How to remove objects, text and people from a picture

Different ways to improve your photos

Here are some of the most common use cases that photographers encounter when they need to remove something from an image.

  • Remove unwanted people from nature photos to get the perfect landscape shot
  • Removal of unwanted objects or people that distract from the main subject or focal point
  • Removing text from images that may distract from the subject
  • Removing objects from the sky like planes, birds, or power lines
  • Minimize shadows that can dilute an image’s impact
  • Clean up graffiti, trash can, or clutter from the background to make a sharper image
  • Remove a watermark from an image
  • Remove anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of the photo

Best Practices When Removing Text, Objects, or People from Photos

Before we dive into how to remove something from an image, let’s go over some best practices for removing objects in photo editing.

Choose the right photo

It is easier to remove people from photos if there is empty space around the subject in the original image. It is also useful if the subject or object is small or does not take up much space in the image.

Mmeticulouslyrace the object or person you want to remove

Try zooming in and remember to use the eraser tool if you select an excess area. If you use editing applications like Picsart, you can use the Delete Bg tool to instantly erase the background entirely or Clone tool to replace part of the image.

Make sure the photo still works without the removed object(s)

Don’t remove something if it calls attention to its removal. This can cause viewers to focus too much on the edited area and it can ruin the whole purpose of removing something from an image.

Consider the ethical implications of removing objects or people from photos

Ask yourself if blemishes really ruin your portrait. Will deleting or retouching a person in an image be offensive? Does removing text from an image change the context and interpretation of the image? Keep these kinds of moral considerations in mind when working on an edited image.

Ask for a second opinion

Take a fresh look at the image after applying special effects. Ideally, they won’t even notice that something has been deleted from the photo.

How to remove text from imagesremove text from photos

Picsart offers the easiest way to remove text from images. Just follow the instructions below and you can remove text from images in just a few clicks.

1) Open the Picsart editor and click on New project.

2) To download your image (or practice by choosing one from our photo libraries).

3) From the toolbar above, select the Remove and use the brush to highlight the text you want to remove. If it is too thin or too thick for the text size, drag the Cut tool to adjust brush size and click Remove. Finally, if you accidentally deleted too much text from your image, use the Restore tool to bring back part of your original photo.

Pro Tip: You can also use the Gum tool to remove text from an image, as it allows you to adjust the opacity of what is being removed.

If there is a lot of text in the background, such as graffiti, it may be easier to remove the background entirely. Fortunately, there is a free background removal tool for images in Quick Tools.

How to remove people from photosremove people from photos

Knowing how to edit people from pictures is a handy photo editing tool to have in your arsenal. Maybe you need to remove an ex – the modern version of physically removing someone from a photo. Or maybe you want to remove tour groups from a photo. How can you do it on Picsart mobile. It’s similar to how we removed text from an image in the tutorial above.

1) Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) to start a new project and upload an image from your photo gallery or choose one of our free images to edit.

2) Press the Tools in the editor toolbar and select Remove.

3) Now use the slider to select a brush size and highlight what you want to remove. If you are highlighting, use the Gum tool to restore part of the area. When you have covered only the object you want to remove, press Remove and Apply to save your work.

4) Make other changes if necessary, then press Next at to safeguard Where Job your edit to the Picsart community.

You can see it all in action in this video tutorial on how to remove people from images:

Pro Tip: If the person you’re trying to remove from the photo has blank space around them, the removal process will be much easier.

Get rid of unwanted clutter in secondsdeclutter photo

How many times has this happened? You come home from a day of shooting and sit down to edit your near-perfect shot, only to realize there’s something in the background. With Picsart Delete Toolyou can get rid of anything that stands in your way and that flawless shot in seconds. It’s basically the same as deleting text or people from images. Just upload the image (from the web or in the app) and highlight the object, refining the areas around it with the eraser for a smooth finish.

Remove any photo background in one clickremove background

Are there too many things in the background of your product photo? Maybe you don’t like its appearance and want remove background from your image. This is where the Background removal tool is very convenient. All you have to do is upload an image in the photo editor and let the AI ​​technology automatically remove background. You can choose to leave it as is (no background) or add a sticker or a new background (more on that below). You now have a brand new photo, primed and ready for digital publishing.

Swap a plain photo backdrop for a pretty one

If you decide there is too much mess in a photo and you want to completely change the background of an image, the Background changer tool is perfect for that. Simply upload your image to the Background Changer tool, then click Edit to explore new horizons. You can either upload your own image to make the new background or choose an image from one of our stock libraries. There’s no limit to the number of images you can try, so play around with the backgrounds until you find the one that suits you best.

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