Improvements for iPhone Cameras Will Shape Photography Forever. Here’s Why.

We take advantage every time the smartphone in your pocket improves its camera system. Professional or not, we must admit that the quality of the software producing images on our smartphones is brilliant. All this smart technology will have a huge impact on photography in the future. Here’s why. huge jumps There’s no doubt that … Read more

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 is Both a Pen Display and Reference Monitor

Wacom has announced the Cintiq Pro 27, a new pen display that features an updated thin-bezel design around a true 10-bit 4K reference monitor-grade display, a customizable pen, and a more compact overall footprint than its previous models. previous ones. The company says the new pen display is designed specifically for creative professionals and offers … Read more

What Is This $25 Digital Microscope Doing in My Gear Bag?

I’m a sucker for gadgets, but I’m also a skeptic, so when I dove into a cheap handheld digital microscope I found for macro photography, I didn’t have high expectations. I am happy to state my low expectations on the $25 Jiusion Digital Microscope have been largely exceeded. In this cheap little device I’ve discovered … Read more

Scientists Create Battery-Free Underwater Camera Powered by Sound

A group of scientists has developed a wireless, battery-less, sound-powered underwater camera that is about 100,000 times more energy efficient than other underwater cameras. Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presented their prototype of this fascinating underwater camera that could help explore unknown regions of the ocean in an article published in Nature … Read more

4 Ways to Overcome Negative Online Comments About Your Photography

The internet can be a cruel and unforgiving place, especially when sharing your art, opinions, or creative endeavors with people around the world. It’s a sad reality that many viewers and readers are ready to start typing on their keyboards with words that hurt, hit home, and shake your confidence. If you’ve been the victim … Read more