How do you make an image transparent?

How to make an image transparent online?

This can be done in just a few steps:

1. Open the image in Picsart editor and click on the Delete blood sugar tool.

make an image transparent online step 1

2. The AI ​​will automatically remove the background from your image, leaving only the main subject as the focus. To export the transparent image, just click Next.

make an image transparent online step 3

From there, you can use the transparent images to create aesthetic edits or ultra-sharable memes.

How to add a transparent image to another Image?

transparent image of a cake

All the fun of making an image’s background transparent is the ability to layer it over another, to create your own collage-style edits. You’re basically creating a sticker that you can overlay on anything. Once you have an image with a transparent background, adding it to another is very simple. The only rule to keep in mind is that the transparent image must be placed on top of the other image, otherwise it will not be visible.

On the Web

1. Open the web editor and upload the image you want to make transparent. You can also choose one from the stock image libraries.

2. Click on the Gum tool to manually select the areas of the image you want to make transparent. Alternatively, you can leave the AI Selection the tool does the erasing work for you with just one click. Click on Object Where The person to remove those parts of your image.

3. Once you’ve removed all the parts you want to make transparent, click Apply at the top right of your screen and save your new transparent image to your sticker collection.

4. Now let’s add the other image. Click on the Background button and the Texture option.

5. Browse the options until you find a background that works well with your transparent image.

6. Once you have chosen the composition and the aesthetic, click on Export at To download the final edition.

On mobile

It’s also easy to create transparent backgrounds using the Picsart app. Let us guide you through this process:

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the purple plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
2. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll choose an image from the stock image library.
3. Find the perfect picture and tap the one you like best.

4. It’s time to remove that background. Tap the Cut tool.
5. Choose the Select The option will allow you to choose which part of the image will be removed (person, face, sky, etc.). For this tutorial, select the To present option and using your finger, draw around the object to be deleted and confirm by pressing the tick at the top right.
6. Press on to safeguard, Next then upload your image or post it to your Picsart profile.

If you save the cutout as a sticker on Picsart, you can add it to any background to create a plethora of edits. When you reopen the editor, press Stickers so what my sticker at find all your previously edited images. It’s so easy to make your own stickers.

How to remove a white background from a transparent image?

Have you accidentally saved or downloaded a JPEG thinking it was a transparent image and ended up with a white background instead? This is not a problem. To remove a white background from a transparent image, open the Background Remover tool. Just repeat the editing steps above and the AI Select will detect and remove the background (yes, even a white background) and save it as a transparent image.

If you are using the Picsart app on your mobile device, you can remove a white background from a transparent image using the icon Adapt Background eraser steps from above tool. You can even save your new transparent image to your Picsart account so you can use it as a custom sticker for future edits. Or you can add a whole new background color, now that you’ve erased all traces of white.

Can a JPEG or PNG be transparent?

transparent basketball image

Another thing to keep in mind when creating seamless edits is the image format. It all comes down to choosing between JPEG (or JPG) and PNG formats.

JPEG is the most commonly used digital image format in the world. This is mainly because JPEG images are small in size and are supported on almost all websites. Unfortunately, there is no way to make JPEG images transparent. The format does not support transparency.

On the other hand, although the PNG format is not as widely used, it does support transparent images. Additionally, PNG images have a better overall compression rate than JPEG images. Unlike JPEG, PNG compression is lossless, which means that no matter how many times you modify the image, it will not lose its quality.

How to make a JPEG image transparent?

There is no way to create a JPEG image with a seamless background. You can make the background of an image transparent, but once the image is downloaded in JPEG format, the transparent sections will turn white. Even if you start the editing process with a JPEG image, you should make sure to save it in PNG format before exporting the image. You don’t want your editing work to go to waste.

How to make a PNG image transparent?

dog and cat transparent image

PNG is the best format for creating transparent photos. It is ideal for preserving the quality of your images and is supported on most websites.

In order to create a transparent PNG image, you must first upload an image to the Picsart Editor, then select and remove background from image using the steps above. Once you’re done, just save the image you edited as a PNG file and you’re good to go. In Picsart, the default saving in PNG format allows you to keep the image transparent.

You now have an image that is both transparent and of high quality. You can add your transparent PNG image to other photos without it being pixelated.

How to convert JPEG to PNG online?

If you have a JPEG image and want to convert it to PNG, you will need to use third-party apps or online tools. There are many resources online that can help you convert a JPEG image to a PNG file, but most of them are also quite limited. However, if you are using Picsart, you will be able to both convert a JPEG to PNG and edit the image in the same process. No additional conversion work will be required.

Open your JPEG file in the Picsart Editor and apply all necessary changes such as filters, stickers, background removal, etc. When you’re done, just save the image and Picsart will convert it to PNG for you. Remember that Picsart automatically saves images as PNG files, so you don’t have to worry about your transparent images losing transparency or quality.

Keep in mind that if you saved a transparent image in JPEG format and you end up with a white background, converting it to PNG will not make the image transparent again. You will need to re-edit the photo and then save it as a PNG.

Where can you find transparent background images online?

cotton candy image transparency

Internet is your friend, but fFinding the right images is one thing. Overlay a transparent image or convert them to transparent backgrounds can be tiring, especially if you want to include a lot of elements. Fortunately, there are plenty of images with transparent backgrounds available free online.

If you have ever tried to download images with transparent backgrounds, then you probably know the feeling of accidentally uploading a fake transparent image. Clicking and downloading an image with a gray plaid background, just to find that the plaid pattern is part of the image and not transparent only after downloading the image is super frustrating.

Avoid this by opening of the Picsart Editor and scroll Stickers where you will discover a whole world of transparent images. You can find all types of images with transparent backgrounds by typing any word or phrase in the search bar.

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