Announcing the 2022 Picsart Masters of the Year Tournament Winners

What is the Masters Tournament of the Year?

Originally submitted by the master contributor @youevil in 2021, the Masters of the Year tournament is a bracket-style competition where Masters compete to hold the title of Master of the Year in Image Editing, Original Photography, Original Artwork, Original Proofreading, and Original Sticker.

In each round of the tournament, masters vote for their favorite submissions, and those with the most votes advance to the next round. We had so many great submissions this year that it was hard to narrow it down to just one image per category.

After several rounds of voting, we are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Masters of the Year tournament. Find out who won and join us in celebrating them below.

Master of the Year, Image Editing: @wilmanaro

Interested in image editing? Start by discovering the incredible work of @wilmanaro! Her Picsart profile is full of dreamlike otherworldly edits that will leave your jaw dropping to the floor. @wilmanaro says “As a history buff, I was curious to know how artists of the past brought such wonderful works of art to life.”

His best advice? “It’s important to give edits depth, as well as giving them a dirty feel to make them look more realistic.”

Master of the Year, Image Editing: @wilmanaro

Master of the Year, Original Photograph: jcervay

An ever-talented master storyteller, @jcervayThe account is filled with both stunning photography and innovative surreal montages. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get started, @jcervay recommends “finding your own style. I’ve spent too many hours trying to imitate other people’s work. Although it pushes me to improve, I was not happy until I let myself be modified as I liked. And always be ready to get on the ground for better angles. Photography that captures the subject from an unexpected angle is much more interesting. »

Looking to improve your Picsart photo editing? @jcervay shares his favorite Picsart hack for editing photos. “I like color replacement tooleven to slightly change the background colors to create a more cohesive color scheme.

Master of the year, original photography: jcervay

Master of the year, original drawing: @annaradchenko1

Our Master Storyteller @annaradchenko1 takes his work beyond. She combines vibrant hues with fantastic imagery. His best advice is, “For those who want to start drawing, I would advise you to choose a practical application program first, and then try to do the job. Start small and learn further by taking it step by step.

Be sure to check out his profile to see his awesome designs and surreal edits. It’s the perfect place to find the colorful and imaginative inspiration you’re looking for.

Master of the Year, Original Replay: @orient_arts

If you’re looking to add something extra to your edits, look no further than @orient_art‘s reruns! Reruns are a great way to see the editing processes and steps creators take to make their pieces look so awesome. You can also use them to apply a similar edit to one of your own photos. @orient_arts says when making your own edits “be patient, use your imagination and be creative”.

He always tries to give free rein to his “imagination” and “experiment until he is satisfied with the result”. On Picsart, he shares that he loves using brushes and lens flare tools to enhance his stunning designs.

Master of the Year, Original Replay: @orient_arts

Master of the year, original sticker: @universalsouls_art

Adding quirky stickers to your Picsart edits is a great way to enhance your designs and add something special to make your piece unique. And @universalsouls_art has some good advice when it comes to make your own stickers. Sometimes it’s as easy as getting started!

According to @universalsouls_art, the best way to start making stickers is to “create them! Never overthink an art project – keep it simple. Artists make it look easy with a finished product, but you don’t see all the scribbles and mistakes that lead up to it. Keep it fun, art should be easy, not stressful. Be willing to try new things and use tools to experiment.

His best editing trick? “Learn how to use layers!” ” she says. “Only them appear crushing. The layers in To design the tools are no different from a stack of drawing paper, except you get an undo button and the ability to rearrange without having to start over.

Master of the year, original sticker: @universalsouls_art

A big congratulations to our winners and to all the Masters who participated in our editing tournament! Want to become a Picsart master? Learn more about the Master’s program. And don’t forget to follow them on Picsart to see all their wonderful creations.

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