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Young content creator, YouTuber and podcaster Frederic Chen warms the hearts of his audience with charm, humor and honest stories. He is also a digital design student at New York University. And his eye-catching video edits, fun quirky graphics, and sense of fashion and beauty show he’s good at what he studies.

Chen joined us as an Adobe Insider before Adobe MAX. With his knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat, there’s no better spokesperson for how creatives can leverage PDF tools to succeed in school and passion projects.

Chen’s not-so-hidden talents

When it comes to social media, YouTube is Chen’s first love. He was always creative with painting and other arts as a kid, but he burst into the movement genre with his first YouTube gaming video. Minecraft.

By the time he was a freshman in high school, Chen had a good understanding of video editing and learned to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom in photography class. “Gen Z is known for being self-reliant and trying content creation at an early age,” he says. And he certainly lives up to that generational expectation.

While in college, Chen became a powerhouse at creating content of all kinds, from illustrations to podcasts, all while remembering to study. He believes there has to be a balance. “I’m always on tech for work and school, so I’d rather go without it for a while,” he says. He practices self-care by visiting New York City parks, lounging in greenery outdoors, playing with his cats Remy and Miso, enjoying skincare routines, and maintaining his home environment.

It’s okay to be a little selfish

Chen lives by the motto of creating “selfish” content. He doesn’t think you should focus on pleasing an audience. “The greatest responsibility of creators is to do what you love,” he says. You’ll attract the right kind of audience for you, people who truly appreciate what you have to offer, and you’ll be able to “be authentically yourself.”

“Especially for content creators, there’s a lot of pressure to always be beautiful and stunning. And yes, I’m gorgeous. Thank you. But there are other sides of us that we may be afraid to show. We think it shows weakness. But from the beginning, I always tried to be open about who I was. I didn’t want to hide. Fortunately, my audience is also very open.

When it comes to creative projects, Chen says to do it for happiness, not money. “If you’re not happy doing it, it’s not worth it,” Chen said. “If you go into it wanting it to be your job, I don’t think it will be as successful as you want it to be.”

Feed your creativity
The creative work Chen does in his spare time helps energize his school projects and vice versa. “It helps fuel my creativity because not only do I make projects for school, but I also do it on the side,” Chen says. “I learn things in school that I can apply to content creation and vice versa.”

To follow his imagination, Chen keeps a list of content ideas that he can refer to when he has time to create something. “I always have a list of over 200 video ideas,” he says. “I have an idea, put it in there and let it simmer. I only create videos when I’m in the mood and that’s how I feel to create great content and success.

Everything you need to create a digital work

Chen uses PDFs every day in his school work and personal projects, and he recommends Acrobat and other Adobe applications to everyone. “I partner with brands that I personally use or have mission statements that I stick to,” Chen says. “And I use Adobe products to create all my content.”

“Adobe is something I’ve been using since freshman year of high school,” he says. “My photography teacher knew about my YouTube channel and he once joked, ‘Don’t come visit me again until you work for Adobe.’ I went back there and told him when I became Adobe Insider, and he was stunned.

Install Acrobat for Google Chrome

Chen appreciates the convenience of Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome. When you add this extension to Chrome, you can work on PDFs and access Acrobat’s cloud storage, all from your web browser. “Normally you have to go to another app, open it, and then it’s in another window. The extension prevents that and makes the process easier. That’s what I like the most — the convenience,” says Chen.

The extension is free to install, and if you have Acrobat Pro at school or sign up for a 7-day trial, you can use all Acrobat Pro tools in Chrome. You can convert, compress, rearrange, merge and password protect documents.

Even with a free Acrobat account, you can use Acrobat for Chrome to add comments and highlights to PDFs, annotate them with drawings, fill and sign forms, and share documents with others.

Advice for students

Acrobat for Chrome is great for converting files to different formats. “I use this feature a lot because of school. They need all file types,” says Chen. Easily open PDFs or other file types in your Chrome browser, make changes, and then convert between image and text file types, including JPG, PNG, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you receive a PDF draft of an article but need to submit it as a Word document, you can easily do this in Acrobat for Chrome. Convert your PDF to Word file in one click, make edits with Microsoft Word tools directly in Acrobat, then save and share from there.

Other useful Acrobat tools for schoolwork include merging multiple files, adding comments before sharing with others, digitally signing school documents, and always having the latest version of your documents available wherever you go. you are, thanks to Adobe cloud storage.

Success is different for everyone

The pursuit of academic excellence can make college a stressful time. And set yourself up for success by learning how to use useful tools like Acrobat can help.

But Chen believes true happiness is less about achieving big goals and more about small things. “One note doesn’t make or break you,” he says. “I just want to be happy. It’s such a general term, but if you set yourself the goal of making X amount of money, it creates a lot of pressure. I’d rather hang around in life not knowing what’s going to happen .

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