8 Creative TikTok Ideas for Creators

TikTok trends are constantly changing, evolving and spreading. It’s hard to know what the next big thing will be, and sometimes the most unexpected ideas go viral. However, we have collected 8 creative ICT Tac perfect ideas for when you don’t know what to post or need to edit your content. Maybe they’ll be a hit, or maybe they’ll send your account in a new direction – who knows!

1. Create educational content

When TikTok started, it was just a short form video content website. But since July 2021, users can upload videos up to three minutes long. And recently, it was announced that users could upload videos up to ten minutes long! This means that it is less difficult to insert information into a short video. This makes our first suggestion even more powerful. And that’s for creating educational content. Educational content doesn’t have to be boring, of course. It can be as simple as a makeup routine or another quick how-to. TikTok users love learning new things, especially when it’s something simple. Use this type of content to entertain and inform.

2. Show a before and after

Whether it’s a sidewalk being pressure washed or a person getting a haircut, people love to see a before and after. Creative people can also put it to good use. Photographers edit most of their photos, so try to do a time lapse or a behind-the-scenes look at the creation or editing process. Take this TikTok from bycvisuals; It’s a simple slow motion video of a dog running along the beach, but it’s interesting how fast the person filming must have run and how they used a gimbal. This adds great context to the original video.


Reply to @mikeytaynoway yes I was!🎥🐶 #traveltiktok #traveltok #cinematictok #california #dogbeach #dogsofttiktok #beforeandafter #behindthescenes

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3. Do something unexpected and inspiring

Even if it’s not practical, showing something creative can inspire others. Moreover, the element of surprise cannot be underestimated. Check out this viral TikTok from wonguy. There’s a reason this TikTok went viral. Would most people think of taking pictures of France without actually being there? This photographer shows how you can take cool photos at home when traveling is tough. His methods are unusual, surprising, but also easy to reproduce. Even if a viewer does not copy the creative method, it inspires him with his own creativity. (Just be sure to use your own photos if you want to try these ideas!)


Summary 📸 1, 2 or 3? My favorite creative photo ideas at home! #creative #photo #bts #fyp #foryou

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4. Do something awesome

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why doing something awesome would be a good idea. And that is certainly easier said than done! We don’t expect you to come up with amazingly good ideas every day. But it’s so easy to get into a creative loop good but not awesome content that follows all trends, stays on brand, or repeats more of the same old tricks. Zachking is probably one of the best examples of a content creator pushing boundaries and aiming to impress. His videos push the boundaries of what we expect from a fun video. They are creative and visually impressive. They constantly leave viewers wondering “how did he do that??”. Try creating a TikTok that gives viewers the same sense of wonder, even if you can only do that with one or two of your videos.


People’s attention spans these days…

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5. Capitalize on nostalgia

Although TikTok is a platform for young people and seems to push towards the future, there is a large audience ready to consume content that gives them a nostalgic feeling. You can recreate elementary school science experiments, talk about the ‘S’ symbol we all drew in school, or put a modern twist on a classic cartoon character. As an artist, there are plenty of ways to invoke nostalgia while staying true to your craft. Even something simple but slightly cinematic will do, like this TikTok that brings back memories for anyone who had an Xbox 360 in the late 2000s.


Part 3 otw🥲 #foryoupage #gaming #nostalgia #viral #xyzbca

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6. Shock with simplicity

Are people misusing basic objects? Do you know a better way? Some of the best videos on TikTok are just simple videos of the smartest people in our society showing the rest of us that we’ve been misusing things all this time! Whether it’s a kitchen tool or a phone app, there’s apparently a non-obvious way to do things that most of us weren’t aware of. Take this TikTok for example – your impulse when using something as simple as two hooks with straps would be to link the two hooks together like a chain, right? Well, this TikTok makes those of us who thought it looked pretty silly! It seems so obvious once we are shown it. As a creative, there are plenty of opportunities to make videos like this with your tools. Special pencils, certain lenses or specific editing plugins are probably misused by a lot of people – show them how it’s done!


The right way to connect ratchet straps. #truckbed #ratchetstrap

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7. Create a series


Couldn’t resist the opportunity to return to the Springwater Supper Club 🤘😍 #electronicmusic #ilovethisbar #divebar #astrology

♬ Jealous – Eyedress

People love suspense. Many TikTok creators have found success by creating a multi-part series. This is a great tactic to drive people away from the For You page and onto your profile page to watch more of your videos. If someone sees “part 4” of a video series they like, they’ll wonder what they missed and what additional episodes came out. It also creates an audience for people who can’t wait for the next video to come out and will be wondering about the story.

8. Do something relatable

Quite possibly, the best thing you can do on TikTok is be relatable. While there are lots of fun and creative things you can do, it can be just as effective to find a common, relatable situation that others can see and think, “yeah, same.” Things like family relationships, school experiences, and generational experiences. A prime example of this type of content is Kall Me Kris, who excels in sibling-themed comedy. For anyone who grew up with siblings, these videos will probably make them laugh (and most people do!).


Respect the Dibs🤌🏻

♬ original sound – Kris HC

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