50 Free Styled Fonts for Creating Elegant Designs

Stylized fonts have a personality that can help you match the mood of your project. Want a high-end look? Opt for a luxury font. If your project has a vintage or formal vibe, a sleek cursive font might be more appropriate. In this article, you will find a multitude of free fonts that you can use on Picsart creation platforms. Just follow your instincts and let your creativity guide you.

Why choose stylish fonts for your designs

Fonts speak, literally and figuratively. In order to fit your message into a design consistently, you should use a font that replicates the To feel of the design. Think about the project you are about to create. Now ask yourself, “What is it about and what do I want it to communicate?” You can even try writing down a few keywords like elegance, luxury, or class, and then have those terms guide your search for the perfect font.

Types of fonts

font types

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have tiny little lines at the end of letters. Because these letters have a bit of frivolity, we often associate them with elegance, luxury and literary texts. Use these stylish fonts in your documents, posters and more. They are great for spaces with a lot of text because they are easy to read.

Sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are clean and elegant with unbroken, unadorned lines. One of the best design font styles, sans serif lettering is versatile and polished. They are elegant fonts that also strike a balance between modernity.

cursive fonts

Sleek cursive fonts are full of ruffles and evoke elegance, class and luxury. Many are calligraphic in nature and therefore may seem timeless or nostalgic. There is a wide variety of modern cursive fonts that are perfect for casual invitations, chic menus, and everyday use.

50 stylish fonts you can use for your designs

Creatives spend time creating customizable fonts for you, and you can experiment with any of the below (and more) in Picsart through the web editor and app. Depending on the aesthetic needs of your project, you will find a perfect font in Picsart.

  1. The madness of the fords

    stylish fonts ford madness

  2. IGC lemonade

    lemonade style fonts

  3. Aldous vertical

    vertical aldous style font

  4. Puffi Claude BT-Regular
    pufi stylish fonts

  5. pablo
    pablo stylish fonts

  6. Decotura ICG Inline
    stylish decotura fonts

  7. Empire BT
    empire style fonts

  8. Geometric light 231 Lt BT
    stylish fonts

  9. Smudger LET Plain: 1.0
    stylish fonts

  10. ICG litter box
    stylish fonts

  11. Juanita Deco ITC Std
    juanita stylish fonts

  12. Horndon
    stylish horndon fonts

  13. Eclipse
    eclipse stylish fonts

  14. Kairos Sans W1G Bold
    kairos stylish fonts

  15. BT scale
    stylish libra fonts

  16. Type of flight
    stylish font theft

  17. Adolescence
    stylish teen fonts

  18. school book of the century
    century schoolbook stylish fonts

  19. Folies Std
    crazy stylish fonts

  20. wild style
    stylish wild style fonts

  21. Drawn
    stylish fonts

  22. Stanton ICG
    stanton style fonts

  23. ICG Regular Overprint
    stylish font overlay

  24. Caslon Titration MT Std
    caslon stylish fonts

  25. Regular Architecture
    stylish fonts arquitectura

  26. Carlton Street
    carlton stylish fonts

  27. Tucker Script
    stylish font tucker

  28. Modern
    modern style fonts

  29. JMC engraver
    JMC style fonts

  30. Broadway Engraved BT Engraved
    broadway style fonts

  31. Rebus Script 2010
    rebus stylish fonts

  32. Richfont BT Roman
    stylish fonts rochfont

  33. Lucida Schoolbook Italic
    lucida style fonts

  34. Regular Arty
    arty regular stylish fonts

  35. Bendigo LT Std
    bendigo stylish fonts

  36. Challenger Standard-Regular
    stylish font challenger

  37. Arnold Boecklin Std
    arnold style fonts

  38. Neue Aachen Pro Light
    neue stylish fonts

  39. Corroded Schmutz ICG
    stylish schmutz fonts

  40. Abaton ITC Std
    abaton style fonts

  41. Airam LT Standard
    stylish airam fonts

  42. Boca Raton ICG
    boca stylish fonts

  43. Bergell Street
    bergell style fonts

  44. Std Bluntz
    bluntz stylish fonts

  45. Bronx Standard
    bronx style fonts

  46. Manhattan ITC Standard
    stylish manhattan fonts

  47. Rennie Mackintosh ITC Std-Light
    rennie stylish fonts

  48. Std Sweeney
    sweeney stylish fonts

  49. text me one
    stylish fonts text me one

  50. Sloboda BT-Regular
    stylish sloboda fonts

How to Change the Font in Your Picsart Designs

On the Web

1. Open the Picsart web editor and click New project begin.

2. In the left panel, select Provision and choose your canvas.

3. It’s time to fill that canvas. In the edit panel above, click on the background icon and select from a range of template categories in the left box.

4. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll choose a template from the Glowing Gradients category, but feel free to explore any other category.

5. Now click on the Text tool and choose from Add a subtitle.

6. Type your text and click on the Character font tool above the image. In the left area, you can preview a range of fonts. Select the one that best suits your design.

7. From here, you can make any necessary design adjustments, changing color, size, effects, filters, and more. Just play around with the tools and see what works for your desired aesthetic.

8. Complete your modifications and validate by clicking on the Export button to upload your creation.

On demand

1. Open the Picsart app and tap the purple plus symbol to get started.
2. Scroll down to the Backgrounds category and tap See All.
3. Let’s choose a pastel colored background this time.

4. Now let’s add a copy. Tap the Text tool.
5. Type your copy, choose a style font and press apply.
6. You can also add another line of copy in a different font if you wish. Just press the Text tool again.

7. Again, you can change the font and aesthetics of your design as much or as little as you want.
8. Press on Apply to confirm all your changes.
9. Save to your device or publish your creation to the Picsart community.

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