The Dirty Secrets of Your Camera’s Manufacturer

Hey, camera makers! Stop lying to us. We photographers care about the environment. Camera and equipment manufacturers, however, let us down. Most are just protecting their bottom line while causing significant environmental damage. So how eco-friendly is your camera manufacturer? How much CO2 do they produce? Do they mainly use recycled materials? Are their products … Read more

7 Tips for Better Cityscape Photos

Cities and architecture, besides landscapes, have always been my favorite subjects to photograph. Plus, they provide the perfect balance on the go. If the conditions aren’t ideal for landscape photography, I can usually find something to shoot in a city. And in this article, I share techniques that I apply to achieve great results. Below … Read more

The Photographer Who Fought the Sicilian Mafia for Five Decades

When Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia died on April 13, 2022, the biggest shock among those of us who wrote about her was that she did not die at the hands of the mafia. For nearly five decades, she fearlessly fought the criminal enterprise. Armed with her 35mm camera, she publicized the Sicilian Mafia’s reign of … Read more

How Much is Photoshop in 2022?

Buying a copy of Photoshop back then wasn’t cheap, but it was easy. One price, one copy. These days, with subscription models dominating the creative software space, things have gotten a little more complicated. And while photographers may need a bingo card to find out how much Photoshop is going to cost, there’s a lot … Read more

Retro Review: Shooting With a 20-Year-Old Fujifilm/Nikon Frankenstein Monster

The early 2000s was the golden age of digital cameras. Companies like Olympus, Nikon, Sony, Canon, Ricoh, and others seemed to release an endless stream of unique, quirky, and often excellent cameras. I was lucky enough to work at a big camera store back then, and almost every day I remember unboxing a new gadget … Read more

Flares, Spots, and Sunbursts: Dealing With the Sun in Landscape Photography

Having the sun in your shot when shooting sunrise or sunset landscapes adds a lot to the impact of your photos. But how do you deal with unwanted smudges and glare? Although landscape photography can be done at any time of the day, it is undoubtedly more common to photograph landscapes during the golden hour, … Read more

Optimize Your Lightroom Photo Editing with These Tips and Tools

With advancements in computer technology, you would think photo editing is faster than ever. This is simply not the case far from it. Software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic has become much more sophisticated, and with increasing file sizes, improving the speed and productivity of your workflow becomes a necessity. This article explains how some … Read more

How I Built a Wet Plate Frankenstein Camera and Shot Ghost Photos

Photographer Corrine Gretton-West booked a wet plate workshop with me before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Two years later, we were finally able to do it. The main subject was to become familiar with the wet collodion process and to create images similar to those of spiritual photographer William H. Mumler. Mr. Mumler created images (likely … Read more