5 Ways to Turn Your School Year Around With Zoom Backgrounds

We know it’s not exactly the same when you’re learning remotely or teaching online from a home office, but using a professional zoom background can help you prepare well for the school year. After all, the background you choose helps set the mood for the classroom. If you really want to grab attention, consider changing … Read more

Hot pink color: hex code, shades, and design ideas

Fast forward to today and Gen Z is bringing it back (again). Softer shades of the color are known as millennial pink, but lately it’s all about the cheery highlighter hues of the early 2000s. What does hot pink mean? The color can affect our moods and behaviors. Traditionally, people immediately associate pink with femininity, … Read more

Tips & Tricks for E-Commerce Product Photography – Pixlr Blog

When it comes to promoting your products online, things can get tricky because shoppers have no choice but to smell, wear, or try the products. Not having a physical store can be a challenge for some e-commerce sellers. This is where e-commerce photography is rushing to save today. Ecommerce product photography is a visual representation … Read more

Picsart for education: let’s go back to school

Who can access Picsart for Education? Picsart for education is for everyone in their school career. Below, we’ll share links and examples to useful templates, tutorials, and quick-editing tools for teachers, students, and schools. So whether you’re a teacher looking for a lesson plan template, a school in need of a fundraising flyer design, or … Read more

Tips for Powerful Self-Portraits – Pixlr Blog

Unlike selfies, the self-portrait concept tends to bring more professionalism and deeper meaning to the image. Already practiced for centuries (first to record royalty and nobility, where they were slowly standardized for commoners), self-portraits can be used not only for documentation, but also to affirm your personal brand image. However, taking self-portraits (whether studio professional … Read more

5 Flower Photography Tips and Inspiration – Pixlr Blog

A photographic trend as old as time, flower photography has become so widespread that every photographer is guilty of having tried it at least once. Not only do flowers make a great macro subject, they are also a popular textural niche for photographers. With the right angle and framing, you can easily preserve the lifelike … Read more