How to Find a Job as a Newbie Motion Designer

Are you looking for a job that will cover everything you need to gradually build a solid career in motion design? Although the industry has become quite competitive, motion designers are also among the most in-demand professionals these days.

Being a creative professional in 2022 is tough enough, and it can be even more overwhelming if you entered the market as a fledgling, yet talented designer. With over 400,000 graphic design related businesses worldwideyou need to stand out from the competition, especially if you plan to work as a freelancer.

The good news is that it can be done. All you have to do is get organized and prepare. In this 5-minute read, you’ll learn how to make the motion design job search process much more manageable.

From crafting a top-notch designer resume to harnessing the power of social media and freelance platforms, nothing will be left undone. Let’s take a look at the 6 key steps you need to take to find a job as a beginner motion designer.

Finding a Job as a Beginner Motion Designer: 6 Essential Steps to Follow

Think of the following steps as a list of tips you can use to find the perfect first motion designer job. While it’s not necessary to use all of the tips below, combining some (or all) of them usually results in better job opportunities.

1. Create and perfect your CV

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, creating a top-notch resume is the first step to building a successful career in motion design. Whether you are applying for a standard position via a job board or a freelance project, a well-crafted CV will always come in handy.

If you don’t know what to include in your resume, there’s nothing to worry about. Just download a free creative resume template and adjust it accordingly. Your animated graphic resume should always include the following:

  1. Personal Profile/Biography: Some key information about yourself such as your age, interests and abilities)
  2. Contact information: Current address, email, phone number, social media accounts
  3. Education and certificates: BA, MA, Ph.D. relevant. diplomas, workshops, etc.
  4. General skills : Your strong abilities (e.g. multi-tasking, good team player)
  5. Previous experience: For you as a beginner, this could include personal projects, your portfolio, etc.
  6. Languages
  7. Achievements, interests and hobbies

Once you’ve created your resume, it’s time to do something every designer loves to do: get creative.

2. Showcase your work: the importance of a demo and a portfolio

As a beginner motion designer, chances are your previous work experience isn’t that extensive. But, there are other ways to get clients or employers to trust you and showcase your talent. The first is via a Demo Reel. This is nothing more than a small demo (about 30 seconds) which demonstrates your talent as a motion designer.

All you have to do is use a demo coil model, collect your best work, collect feedback and adjust. It’s a simple, yet super effective way to present yourself as a professional on social media, freelance platforms, and more. The same goes for creative portfolios online. Nowadays you can easily create a portfolio for free and, as a motion designer, you have most of the knowledge to do so.

create a portfolio

A portfolio will allow potential clients to see your work and give them the opportunity to contact you. This is why creating an online creative portfolio is a very smart thing to do if you want to experience freelancing for the first time.

However, a top-notch wallet will rarely attract traffic from day one. So what alternatives do you have? Let’s take a closer look.

3. Direct to the client: try several independent platforms

Being independent can be scary, at least if you don’t know where to start. Yet, freelance work comes with a lot of freedom. It’s simply the best way to work from anywhere, anytime. As mentioned above, creating an online portfolio is crucial for showcasing your work online.

But, when it comes to finding motion design work online fast, freelance platforms simply don’t get any better. Websites like Upwork and Independent allow you to find, communicate and ultimately work with customers around the world.

You can compare the multiple platforms available until you find the one(s) that suits your needs and preferences. After undertaking a few motion design projects on such websites, you will have the chance to attract more clients via referrals, and of course your wallet.

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4. Motion design studios and agencies: try different Job Boards

On the other hand, freelancing is not for everyone. In fact, with great freedom comes great responsibility. If you consider yourself a team player and want to find a job that will provide you with a stable income, you can apply for jobs in motion design studios and agencies.

There are many online job boards for motion designers. Some of the best in terms of screening and variety of job opportunities are Dribble and Motionographer. Try to narrow your searches based on your skills and expertise. A smart thing to do is to use keywords like motion designer, beginner, noviceand internship and avoid posts that contain other terms like experimented, manageretc

find creative jobs

This will save you valuable time when searching for a position that matches your skills as a beginner.

5. Use the power of social media

Besides building your resume and portfolio, you can start tweaking your social media accounts. Visual-based platforms (e.g. Instagram) are very effective in attracting new customers online.

There are several prefabs Instagram models you can use to shine your animated graphic work and share it with the world. You can either create your top notch stories and posts on graphic design software like Photoshop or quickly edit the templates on free web editors like Canva.

6. Don’t underestimate networking

Finally, it would be a shortcoming if we did not talk about networking. As a motion designer, you should know that all creative industries are ultimately interactive and collaborative.

networking for creatives

Whether you’re about to go freelance or join a motion graphics team, you should always be willing to communicate and learn from more experienced professionals.

Asking for feedback on social media is a very effective tactic to improve your skills. All successful motion designers participate in social media groups and regularly attend bootcamps to keep up to date.


Although creating a high end creative resumeOnline demo and portfolio are crucial in the early stages of your motion design career, your success will always depend on the quality of your work.

So whether you choose to follow a freelance or in-house career, always try to improve both your soft skills and your motion design skills. If you do this, you have nothing to fear!

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