5 Ways to Turn Your School Year Around With Zoom Backgrounds

We know it’s not exactly the same when you’re learning remotely or teaching online from a home office, but using a professional zoom background can help you prepare well for the school year. After all, the background you choose helps set the mood for the classroom. If you really want to grab attention, consider changing your zoom background to match the topic you’re teaching. This will help your class stand out in a sea of ​​other Zoom meetings.

If you are a student learning online, a fun zoom background can help you stand out from the crowd and show your interests. Whether it’s a collage of your favorite moments from this summer, a vision board for your goals this year, or just a starry night to cover a messy bedroom, you’re sure to find the best. free zoom background for you.

Have you just jumped on the train of virtual meeting places? Obtain step-by-step instructions on how to change your Zoom background.

12 best zoom backgrounds for school

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite school zoom backgrounds below to get you excited at every point on the school calendar. Read on for inspiration and download your favorites.

1) The class is in session

retro pixelated school zoom background

Welcome your students back for the start of the school year. If you’re teaching a virtual classroom, this Teacher Zoom Background is a great alternative to decorating your in-person classroom. And if you’re both in-person and virtual, you can match your experience to your classroom’s design theme. Either way, it’s sure to catch your students’ attention.

2) Beep beep!

back to the future themed virtual background

Did you get your driver’s license during the summer? This is a big deal and you need to let your friends know about it! Or maybe you’re celebrating the fact that you no longer have to go to class. Either way, use this subtle reminder in your online course.

3) Meet your friends on the dance floor

Retro 80s disco ball zoom background

Whether it’s Homecoming or the last party of the school year, use this festive zoom background the week before a dance to get your peers excited. This is especially handy if you’re on student council or in charge of ticket sales.

4) Secure your class clown status

superlative virtual background

Are you hoping to get a specific superlative in the yearbook? Cement your destiny now. If you’re aiming for the title of class clownget the virtual classroom seal of approval with a steady stream of fun Zoom backgrounds for the rest of the school year. Do you have competition? Take advantage of our video editor to create a video background that will go down in school history.

5) Take your dog to school

zoom background of a pug wearing sunglasses

If you’re struggling to adjust to online learning, this one’s for you. Having a cute pup as your virtual background can do wonders when it comes to staying positive in the midst of an anxiety-provoking conference.

6) Mentally on vacation

tropical graphic design virtual background

Sometimes zoom backgrounds help you focus on the task at hand. Other times they are there to remind us why we work so hard. So try a photo of your next vacation destination as a background. This will help you spark fun conversation when you’re in small working groups. Or challenge your students to change their background to represent a cool location for your next geography lesson.

7) Summer is not over yet

purple popsciles on purple and blue checkerboard virtual background

School may be in session, but summer isn’t over yet. Keep the summer vibes going all school long with this delicious ice cream themed virtual background.

8) Head in the clouds

purple and blue checkerboard with clouds zoom background

If you have trouble concentrating, choose a fun, brightly colored background to draw your attention to the class. While you’re at it, consider resizing this geometric pattern zoom background to create a custom phone wallpaper to match.

9) Enjoy the holiday atmosphere from home

tropical cocktails virtual background

Ready for spring break? Do your final tests and lectures before packing your bags with this holiday zoom background. No need to take a beach towel!

10) Walk the virtual red carpet

red carpet zoom background

11) You did it! Graduation celebration backgrounds

graduation caps on a lisa frank inspired zoom background

Congratulations, graduate! You have passed the school year and are now a graduate. It probably took a lot of time, dedication and hard work, so celebrate every countdown moment with this virtual graduation zoom background.

12) Grad Party Background

disco ball virtual background

Make a quick change and use this virtual background for a graduation party, prom, or just for summer.

How to Create a Custom Zoom Background

Do you feel inspired to channel your own creativity after seeing these virtual backgrounds? The class is in session – here’s how to create a custom virtual background in Picsart.

On the Web:

1) Open the Picsart web editor and click on Custom size to create a zoom-sized canvas. Zoom backgrounds are 1920 x 1080.

how to start a custom size canvas in picsart web

2) Set the background by clicking on Background in the editor toolbar on the left panel. You can choose a fun patterned background or pick a color using the color picker.

how to change background color for custom zoom background in picsart

3) Decorate your custom zoom background by adding stickers, text, photos, etc. Here we searched for “school” stickers and found a back to school themed design. Reposition, adjust opacity, size and more as needed.

how to add stickers to zoom background design

4) When you’re done with your custom virtual background, click Export, then Download to save your file to your computer.

how to export custom zoom background from picsart

On mobile:

1) Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen to open the Editor.

2) Scroll to Color backgrounds and select a color of your choice. You can also press Pictures to open a photo from your camera roll or scroll to Backgrounds Where Free photos to select one of our free editable photos to use as a background.

how to set color background in picsart app

3) Now it’s time to design your background. Press on Stickers in the Editor toolbar and search for “school” or other related stickers. You can adjust sticker position, opacity, add filters, etc.

4) When finished, press Applythen Next at to safeguard your custom zoom background or Job share with the Picsart community.

how to find school related stickers and drawings in picsart

Don’t forget to upload your new virtual background to the virtual classroom of your choice. Now, if you’ll excuse us, class is in progress and we don’t want to be late.

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