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True to its name, Labor Day is a national holiday celebrated in the United States aimed at honoring its workers and their tireless contribution to the country’s economy. Across the country, Americans rejoice whenever this holiday arrives as it is often used to celebrate the end of summer with a long weekend.

Brief History of Labor Day

Unknown to many, Labor Day originated at the end of the 19th century, when the industrial revolution was reaching its peak and American workers were working beyond their point of exhaustion. During these times, working conditions were extremely difficult and long hours are regular – even child laborers are considered normal.

Employee benefits were not provided, and no employer provided workers with free sick or paid time off. However, these poor conditions quickly took a turn when workers organized into unions and began to express their unease.

As they began to protest, it became clear that the unsafe working conditions, combined with long working hours, could no longer be ignored as they benefited employers more than workers. State governments then began to recognize the joint efforts of working people by passing legislation for the holiday to celebrate them. The federal holiday was then celebrated by the American Congress on June 28, 1894; announcing that this Labor Day falls on the first Monday of every September.

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The importance of Labor Day

Labor Day is especially significant because it was born out of the perseverance of workers as they took to the streets of Chicago to demand an eight-hour workday. It is deeply rooted in the appreciation of past and future American workers and how their rights should never be taken away.

Similar to many other national holidays in the United States, Labor Day typically involves marches, outdoor barbecues, and family gatherings. Due to the pandemic, holiday parades have been largely canceled for the past two years. Fortunately many are starting to pick up this year.


Labor Day vs May Day

Labor Day and May Day have the same purpose; which is to honor ordinary workers. However. a differentiating fact is that May Day is only celebrated in most industrialized countries of the world and only began due to the events that led to the creation of Labor Day in the United States.

A notable event that made global headlines and sparked protests by workers around the world was the explosion of a bomb during an organized workers’ demonstration in May 1886, killing seven police officers and four civilians. This infuriated ordinary working people around the world as they too began to protest for their rights.

Why don’t Americans celebrate May Day?

Following the bombing, May Day is increasingly associated with the political far left, while Labor Day is recognized by a growing number of municipalities and states. Due to its strong association with the bombings, former US President Grover Cleveland later chose the alternative day of Labor Day celebrated in September.


How Americans Celebrate Labor Day

As the holidays involve a long weekend, the workers found varied and creative ways to spend them. However, it is often celebrated with family and loved ones during outdoor activities such as grilling, sunbathing on the beach, swimming, and shooting fireworks. Different households have different traditions, as some would just like to stay, while others opt for a short trip.


Leveraging Labor Day to Expand Social Media Reach

What most business owners and social media managers haven’t realized yet is that Labor Day is a great opportunity to create content that resonates with their audience. Posting the right content to celebrate Labor Day can lead to increased views, wider reach, and increased engagement.

For example, take this opportunity to highlight important issues or ongoing trends in the workplace (such as the recent “silent quits”) and how this can help to further humanize ordinary workers and help employers realize certain aspects they could provide in exchange for the hard work of the workers.

Another great marketing strategy is to link to activities that workers can participate in during the holidays, such as having a barbecue or going to the beach for the last time before school starts. By understanding the behavior of your consumers, you can then offer them interesting sales or end-of-season promotions that will capture their attention.

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Get inspired by Pixlr to design your own Labor Day greetings!

Labor Day is a national holiday not to be missed. If used correctly, posting on Labor Day would give your brand a stronger social media presence. With Labor Day fast approaching, why not let your creativity run free by using Pixlr’s assets to create your very own greeting and get you in the Labor Day spirit?


How to easily create your Labor Day greetings message with Pixlr

#Step 1: Open Pixlr

To create the perfect Labor Day content, you can follow this simple guide. All you have to do is visit Pixlr X and sign up if you haven’t signed up yet. Once logged in, you can either choose from the quality templates we offer or start from scratch.

Be sure to choose the right size for your design, as different social media platforms require different dimensions. Once you’ve selected the ratio you want, choose your background – it can be a solid color, a gradient, illustrations or even images. The next step is to add design elements such as shapes and texts.

#Step 2: embellish your design with Pixlr elements

When it comes to improving your Labor Day content, it’s important to choose the right elements. Luckily, with Pixlr’s growing collections of design elements, you can never run out of options. The AI-drive platform is equipped with elements suitable for all occasions – festive illustrations, cheerful stickers, graphics and frames – Pixlr really has it all.

#Step 3: final touches

Now that your product is nearly complete, it’s time for some minor touch-ups. Consider what the design is missing, whether it’s filters, contrast adjustment, or even layer layout. These small editing decisions may seem simple, but they can make all the difference.

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