How to use the virtual makeup try on tool

But, there is good news! With Picsart virtual makeup try on tools, you can experiment with different styles and shades before spending a dime on a new makeup look. So what are the latest makeup trends and how can you try makeup online? We’ll show you how.

5 best makeup trends to try

Just when we thought makeup couldn’t get any more innovative, these new makeup trends are changing the game. The hottest makeup trends are all about being able to authentically express yourself through makeup, whether it’s face gems, pastel eyeshadows or gel eyeliners. Here are some of the best makeup trends to guide your next (virtual) makeover.

1) Prismatic Pastels

pastel eyeshadow palette

When you’re ready to step up your eyeshadow game, try a prismatic pastel shade on your eyes for a bold new look. Simply dip into your favorite eyeshadow palette, find your favorite shimmery pastel shade and apply it to your lids. It’s so easy!

Pastels are perfect for spring, but you can rock them any season. In fact, sometimes it’s more obvious to use a pastel shade of eyeshadow in the fall or winter, when you least expect it. To complete your look, apply a pastel pink lipstick or peach lip gloss. If you don’t own pastel eyeshadow, use Picsart’s virtual makeup trial tool before buying a new palette. We will share how to try makeup online in the tutorial below.

2) Cat eye lash lift

woman getting false eyelashes applied in salon

Want to do your makeup like the pros? If you’re a fan of false eyelashes, switch up your lash repertoire with a cat eye lash lift. It’s quite simple – before applying them to your face, simply cut your false eyelashes in half, curl the outer part and apply them to the outer corners of your eyes for a raised cat eye effect.

3) 90s Inspired Eyebrows

side by side of virtual makeup trials for thin 90s-inspired brows

From fashion to music to makeup, the 90s are definitely making a comeback. And with that, we frown again. If you’re hesitant to grab the tweezers, simply brush on the brow gel to shape your brows into a thinner line.

Remember that once tweezed, your eyebrows will take some time to grow back. So if you want to see if you can rock thin brows first, try online virtual makeup before starting to pull. We did it for prank our friends after being inspired by makeup from 90s movies.

4) Dramatic Eyeshadow

spectacular eyeshadow enhanced with virtual makeup

What’s the secret to spectacular eyeshadow? To add bold pops of color for dramatic looks, always choose ultra-pigmented eyeshadows and primers. Pigmented eyeshadows are great for long wear without cracking or smudging (and nobody wants that). If you need inspiration for a dramatic evening makeup look, start with a simple smokey eye, then add a dramatic tint or glitter.

5) Fake freckles

fake freckles applied with virtual makeup trial tool

It might seem strange to call freckles a trend because they are something that many people have naturally, but they are popping up all over the makeup world thanks to their natural beauty. For natural-looking freckles, grab your favorite brown eyeliner pencil (or eye shadow and a thin brush) and sprinkle a few freckles across the bridge of your nose. Or add them with virtual makeup tools.

3 makeup tricks to improve your look

What if you could create cool makeup looks without Actually makeup in real life? With Picsart you can try on makeup online in a few seconds ! Just search for a specific makeup term under Stickers in the Editor live. If you use the Picsart app, you will find stunning virtual makeup looks powered by AI tools under the Touching up section.

Now that you’re feeling inspired by the latest makeup trends, here are our favorite makeup tips to turn your selfies into makeup artist masterpieces.

1) False eyelashes

applying false eyelashes

As the saying goes, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul.” So going the extra mile in your eye makeup is 100% worth it.

But if you don’t have the time or patience to apply a pair of false eyelashes or don’t want to make an expensive trip to the salon to have false eyelashes applied, there is good news. You can apply false eyelashes in just seconds. Here’s how to use the virtual makeup trial tool for flash eyelashes:

  1. Open the Picsart app and upload your selfie.
  2. Scroll the Editor toolbar and press the Touching up icon. Then select To put on makeup and Eyelashes. Here you will find different types of virtual makeup eyelashes, so try a variety to find the ones that suit you.
  3. Use the slider tool above to adjust the intensity of the lashes. When you are done, press Apply to save your change.
  4. Press now Nextthen to safeguard and or To share try your new virtual makeup with the Picsart community.

See if you can spot false eyelashes in this virtual makeup inspiration video.

2) Lipstick

virtual lipstick and eye shadow makeup app

Did you leave your lipstick at home before a big night out? Try this cool virtual makeup hack: add lipstick to your images to touch up where it’s worn off or apply a bold new color to make it pop on Instagram feeds. Here’s how to add virtual lipstick using the Retouch tool:

  1. Open the Picsart app and upload a portrait photo.
  2. Scroll the Editor toolbar and press the Touching up icon. Then select To put on makeup and Lipstick. Test all the shades to find the right shade of lipstick for your image. It’s the perfect time to try out a bold new color before buying it in the store.
  3. Adjust the intensity as needed using the slider tool above and press Apply to save your virtual makeup trial.
  4. Faucet Nextthen to safeguard and or To share your look with the Picsart community.

3) Eyeshadow

person applying smokey eye shadow

Do you dream of a mysterious smoky eye? Want to try on-trend pastels before buying a full eyeshadow palette? Whatever your creative vision, it’s easy to try out different eyeshadow looks with the Retouch tool.

  1. Open the Picsart app and upload a photo.
  2. Scroll the Editor toolbar and press the Touching up icon. Then select To put on makeup and Eye shadow. Test all eyeshadow looks to find the right eyeshadow shade for your image.
  3. Adjust the intensity using the slider tool above and press Apply to save your virtual makeup trial.
  4. When you’re done applying virtual makeup, tap Nextthen to safeguard and or To share your look with the Picsart community.

Pro tip: Try layering different eye shadows or experiment with different looks on each eye. When you are done applying eyeshadow, apply other Retouch makeup effects, such as lipstick, eyeliner, highlighter, contour, blush, eyebrows and blush. freckles, to complete your virtual makeover.

How to try virtual makeup online

Whether you want to try out new lipstick shades before you buy or play around with out-of-the-ordinary eyeshadows before trying them yourself, our Retouching tools box bring your artistic vision to life for a flawless selfie. You have all the beauty tools you need to get started, and we know your end product will be a hit!

Ready to try on makeup online? Here’s how to give yourself a glamorous makeover with Picsart:

1) Open the Picsart app and press the plus sign (+) to start a new project. Below Picturesfaucet All the pictures and upload your portrait image.

how to find the editing tools in the picsart app

2) Press Touching up downstairs Editor toolbar, then choose To put on makeup category to start your virtual makeover.

how to use virtual makeup try tools in picsart to add blush and contour online

3) Tap on the different categories to add virtual makeup to your selfie or group photo. You can experiment with different shades of lipstick, freckles, contours, eyeliner styles, etc.

how to use virtual makeup try tools to apply eyelashes and freckles on photo

4) When you are done editing your makeup, tap Apply to save your changes. If you want to continue retouching your image, you can find other retouching tools like teeth whitening, hair color change and red eye removal here.

how to export edited image from picsart app

5) Add any other photo effects. When you’re happy with your virtual makeover, tap Next. So choose to safeguard and To share your new look with the world.

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