Crimson Color: Hex Code, Shades, and Design Ideas

Looking for a bold and sumptuous color to incorporate into vibrant designs? Why not try the color purple?

Below you will learn how to do just that. You will also discover the purple color codes, its different meanings and usesand I hope to find inspiration from some pallet ideas.

What is the color crimson?

Crimson is a deep, rich shade of pure red. But it’s actually closer to purple on the color wheel. Although not quite magenta Where soft red, it’s somewhere in between, with a touch of blue. Crimson and burgundy are comparable and often confused, but not quite the same. Burgundy is generally considered the color of red wine, while crimson is more commonly associated with the color of blood.

Crimson originally refers to the color of the kermes dye produced by the vermilion kermes insect. Dye was used by the ancient Romans and Greeks to color fabrics. The origin of the word crimson comes from the Persian word qirmiz (meaning red) which later became the English insect kermes. The pronunciation and spelling of the dye, fabric, and color kermes eventually changed over time, becoming crimson as we know it today.

In the 14th century, crimson became a common word for the color red in late Middle English.

Purple color codes

If you want to apply crimson with precision to your designs, here are the color codes you need to know:

RGB color space (red green blue)

  • Hex #DC143C
  • Composed of 86.3% red, 7.8% green and 23.5% blue
  • RGB values ​​of R: 220, G: 20, B: 60
  • Can be obtained by mixing #ff2878 with #b90000.
  • The closest websafe color is: #cc0033

CMYK color space (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black)

  • Composed of 0% cyan, 90.9% magenta, 72.7% yellow and 13.7% black
  • CMYK values ​​of C:0, M:0.91, Y:0.73, K:0.14
  • The decimal value is 14423100

Tint angle

  • 348 degrees
  • 83.3% saturation
  • 47.1% lightness

Meaning of crimson color


Crimson is a must-have color in the design world. It symbolizes danger, excitement, love and power. It is also associated with nobility, religion and royalty. During the Elizabeth era (second half of the 16th century) in Britain, crimson was worn as an indication of high social status. It was even legally regulated by English law. Only royalty, noble people and members of the Council were allowed to wear it.

Important figures in the church also wore crimson robes. Through its association with blood, it has connections to the Bible, the martyrs, and the presence of God.

Nowadays, crimson is commonly used as school colors (famous, Harvard University). In literature, crimson often has a negative connotation due to its association with blood. If you’ve ever seen a Crimson Tide, you’ll already know how daring it can be. Crimson tides can be caused by rising rivers or rising seafloor nutrients, often as a result of storms. The increase in nutrients triggers an algae bloom which can turn the surface of the water bright red.

How to make crimson color

crimson can be achieved by combining a bright red (almost pinkish) with a little blue. The touch of blue creates a reddish undertone with a purple undertone. In terms of Hex colors, you can create crimson by combining #ff2878 (Radical Red) with #b90000 (Free Speech Red).

What colors go with crimson red?

Buckle up for a detailed breakdown of crimson, including complementary and alternate colors to draw inspiration from for your next design.


Crimson Complementary

Crimson complements best with bright cyan (hex #14dcb4).

Complementary split:

additional crimson split

A split complementary scheme is made up of three colors. Along with crimson, the two complementary colors are bright blue (hex #14a0dc) and lime green (hex #14dc50).


crimson triadic

Triadic combinations are variations of the split complementary color palette in which colors are equidistant on the color wheel. Crimson’s triadic components include bright blue (hex #143cdc) and bright lime green (hex #3cdc14).


crimson tetradic

A tetradic color scheme contains four equally spaced colors on the color wheel. Crimon’s tetradic color palette includes bright magenta (hex #b414dc), bright lime green (hex #3cdc14), and bright cyan (hex #14dcb4).


crimson analog

An analogous color palette consists of three or more colors that are side by side on the color wheel. For crimson, these colors are hot pink (hex #dc14a0) and hot orange (hex #dc5014).


monochromatic crimson

A monochromatic color palette includes different shades or hue variations of the same hue. For purple colora monochrome color palette includes dark red (hex #960e29), another shade of dark red (hex #ad102f), strong red (hex #c51236), bright red (hex #eb1f48), bright red (hex #ed365b) and soft red (hex #ef4e6e).

Alternatives to Crimson:

These colors are very similar to crimson and can be used as an alternative to the original color choice. Alternatives to crimson are three different shades of hot pink (hex #dc146e, #dc145d, #dc144d) and four different shades of hot red (hex #dc143c, #dc142b, #dc141b, #dc1e14).

Purple Color Palette Ideas

Crimson is a surprisingly versatile color. Improve your crimson themed designs and try them out purple color pallets:

Vintage Crimson Color Palette

vintage purple palette

  • Dark Bronze (#804A00)
  • Gold (#FFD700)
  • Brown (#800000)
  • Dark Green (#023020)

Modern Crimson Color Palette

modern purple palette

  • Pink (#FFC0CB)
  • Beige (#F5F5DC)
  • Sand Dollar (#C2B280)
  • Slate (#C0C2C9)

Bold Crimson Color Palette

bold purple palette

  • Blue (#0000FF)
  • Lime Green (#32CD32)
  • Yellow (#FFFF00)

Create crimson color edits using Picsart

You now have all the knowledge you need to create crimson-themed designs. Here are some introductory ideas on how you can do this using the Picsart creative tools.

On the desk

1. Open the Picsart web editor and click on your desired canvas size to get started.

2. Now is the time to fill in your canvas. Click on Background and enter the HEX code for crimson.

3. Now let’s add some graphic touches. Click on the Elements and choose a subcategory to browse the available options.

4. Pick the ones you like best and add them to your canvas.

5. Click on the shapes you have chosen and choose their color by entering a HEX code in the color picker above.

6. Remember what you learned about complementary colors for crimson here.

seven. Add messages (such as a brand or campaign slogan) by clicking the Text tool, choosing your favorite color.

8. Again, it’s wise to keep everything you’ve learned about colors that complement crimson in mind when choosing how to give your text the impact you want.

9. You can repeat the steps above to add images, stickers, or any other graphics your design needs, but this should give you a good base on how it’s done. Easy, huh? Now all you have to do is click on the Export icon and save your work in the required size and format.

On mobile

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen to begin your design.
2. Scroll to Color backgrounds category and press the color picker.
3. Enter the code for crimson and tap the tick to confirm.

4. Let’s add some messages to your canvas. Tap the Text tool to start.
5. Enter your copy, choose your font, size it and place it on the canvas as needed.
6. You can also make other adjustments to the text appearance here, such as adding shadows, adjusting opacity, including a separate copy line in a different font, and more.

seven. Change the color of the text by tapping on the color picker and selecting a complementary hue to help it stand out against the crimson background.
8. Satisfied with your changes? Tap the Apply icon to confirm.
9. Save your work or post it to the Picsart creative community.

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