Need to break into Creator Economy? Here is how you can make it happen

Creating content is easier than ever in 2022, with a rapidly growing creator economy that companies in the digital space can tap into. The fastest growing “creator economy” refers to micro-entrepreneurs creating content as a business. It’s an industry built by over 50 million independent content creators, curators and community builders, including social media influencers, … Read more

Accenture Productions takes video to a new level with Adobe Creative Cloud

Demand for digital content has grown steadily over the past decade, but the pandemic has accelerated this trend dramatically as businesses shifted to virtual events and digital outreach almost overnight. It was no different at Accenture, where teams use digital spaces to connect with clients and promote thought leadership around the world. Much of this … Read more

How to Improve Your Candid Wedding Photography

A bouquet tossing battle. Image credit Kesha Lambert. “I didn’t even know it had happened” “I feel like I’m there after looking at these photos.” “I relive my wedding day every time I open my wedding album.” Candid wedding photography of the fleeting little moments that unfold on the wedding day is a powerful storytelling … Read more

Butler Community College stands out as the first Adobe Creative Campus in Kansas

Butler Community College prides itself on creating a dynamic learning environment that supports the goals of all students: from high school students or recent graduates looking to build their careers to older students trying to change or advance their careers. by learning new skills. Located in El Dorado and Andover, Kansas — just down the … Read more

Fulton County Schools teaches students to find their voices in the classroom

In a rapidly changing digital world, one of the most important lessons educators can pass on to their students is how to become creative communicators and problem solvers. “Creativity is essential for all students,” says Heather Van Looy, director of instructional technology at Fulton County Schools. “It helps them to engage in the lessons. It … Read more

Putting principles into practice: Adobe’s approach to AI ethics

Image source: your123, Adobe Stock. Today, companies are increasingly infusing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their products to better serve their customers. At Adobe, hundreds of features powered by Adobe Sensei, our AI engine, help businesses deliver more personalized experiences, empower people to take their creativity to the next level, and enable … Read more

The intersection of photography & science

This photomicrograph, taken by researcher Michael Peres, uses polarized light to visualize the elements of formoterol, a drug designed to improve breathing by relaxing muscles in the airways. This is just one of many examples of the power of photography to open new windows into the natural sciences. In 1839, photography entered the public sphere … Read more

How to Make Amazing YouTube Shorts

YouTube added Shorts in 2021 to become competitive with short video platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram Reels, and after a few months it’s clear that YouTube Shorts are an effective format for creators and the platform itself- same. Not only do viewers love watching these little videos, but they’re relatively easy to make because … Read more