of options. Click on the one you want to add to your canvas and start customizing it.

light blue stickers


Do you think your design could use a geometric, abstract or decorative shape? Click on Elements then add the one you want. Select Color in the menu above, enter the light blue hex code #add8e6 and click enter.

light blue shapes

What colors complement light blue?

Wondering what colors work well with light blue? These are your best bets for a light blue color palette.


complementary color light blue

The most complementary color to light blue is #e6bbad, Zinnwaldite. This pale pink hue is opposite to light blue on the color wheel, creating tension when the two are combined. In RGB space, it is composed of 92.16% red, 76.8% green and 68.63% blue.


light blue analogue

The color light blue, along with #adbce6 (closest to Perano) and #ade6d8 (Ice Cold) creates an analogous color scheme. As is natural with analogous colors, these three create a harmonious color palette that is easy to work with.


light blue triadic

Combine light blue with #e6add8 (French lilac) and #d8e6ad (reef) for a vibrant and bold triadic color palette. In most cases, it’s best to highlight just one of the colors, using the other two as accents.


tetradic light blue

A tetradic color scheme is made up of two complementary pairs. Here it’s light blue and Zinnwaldite (#e6bbad), with Chinook (#ade6bb) and #e6add8 (French Lilac).


monochrome light blue

Monochromatic palettes are also easy to work with. Try combining light blue with light cyan (#72bcd4) and Alice blue (#e8f4f8).


complementary light blue split

The idea behind split complements is to avoid the direct opposition of complementary colors, opting instead for those that are right next to each other. Combine light blue with Melanie (#e6adbc) and a shade of Sidecar (#e6d8ad) for a complementary split palette.

What is the lightest blue color?

The lightest blue color is Alice Blue, a pale azure with the hex code #f0f8ff. Composed of 94.1% red, 97.3% green and 100% blue, it is also called white-blue or icy blue. The color said to be Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter’s favorite even inspired the Broadway song Alice Blue Gown in 1919.

What are the different shades of blue?

Looking for a shade of blue other than light blue? Check out some of these options:

Tiffany Blue

tiffany blue

Tiffany Blue is a mix of blue and green, and has become the symbol of luxury thanks to its association with the famous jewelry house. The color has a hex code #0abab5 and is composed of 3.9% red, 72.9% green and 71% blue.



Azure is a brilliant cyan blue named after the famous blue mineral lapis lazuli. It has a hex code #007fff and consists of 0% red, 49.8% green and 100% blue. Azure’s complementary color is orange (#ff8000).

Teal Green


If you are considering moving away from blue, teal green may be the shade for you. Described as an elegant shade of blue-green, teal green is darker and richer than cyan. The color has a hexadecimal code #0abab5 and consists of 3.9% red, 72.9% green and 71% blue.

Klein Blue

little blue

Klein Blue (#002fa7) is a first deep blue blended by French painter Yves Klein. He described the color as follows: “Only blue, a blue so intense and deep that it reflects in the eyes like the sky above the sea.”

Create high quality edits using light blue color

Ready to start editing with Picsart but need an extra dose of inspiration? Take a look at these simple light blue editing tutorials to grease the creative wheels.

On the Web

1. Open the Picsart web editor and click Design for and choose a social media canvas size (for the purpose of this illustrative exercise).

2. Now is the time to fill in your canvas. Click the background icon in the left panel and enter the HEX code for light blue.

3. Click on the Text tool and Add title.

4. Choose your font, set the color to light blue, enter the size value, and grab your copy.

5. Repeat the process for a separate font style and message.

6. Add shapes by clicking on the Elements tool and selecting the one you like, choosing the light blue color from the panel above the canvas.

seven. You can repeat the steps above if you need to add images, stickers, other fonts, or graphic touches. Once you’ve finalized all the changes, click Export and upload your work.

On the app

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen to begin your design.
2. Tap Color Backgrounds and then select the color picker option.
3. Enter the light blue color code and tap the tick in the upper right corner.

4. At the bottom of your screen, tap Text.
5. Choose your font, color, size and type the copy, hitting Apply when you’re done. Repeat the process for any additional text required.
6. Add finishing touches like masks, stickers, images, shapes, and more.

seven. When you are satisfied with the final design, press Apply to confirm all changes.
8. Save your work or post it to the Picsart Creative Community to finish.

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