How to Make and Find the Best Free Custom Stickers on Picsart

Let’s dive in, it’s time to learn how to make a sticker on Picsart.

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What are personalized stickers?

In graphic design, stickers are design elements that you can create by cutting or modifying other images. It’s basically cutting out an image that you can apply to another design, much like you would add a sticker to a piece of paper in school.

In Picsart, there are two types of stickers: free and premium. Free stickers are often community-created, meaning that other users have created these stickers and chosen to share them with the Picsart community to use in their edits as well. The Picsart design team also releases free sticker packs, so you’ll never run out of stickers to add to your edits. Premium stickers are created by our in-house design team and are only available to Picsart Gold users.

After learning how to make stickers in picsartyou will find it to be one of the easiest ways to make your graphic designs stand out.

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Where can you use custom stickers?

Once you learn how to make stickers in Picsart, you’ll love making a lot of them. And for good reason, you can use personalized stickers everywhere. That you are react to messagescreating branding materials or editing images for social media, chances are you need a sticker.

Need inspiration? Here are some ideas to make your designs stand out with personalized stickers.

  • Avoid bullet points in your next presentation. Instead, use stickers to keep your audience engaged with eye-catching visuals. Even better, create infographics with stickers to visualize key data and tell a story.
  • Enhance event flyers with action-packed stickers. You can use stickers to highlight where the event will be, who will be there, or what to bring.
  • Print physical copies of your stickers to create buzz around your brand. Try distributing them in your store, attaching them to product packaging, sending them to loyal subscribers, or selling them as branded products. Depending on your business, you can turn your company logo into a sticker, create stickers of your mascot, or create an iconic custom design for branded stickers that you can sell.

how to make picsart stickers that you can add to a backpack

The best part? You can create stickers from almost any image, allowing you to let your creativity run free. Stickers are incredibly versatile, and you can use them to build your brand, add flair to your marketing promotions, or raise awareness of an upcoming event.

How to make custom stickers on mobile

What you are looking to create personalized stickers of your pets, bestie or your favorite meme, creating custom stickers from your own photos has never been easier. Here is how to make a sticker in picsart so you can stand out from the crowd with eye-catching designs.

1) Open the Picsart app and press the plus sign (+) to start a new project.

2) Under Photos, tap All the pictures. Next, upload the image from which you want to create a custom sticker.

3) Scroll right and press Delete blood sugar in the bottom toolbar to remove the background from your image. After removing the background, tap Apply to save changes.

how to remove background from photo in picsart app

4) Under ToolsUse the Adjust tool to manually refine your sticker. Here you can change saturation, brightness, hue and other effects to create the perfect sticker. Or let our filters do the work for you and tap Effect to search and apply a filter.

how to apply a filter to a sticker in the picsart app

5) When you are satisfied with the sticker design, press Next. To save your sticker to your personal sticker library for future use, tap the Sticker enable. If you want to add your sticker to the Picsart #FreeToEdit library, adjust the Free-to-Edit toggle. Then select Job to add the sticker to your Picsart profile, or choose to safeguard to upload your design.

how to share a custom sticker with the picsart community

How to Make Custom Desktop Stickers

Good news: you don’t have to be a seasoned graphic designer to update your designs with custom stickers. If you prefer creating on the desktop, here’s how to create a sticker on Picsart Web.

1) Open the Picsart Sticker Creator on the Web. Click it To download and select the image from which you want to create a custom sticker.

start using sticker maker in picsart

2) After choosing the perfect photo, use the Remove background tool to remove background from your image.

remove background from an image to turn it into a sticker on picsart web

3) Use the Adjust in the top toolbar to fine-tune your new sticker to your needs. Here you can adjust lighting, saturation levels, colors, and other qualities to bring your sticker to life.

use the adjustment tool to make a flower sticker brighter

4) Channel your inner artist to customize your sticker with vibrant colors, text, unique shapes, photo filters and other fun photo editing effects. Here we added a filter to really bring out the colors of the flower. add a filter to a custom flower sticker 5) When you are happy with your design, click the Export in the upper right corner to save your sticker as an image. Or, click the To share tab and select Sticker to save the sticker to your Picsart profile for later use.

how to save a sticker to your profile in picsart web

How to find the best free stickers on mobile

Send messages to your friends? Designing social media posts for your business? Want to add stickers to your favorite photos? No matter what your creative vision looks like, we’re here to help turn it into reality. And maybe you don’t have the right pictures on your phone, so it’s time to look for free stickers on Picsart.

Here’s how to find the best free stickers on the Picsart app.

1) Open the Picsart app and press the Look for in the upper right corner to search for stickers. Here you can search for specific stickers, whether you’re looking for cute heart designs, paint splatters, clouds, or something else.

2) Tap the sticker you want to use and select Apply.

how to find stickers in picsart

3) Here you can choose to apply the sticker to a photo on your camera roll or to a cool background in Picsart. Or, you can select a gray and white checked image as a blank background if you want to further edit the sticker before applying it to your images.

4) Customize the free sticker as you need. When you’re done, save it to your mobile device by selecting the down arrow or tap Next and use the toggles to save the edited sticker as a new sticker in your Picsart library.

how to edit a sticker in picsart

How to Find the Best Free Desktop Stickers

There are also plenty of #FreeToEdit stickers to inspire your next design if you’re designing on the desktop. If you’re just looking for a sticker or general design inspiration, you can edit our existing stickers to match your creative vision with the #FreeToEdit stickers from the Picsart Sticker Page. When you find the right sticker, hover your mouse over it. Here you can choose from a few options: click the arrow to share the sticker on social media, click the heart to “like” the sticker, or click the banner to save the sticker for future use in your own designs.

If you’re in the middle of designing and want to search for free stickers on your computer, here’s how:

1) Start a New project in the Picsart web editor. Now select Sticker in the left toolbar and scroll through the different categories or type in the search field to find the perfect sticker for your design. Here we searched for holographic stickers.

how to find stickers on picsart web

2) Just like with custom stickers, you can also edit #FreeToEdit stickers in Picsart. Use the Adjust tool to modify the sticker to your liking.

how to adjust colors on stickers in picsart

3) When finished, click Export to download and save the new sticker. Or click on To share and change the File type to Sticker to share the new Sticker with the Picsart community. Disable from Audience to make it available only in your sticker library.

how to save a sticker to your picsart profile on the web

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