Color Splash Effect: A Complete Guide

The best part? It’s easy to turn everyday images into museum-worthy masterpieces, even if you’re not a graphic design professional. Here’s everything you need to know about the color splash effect, from mastering color splash in photography to upgrading your favorite photos with vibrant color.

What is a color splash effect?

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Color splash effect is a photo editing trick that turns color photos into black and white images with a splash of color. Whether you’re looking to flesh out your photography portfolio or switch up your Insta feed, color splashes are one of the best ways to add drama to your favorite photos.

With the Picsart color editor, you can choose between B&W and sepia with colors retained on certain parts of your image. From new product launches to jaw-dropping selfies, it’s easy to infuse any image with creativity with just a few clicks.

For example, if you are editing a photo of a model, you can choose to make the photo black and white except for her lipstick. You can also use a color key to keep multiple colors in the same photo (think: red lipstick and yellow shoes) or create a color key background. Whatever your creative vision, splashes of color can instantly transform your images into stunning artistic creations.

What is a touch of color in photography?

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In photography, a touch of color makes it easy to highlight the focal points of the image by playing with color. By retaining color in certain parts of the image, photographers can create contrast between different subjects. In turn, the color splash effect draws the viewer’s attention to the colored areas.

You’ve probably seen splashes of color in photography on Instagram, Facebook, or even in local museum exhibits. In most cases, photographers will convert traditional color photos to black and white while emphasizing certain details with vibrant hues. Other times, photographers add carefully placed pops of color to vintage-style black-and-white photographs to make them stand out.

Who can use the Color Splash effect?

Splashes of color became common after the hit 2005 movie city ​​of sin, but you don’t need to be a professional filmmaker or photographer to use the color splash effect. Best of all, you don’t need years of photo editing experience to create eye-catching photos with perfectly placed pops of color.

Whether you’re promoting your personal beauty brand, setting up your Etsy shop, or growing your Instagram account, the color splash effect can help you differentiate your brand and engage your audience with standout visuals. . Need inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Instantly improve your product photos.

Facing a cluttered background? Want to captivate your Insta followers with scrolling product images? Use splashes of color to deactivate your background and make your products stand out in an endless sea of ​​Instagram posts. Whether you’re advertising your latest lipstick or showing off glamorous gold jewelry, a pop of color can highlight your product’s unique features and pique your audience’s interest.

Make your selfies stand out against boring backgrounds.

Maybe you’ve taken the perfect selfie, but that pile of clothes in the background takes away from the big picture. Or you took a cute photo with your best friend, but the background is full of strangers. Don’t worry, the Picsart Color Editor can save the day. Add a few pops of color to your selfies to highlight your best features. By making your background black and white, you’ll take viewers’ eyes away from the visual noise and direct them straight at you.

Turn your Insta feed into a minimal masterpiece.

Let’s face it: coordinating the perfect Instagram feed can be exhausting. Instead of choosing the perfect filters and pinning down your brand’s color palette, use color splashes to create a cohesive, minimalist flow. If you really want your photos to stand out from the crowd, try highlighting the same color in all photos. By tapping into color psychology, you’ll strike an emotional chord with your audience while telling your brand’s unique story.

Take advantage of the latest color trends.

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute draws inspiration from fashion trends, new artists, technology and current events to set the tone for the year. In addition to Pantone’s color of the year, countless color trends come and go with seasonal changes, influencer crazes, and design movements. Color Splash can help you create an organized flow based on the latest trends so you never go out of style.

What is the role of the Color Splash effect in photo editing?

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There’s no denying that splashes of color can make any image pop. Highlighting your focal point against a black and white background will create a visual hierarchy, drawing the viewer’s eye to the most important element of your photo.

At the same time, adding a pop of color can help tone down a distracting or cluttered background. Color captures the viewer’s attention, helping you create an ultra-compelling image, even if you’re editing a simple product photo, selfie, or showing off your latest eyeshadow look.

The color splash effect is simple, but it offers endless creative possibilities. Next time you edit an image, try using the watercolor splatter effect, revolutionary filters or other professional-looking Picsart photo effects to add a new dimension to your photo. You can even transform your designs to create colorful patterns or mimic your favorite photography styles. Or keep it basic with a simple splash of color, blur effects, and extra saturation. Where will your imagination take you?

How to Use Color Splash Effects Using Picsart

With the Picsart color editor, it’s easy to create beautiful designs with your favorite photos. To take your best shots to the next level, you can experiment with the minimum and maximum tint bars to expand the range of colors you want to retain in your photo.

Ready to get the creative juices flowing? Here’s how to bring your photos to life with a pop of attention-grabbing color.

On mobile:

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) to start a new project. Faucet To download to upload your own photo.
2. Faucet Effectsscroll to Colors section, and choose color stain.
3. Drag the circle over the color you want to appear in the image.

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4. After selecting the right color, use the sliders to adjust your hues.
5. When you are done, press Apply to save the color splash effect.
6. Confirm your changes and save them to your device or publish the work to the Picsart community.

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