DaVinci Resolve 18 Adds Collaboration Features and Proxy Enhancements

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18 is officially released, featuring cloud collaboration features and multiple proxy workflow improvements.

Altogether, there are over 129 new features, changes and improvements, split between the Edit pane, Color grading pane, Resolve FX pane, Fairlight Audio pane and Fusion pane, codecs and general maintenance fixes.

Specifically, DaVinci 18 includes cloud collaboration features, smart mapping to automatically link files, a new Proxy Generator app to automatically create proxies in watch folders, and automatically prioritize camera originals over to proxies. Other improvements outlined in the software notes include improved closed captioning, artificial intelligence (AI) image stabilization, Fairlight fixed to FlexBus, and more.

black magic cloud

The most significant development for DaVinci 18 is the introduction of Blackmagic Cloud (formerly DaVinci Resolve Cloud), a cloud collaboration interface that will host cloud-based project libraries and secure collaboration sessions using Blackmagic ID . Sessions will be handled through email as the primary communication hub while also relying on a central data server to do all the heavy lifting. Additional team members can also be invited via email through multi-user mode.

Meanwhile, as changes occur through the cloud interface, DaVinci 18 will manage the workflow, providing smart path mapping to automatically relink files when disabled or modified. Resolve will display with an icon that changes are in progress with the user’s name and color shown for easy reference.

Blackmagic also features a standalone Proxy Generator app, which will automatically create proxies to replace camera originals when conditions slow down workflow. Using lower resolution proxies can get the job done, especially when working remotely. Proxies can also be set with read-only, write, or both preferences and permissions, with the timeline showing when a proxy is used instead of the camera’s original.

New editing features

The Video Edit pane can now use metadata from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera’s camera gyroscope to stabilize footage and make it smoother. Resolve 18 can also be deployed during a live stream with on-the-fly editing capabilities and a new Multicam mode with a 5×5 layout to support 25 separate camera streams in the video timeline. Video subtitles can also be imported or exported while being embedded into multiple tracks via TTML.

The color grading pane

Blackmagic has rolled out its own version of Adobe’s content-aware fill feature. Dubbed “Magic Mask”, the new tool analyzes the scene and detects objects to track and grab independently. The colorist can draw around what needs to be tracked, and Magic Mask will do the rest, providing complete control over color and shadow.

Effect resolution

There’s also an Ultra Beauty mode that allows the colorist to make more natural changes to hair and skin color, as well as eye shading, and even add a tattoo using eyeshadow. a Surface Tracker. The tool can go beyond blurring unerased images, simply replacing them.

There’s also a depth map tool that can create artificial depth of field and bokeh in the background, layering shades or removing artifacts and fringing. There’s also support for HDR Vivid, Dolby Vision highlight clipping, and color management bypass through the Fusion pane.

Fairlight Audio

The Fairlight Audio Pane boasts improved audio time stretching, FlexBus audio routing in multiple timelines, and expanded presets. There’s also native Dolby Atmos support for Apple Silicon and Linux users, plus dozens of other new tools and fixes.


Fusion also received several new tools, including the ability to preview footage without pre-rendering, a multi-button mode selection feature in the inspector, several new composition mixing modes, a GPU-accelerated paint tool, and more. fast with a smoother stroke and improved performance for night vision. , glitch, TV and other effects.

Codecs and other housekeeping features

Blackmagic has also expanded codec support, focusing primarily on improving Blackmagic RAW, offering support for RED Raw 8.3, but also rendering compatible H.265 clips in Dolby Vision and adding ARRI Alexa 35 camera support, to name a few.

There are also several general servicing fixes, including support for 10-bit viewers on Windows and Linux, streaming video to remote monitoring stations, and support for the Apple Neural Engine. The full list can be viewed on the Blackmagic forums and on the company’s support page.

Prior to installation, Blackmagic recommends backing up existing libraries and then converting them to the new schema. Once updated, users will no longer be able to use the libraries in older versions of Resolve, so it’s a good idea to have a backup.

Existing users can download Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18 for free from the Blackmagic Design website. A free version is also available, with “lite” versions of the proxy generator included.

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