How to convert a PDF to JPG

Enter Quicktools by Picsart. No matter what you’re working on, Quicktools lets you convert PDF to JPG online without spending hours on tedious file conversions. here’s how convert PDF to JPG with our free and easy to use file conversion tools.

What is a JPEG?

why use jpg file format

First things first: JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which first developed the file standard for digital photography in 1992. There is no difference between JPG and JPEG files, and extensions are 100% interchangeable. Most of the time, you will see digital images represented as JPG files.

Pro Tip: If you’re wondering how to pronounce JPG, most people call it a “jay-peg” image.

JPGs rose in popularity in the early 2000s, making it easier to send and share photographs. Today, it’s one of the most widely used file formats in the world, and it’s easy to see why. JPG files can compress fine detail into an easy-to-share file size, so they’re one of the best choices for saving and sharing images.

JPGs typically have small file sizes, so you can share thousands of images without sacrificing your memory space. This makes them ideal for social media, email, and blog content. They are also widely used for printing and publishing.

What is a PDF?

why use a pdf file format

PDFs, or Portable Document Format, can display a wide range of documents, from invoices to presentations. It is an incredibly versatile file format created by Adobe. Whether you want to create your next business invoice or compile bank statements, PDFs provide a convenient way to save and share documents.

Unlike JPGs, a PDF is a universal file format. In other words, the contents of a PDF will always display consistently across all devices, whether you’re using a smartphone, computer, or tablet. PDFs are also compatible regardless of software, hardware or operating system.

Due to their universal compatibility, printers generally prefer PDF files. So when you print a PDF, you retain your page components and image quality as they were originally intended to be seen, even when your images are enlarged. It’s a win-win!

What is the difference between PDF and JPG?

example of an image that has been changed from a pdf to a jpg

Let’s face it, understanding the differences between different file types isn’t always easy. Even if you’re very tech-savvy, choosing the right file format for your project can be tricky.

When it comes to file types, JPG and PDF files are two of the most popular choices for sharing content. But when it comes to displaying images and documents, each format has unique strengths and weaknesses. Here’s what you need to consider to make the best file choice for your next engagement, marketing presentation, or invoice:


JPGs are typically used for images, while PDFs can handle different types of rich media. Since JPGs compress image data, they have smaller file sizes than PDFs, making them the best option for saving and sharing files online (i.e. posting to social networks and blog images).

Editing capabilities

PDFs are universally compatible across devices, so they’ll keep your page components intact while leaving other parts of the document open for editing. Since JPGs compress images into a single layer, it is not possible to separate the image into components.

Storage space

JPGs are smaller than PDFs, so they take up less space on your hard drive, smartphone, or cloud. If you store images, JPGs are the way to go. But if you’re storing important documents or other rich media, stick to PDFs.

Why should you convert PDF to JPG?

sample image scanned by a free pdf to jpg converter

JPG files are primarily used for images, while PDF files can handle all types of image and text-based documents.

So why convert PDF to JPG online? It’s simple: JPGs offer more editing and compression flexibility, making them the best choice when you need to upload (or download) images quickly. At high resolutions with low compressions, JPGs can give you the power to edit and print without sacrificing your image quality.

Therefore, JPGs are the most popular file format for digital photography and graphic design. It’s the perfect file type for sharing your favorite photos with friends and family members. You can choose a wide range of JPG image resolutions – remember that higher resolutions create larger file sizes.

Since JPGs compress image data, you will have a relatively small file size compared to PDFs. This way, you can quickly share images on social media, in blog posts, and via email without waiting to upload or download images.

If you are using JPG images, there is one important thing to remember: JPG images use lossy compression. Each time you save your file, you lose some image data. Over time, this can affect your image quality. But unlike other file types, JPG image quality is not affected by opening and closing the file.

What is the easiest way to convert PDF to JPG?

Are you looking for a free tool to convert files? While there are tons of websites you can use to convert PDF to JPG online, the last thing you want to do is spend hours of your precious time trying to find an accurate, reliable online tool. and, most importantly, virus-free.

But there is good news: Quick Tools by Picsart features a free PDF to JPG converter, allowing you to convert pdf to jpg online in a few clicks.

The best part? You’ll save time with file conversion because you don’t need to download any third-party editing software to convert your files. Our free pdf to jpg converter does not require any registration or payment either. Simply upload your PDF and convert it to JPG in seconds. Yes, it really is that simple.

If you’re converting confidential files, don’t worry. When you use Quicktools, we store your file securely and delete it 2 hours after conversion, so you don’t have to worry about security risks. Moreover, it only takes a few seconds to convert PDF to JPG online, even if you are converting an entire folder of files for your upcoming project.

And if you need to make other changes to your files, Quicktools can help. With our free online photo editor, you can remove image backgrounds, resize images, or sharpen your images in seconds to turn your creations into museum-worthy masterpieces. Quicktools is also super handy PDF specific tools to compress, merge and convert PDF files.

How to Convert PDF to JPG Using Picsart’s Quicktools

Now that you’re a file format expert, it’s time to learn how to convert PDF files to JPG files.

If you’re working on a last-minute project, you’re in luck here. There is no waiting time with Quicktools. Simply upload your PDF, select your preferred settings and upload your JPG.

So what are you waiting for? Here is how to change pdf to jpg in a few clicks.

1) Open the free Quicktools PDF to JPG converter and Dcloth and drop your PDF file into the dotted area. Or click on Select the PDF file to choose a PDF from your library.

how to convert pdf to jpg using quicktools by picsart

2) Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can choose to convert entire pages to a JPEG image or extract individual images from the PDF. Choose the best option for your project and click Convert to JPG.

how to use quick tools for free pdf to jpg conversion online

3) Congratulations! You changed your PDF to JPG and learned how to convert PDF to JPG in the process. Now click To download to download the new JPG file to your computer.

how to save and export converted pdf to jpg

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