Coffee Photography: How to Create Artsy Coffee Pictures

Normal photography vs coffee photography

moody cafe photography

Food and drink photography is a great way to enhance and practice your photography skills using a subject we all know and love. It is always still photography, making it a relatively easy subject. But coffee photography presents its share of unique obstacles (steam, lighting, desire to drink everything…). Don’t worry, though, these are easily overcome. Normal photography and coffee photography are not so different.

Equipment Required to Create Artsy Cafe Images

For a professional installation, all you need is a few basic equipment:

  • A tripod
  • A light source (LED lights or natural light can work)
  • A DSLR camera, but your smartphone can work just fine.
  • Coffee beans, hot water and your favorite cups or mugs.

Whether you’re taking cafe photos for a promotion, for your feed, or for yourself, here are some tips on how to set up and edit your images with picsart.

Things to consider when taking food and drink photos

1. Staging

cafe photography reference picture

Clever still life photography can capture the magic of everyday objects like a cup of coffee. Food and drink photography is an important type of still life photography, where the aim is to portray your objects so that they look attractive and appetizing. Your staging is how you “stage” the appealing image you want to capture, so plan for it. It’s worth spending some time thinking about the type of photography you want to create.

Start by experimenting with the arrangement: what is the setting of the story you want to tell? If you’re shooting for a cafe or coffee shop, think about the mood or aesthetic the store owners want to create. If you’re taking pictures of a cup of coffee in your home, think about how putting the cup on a table or windowsill, or taking it outside makes a difference. Pro tip: If you plan to shoot outdoors, remember that cloudy days will have the best natural light, so colors and lines will appear soft and even.

Choosing a background carefully opens up a world of possibilities. If you don’t want to distract yourself from coffee, you can make a simple white cardboard background or film it on a table. If you want to get creative, think about how coffee can blend or stand out against a background. Stuck at home? Take your dose of coffee and then change background before sharing it online. Do you want to mix it up? Keep the stylized background, but change the look of what’s in your coffee cup instead.

2. Have fun with accessories

coffee photography mark

Props help make coffee a fun subject to photograph. Household items and antiques can help make your coffee photos more visually interesting, even when deciding how to serve your coffee. A glass coffee mug easily matches any background. A plain porcelain coffee mug becomes a blank canvas to tell your coffee story. Try mixing and matching porcelain with different backgrounds for a vintage look and feel. But why limit yourself to white porcelain when you can use colored cups and mugs? The color or pattern of your mug can help enhance the other colors in your scene. Colors can be a starting point, with complementary colors inspiring the accessories you bring into the setting. The dish on which the coffee is served can correspond to sweets or snacks enjoyed with this beautiful elixir of coffee.

Coffee brewing equipment has its own aesthetic appeal and connects us across cultures. Consider the elegance of a glass French press, the intricate carvings on the wooden handles or copper body of an Arabic coffee maker, or the geometry of an Italian Mocha. Even spoons or Aerolatte milk steamers can be part of the process. Even photography of coffee beans can create eye-catching images. The take away key? Nothing is forbidden.

To improve your brand visibility, consider using accessories and logos to subtly remind fans of your business.

3. Tell a story

cafe photography tell your story

Photography is an emotional art form, and cafe photography is no exception. As stated above, how you use light, colors, scenes and props makes the difference. Sharper contrasts and edgy surfaces imply a moody whiff of inspiration. If you’re filming for commercial purposes, consider the image or story the cafe is trying to sell to its customers. The image of the cafe is transformed into a place for the exchange of ideas, where people read books and get lost in their dreams. A radial defocus effect can put the coffee experience first.

4. It’s not just a cup of coffee

Think of how many people around the world enjoy their coffee on the go. Now think why. They are busy, you are busy, we are everything busy. But life stops for coffee. Still. Some of us can’t even function properly without it. Capture the spirit of that deep love and longing with a catchy slogan or clever message and you can turn a simple image of a takeaway mug into something aspirational in seconds.

Ideas for the best coffee photos

let off steam

coffee photography creative idea

Feeling inspired to create your own coffee photography images? Wondering how to create those hot shots? The steam from a coffee cup or tea glass stirs something warm, cozy and familiar in all of us and is the perfect coda for your coffee imagery. Filming ephemeral objects like the motion of steam freezing in time, and it’s a clever way to incorporate action and movement into a shot. Don’t be afraid to turn this simple cliché into something fantastic. When it comes to artistic coffee images, your only limits are those you impose on yourself.

Arouse emotions

morning atmosphere cafe photography

People go gaga over coffee. Tap into this universal love with images that awaken the senses and evoke not just taste, but what those special moments feel As. If you really think about what people get out of their coffee, you can start capturing those moments perfectly.

Play with perspective

coffee photography idea

The angle from which you photograph your cup of coffee is extremely important in capturing the beauty of a cup of coffee. Move closer, back, tilt the phone camera left or right, or shoot from above. Once you find an angle you like, lock it in. A tripod can help set up a shot and maintain steady focus.

To show creativity

Why not think outside the box and treat cafe photography like any other creative shoot? Just because you’re photographing a cup of coffee doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter where you captured it. He doesn’t have to stay there. Using picsart to edit your images, you can carry this simple coffee shot wherever you want. Get creative and commercial cafe images that could really take off.

Create Cafe Photography Edits Using Picsart

Ready to put your coffee cup photography knowledge to the test? Picsart can help make the creative editing process both easy and fun. Here’s how:

On the desk

1. Open the Picsart web editor, click Custom Size and enter your dimensions (for the purposes of this illustrative exercise).

2. Upload the image you want to modify.

3. Click on the Delete blood sugar button.

4. Now let’s add a new background. Click on the Background tool and search by theme or browse categories until you find something you like.

5. From here, you can add things like photos, stickers, and text to your design.

6. Feel free to go as wild as you want with design tweaks.

seven. When you’re happy with your edits, upload your photo using the Export button in the top right corner of the screen.

On mobile

1. Open the Picsart mobile app and click the purple plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start a new project.
2. Scroll down to Backgrounds, then select the See All option.
3. Browse the selection of backgrounds and choose your favorite.

4. Tap the Add Photo icon and choose the image you want to edit.
5. Tap the Remove background button.
6. Scroll down to the Shadow icon and select the level of blur and opacity you need.

seven. Add a sticker (by searching for something on the theme or browsing the available options).
8. Apply all changes.
9. From Tools press the menu Crop option.

ten. Select the required culture and press Apply to confirm.
11. Satisfied with all your changes? Press Next.
12. Save your work or post it to the Picsart creative community.

Create at the speed of culture

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