Capgemini builds next-gen digital experiences across the finance sector with Adobe

Today, many large banks have moved from physical branches to the digital realm. Customers expect to be able to do all their banking online: open new accounts, check balances, transfer funds or apply for loans. For many of the world’s largest banks and other financial services organizations, these websites, mobile apps and other digital experiences … Read more

5 Ways to Turn Your School Year Around With Zoom Backgrounds

We know it’s not exactly the same when you’re learning remotely or teaching online from a home office, but using a professional zoom background can help you prepare well for the school year. After all, the background you choose helps set the mood for the classroom. If you really want to grab attention, consider changing … Read more

U.S. Copyright Office Argues Warhol’s Use of Prince Photo Was Not ‘Fair Use’

The United States Copyright Office has submitted an opinion to the Supreme Court that argues that Andy Warhol’s use of Lynn Goldsmith’s photo of Prince was not fair use, sharing sentiments with opinions sent by NPPA and ASMP. On March 29, 2021, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New York, found that … Read more

We Review the Billingham 72: A Perfect Match for Your Everyday Carry?

When it comes to getting around with my primary camera, a collection of lenses, filters, and various lighting accessories, I’m a backpacker to the hilt. But what about the cases where you already have your hands full, but still want a camera capable of bringing with you and don’t want to bust out the production-ready … Read more

Various Artists, Strike Newspaper #7

JTF (just the facts): Published in 2022 by the Archive of Public Protests (here). Soft cover, 32 pages, with 24 color photos. Includes photographs by Michał Adamski, Karolina Gembara, Miśka Kuczyńska, Adam Lach, Alicja Lesiak, Marcin Kruk, Agata Kubis, Rafał Milach, Joanna Musiał, Wojtek Radwański, Bartek Sadowski, Karolina Sobel, Dawid Zieliński. With texts by various … Read more

COVID Casts a Long Shadow Over the Wedding Photography Business

For wedding photographers, the pandemic has been a blow to their business. But even after big events started making a comeback last year, COVID continues to significantly affect the wedding photography business landscape. The wedding industry has been decimated by the pandemic, and while recent studies have shown most believe the photography industry is returning … Read more