How to Make Amazing YouTube Shorts

YouTube added Shorts in 2021 to become competitive with short video platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram Reels, and after a few months it’s clear that YouTube Shorts are an effective format for creators and the platform itself- same. Not only do viewers love watching these little videos, but they’re relatively easy to make because they’re so short. This encourages creators to upload more often.

In this article, we’ll explain how to create amazing YouTube short films, as well as how to use them effectively.

How to Make Great YouTube Shorts

Shorts are more than just one-minute videos. They have special requirements due to the expectations of viewers and the context in which they will watch them.

Quickly hang

Your main priority should be crochet. Longer videos should hook the viewer quickly, but short films should do so within the first few seconds. Attention spans are short and there’s always another video to watch, so your video should present the main issue or conflict instantly, or else open with something that makes the viewer wait for the payoff.

Cut quickly and often

Cut quickly and often. YouTube videos should already be snappy and snappy, but that’s even more important for short films. Not only do you only have 60 seconds to convey what you’re trying to say, but you also have to keep your viewers’ attention. Every moment of boredom is a potential exit point. Keep the cuts tight and keep only what is necessary to create a cohesive video.

Modify for replayability

The shorts will restart when they finish playing. This has led many users to take advantage of this looping feature to create seamless video. You can encourage replayability by creating a video that plays smoothly without the viewer noticing. It may take several viewings for something to really sink in, so if someone watches your video more than once, that’s a good thing.

Provide value

It’s hard to fit everything you need to say into a one minute video, but you have to try. There’s plenty of time to create a short lesson, crack a joke, or highlight an entertaining snippet from one of your longer videos. You can still add value even in this short time frame, and it’s important that you do. As we’ll see later, shorts are a way to get people to your channel, so all of your shorts should provide some sort of reason why someone should watch more of your content.

Create original content

While many of the shorts that content creators upload are excerpts from their longer videos, that’s not always what you want to do. This is a great way to get people to watch your longer videos, but you should also aim to create standalone content. Show that you are dedicated to making Shorts and using the platform. Use this opportunity and restriction of creating a 60 second vertical video as creative fuel to create brand new content suitable for the format. High quality videos that were originally shot horizontally don’t always make the best shorts.

The Best Ways to Use YouTube Shorts

Shorts are a useful tool. They aren’t just for getting views in a vacuum. They can be used to drive viewers to your channel who otherwise wouldn’t have discovered it. The Shorts section of YouTube is different from the recommended page or the subscriptions page, so you can connect with a new audience here.

Attract people to your channel

We mentioned earlier that you should aim to create original content rather than just generating clips from your longer videos. But it can still be an effective strategy to get people to watch your videos. Simply frame these clips as a preview or clip of this video, rather than passing it off as standalone content. Make sure it makes sense as a standalone video. Whether you’re using clips or creating a quirky short that serves as an intro to a longer video on your channel, the ultimate goal should be to drive people away from the shorts page and watch them on your channel to watch the rest of your videos.

Don’t worry about the quality

Short films don’t need to be as well produced as your longer videos. You can just pull out your phone and record something. Use the Short format to record quick thoughts, personal updates, or a message to your viewers. The same goes for behind-the-scenes looks and teasers of things to come. These shorts are special community updates for your followers, and if a random person scrolling through the video is intrigued, even better. It also reminds us that while shorts are a great way to attract new viewers, they’re also a great tool for engaging current subscribers. In addition, it is good that a short film is recorded on a phone with subpar sound. No one who looks at Shorts expects them to be of the highest quality. In fact, it could be deviation if they are high quality,

Trends and Challenges

And of course, shorts are the perfect place to try on trends and challenges. These might not belong on your main channel, but shorts are where these off-topic videos thrive. They’re likely to be forgotten soon after they’re posted, so it’s fine to capitalize on a trend. Their discoverability means jumping on these trends could lead to an influx of new viewers to your channel.

Technical Considerations

Due to some oddities with uploading videos, you should limit your video to 58 or 59 seconds. Sometimes YouTube adds an extra second to videos, so a video that’s exactly 60 seconds long can end up being over a minute long once it’s uploaded, making it more eligible to be part of the Shorts system. .

YouTube videos support hashtags and it is important to use them in Shorts as well. Using #shorts in the title and description will help make them more visible and let viewers know they are watching a short film. Theoretically, YouTube will know you’ve uploaded a short film and it will rank correctly, but why take the risk?

If a short is longer than 35 seconds, it may contain end screen elements, such as a featured video. This is a crucial aspect in getting viewers from your shorts to your main content.

Final Thoughts

Shorts are a fantastic tool that every designer should use. You just have to make sure you have the right mindset about them. They are not in themselves a tool to earn money because they cannot currently be monetized. They are purely meant to attract viewers to your channel and keep people on the YouTube platform watching content. You just want to make sure you’re creating engaging videos with a way for viewers to discover your longer videos, so they spend that time on your channel and not someone else’s. Shorts are primarily a means to an end, but it’s important that they stand on their own. Keep all of these considerations in mind and you too can create effective and entertaining short films.

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