Timepiece Photographer Bucked Trends to Develop Her Unique Style

In addition to being the head storyteller at Mojang Studios, creators of the popular Minecraft video game, Lydia Winters has also become known for her product photography where she specializes in watches and inspires others looking to step into underrepresented spaces. Storytelling in video games and photos Winters, based in Sweden, creates stories for a … Read more

Alexander Chekmenev, Pharmakon – Collector Daily

JTF (just the facts): Published in 2021 by 89books (here). Soft cover, 17×23 cm., 132 pages, with 65 color photographs and 6 in black and white. Includes an introduction by Donald Weber and several texts by the artist. In an edition of 300 copies. (Cover and distribute the plans below.) Comments/Background: By pure chance of … Read more

Voguish Delhi Wedding with Lust-worthy Outfit Ideas & endless Decor Inspiration

Residence Blog Luxury Voguish Delhi Wedding with covet-worthy outfit ideas and endless decoration inspiration We know we set your expectations too high with the title, but no kidding! Mansha & Gautam’s wedding has a galaxy of ideas and inspiration to steal. Straight from trendy and comfy outfit ideas to Instagram worthy decor pieces, this wedding … Read more

eye | BLOG: Book of the Week: Selected by Brian Arnold

book review Puglia: Tra albe e tramonti Photographs by Luigi Ghirri Reviewed by Brian Arnold “When I teach beginner photography, I try to emphasize the importance of curiosity. I tell my students that an insatiable curiosity is just as important as equipment or tools. This does not exclude no conceptual or critical rigor, but in … Read more

10 Make-Up Tricks By Professional Makeup Artist In Delhi

It takes a lot of talent, creativity and imagination to do makeup properly, like all other art forms. Isn’t that why makeup professionals are called makeup artists? Choose the Professional Makeup Artist in Delhi to achieve a beautiful and chic look. Achieving the perfect look, however, is no easy task. It takes extensive practice to … Read more