5 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Enhance Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are directly tied to the financial well-being of your business. So some brands go a long way – building their reputation first. They use inbound marketing and high quality support. However, choosing the right tool might not be so easy as some of them cost hundreds of dollars. Speaking of which, compare Intercom vs. Drift, moreover: which of them is the least expensive? It’s a rhetorical question, of course.

This is why others prefer to gain customers by using other people. Basically, the ones they’ve known for a long time, the influencers. Of course, some of them also cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But it’s worth it! Cover photo by: Blake Wisz

Sound intriguing? Discover five benefits influencer marketing can bring to your business:

1. Nurture your potential customers

“Sounds good, but meh” is a typical reaction people have to a brand new product. No matter how well its marketers describe the benefits of the product, the majority would ignore or forget about it.

But what interest arouses the same product when people hear their favorite bloggers say that it is good! Especially when they do Many times in a series of posts, comments, stories, etc.

For example, healthy snack brand LesserEvil often works with social media influencers to increase brand awareness among potential customers. When the company decided to raise awareness of a new product and increase sales with influencers, LesserEvil used the Popular Pays platform to find relevant content creators and assign discount tracking codes to their selected influencers. so they can accurately track the success of their investment. This collaboration allowed the company to run 37 campaigns, one of which resulted in 733% ROI.

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When it comes to conversations in comment sections, people may overlook what a brand has to say in response to their product concerns. The sentiment here makes sense:the the brand’s goal is money, so how can I be sure they’re not lying. » The same comment from a blogger you trust makes a magic effect ㅡ more doubt that it is worth buying.

Watch how Emma Hothersall feeds her followers. She keeps an outfit blog and regularly posts lots of cute updates from Zara. But good taste in fashion isn’t the only thing fans love her for.

Emma responds to each comment under the Zara collaboration post:

zara influencer marketing post

zara influencer marketing post comments

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It can be just an emoji or a detailed answer about dress size, material, delivery, etc. But none of Emma’s subscriber comments went unheeded.

It makes people feel cared for. They trust Emma’s choice and buy according to her recommendations.

2. Provide information about what drives your target audience to buy

Let’s be clear, companies always struggle to understand their target audience.

For example, here is how Zara presents its new dresses. Just try to guess how these two normally correspond:

zara influencers

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Influencers know this problem. That’s why they use an unboxing video to showcase a fabric by describing how it fits and fills.

youtube fashion influencers

Zara summer clothes trial by Roxxsaurus YouTube fashion blogger

People are more willing to communicate with influencers than with brands. Subscribers are happy to respond to bloggers in

  • Polls,
  • Q&A stories,
  • direct messages,
  • Comments,
  • Live stream.

Thus, influencers get rich data about audience preferences. Moreover, numerous tests on different types of content, tone of voice, etc., give them explicit knowledge of how to formulate your marketing messages and demonstrate your products.

Simply contact them through social media or use Gmail as an email client discuss these points together.

3. Increase customer trust and loyalty

People don’t want to listen to someone perfect. Instead, they prefer to follow someone like themselves: a real person with real problems.

Brands aren’t perfect either. But they can’t post on Instagram something like “What a week taught. Our suppliers have delayed delivery 🤬? This will make some customers think: if i order something from them i will be waiting ages for delivery. No thanks.

Goodbye reputation.

For brands, influencers are a source of outbound sales. But for people, it’s not about our money. This is why we allow them to be imperfect. People love when influencers make mistakes, have a bad day, and post unretouched photos. It works like this: while bloggers are honest about their lives, they’re honest about everything else, including the products they recommend.

Look at the situation with Amazon Prime’s Lord of the Rings TV series. After the first trailer, fans got angry at the break in canon of the main characters.

lord of the rings cast

lotr casting fans on social media

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lots of youtube comments

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It’s not the best start to the long-awaited launch. Thus, Amazon bosses have used their most powerful weapon: influencers. They invited LOTR influencers to meet the TV series crew and watch the pilot episode.

After that, influencers shared their positive feedback on the upcoming premiere:

tweet from professor tolkien

lotr on first tweet

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And what a miracle, the mood of the audience has changed. Now we can see more and more positive expectations.

4. Develop customer engagement

There is too much noise online, so people used to filter what content to read. Now try to guess who will get more attention: a brand they’ve barely heard of or a favorite blogger?

Influencers have a loyal following and authority. It is therefore easier to reach your target audience and create conversations around your brand with their help.

Here are the best content collaboration formats:

  • Honest video product reviews by an influencer.
  • Conduct relevant surveys on the topic of the product.
  • Let an influencer manage your social media accounts.
  • Host a hashtag contest.
  • Start a giveaway with an influencer.
  • Offer the influencer’s followers a discount on the product.

The last is precisely this Daniel Wellington, watchmaker, did. As a $15,000 startup, they focused on influencer marketing.

They asked bloggers and their followers to post eye-catching images with branded hashtags. One of them was @meiinpsn ─ a blogger with 240,000 followers on Instagram. His article on Daniel Wellington’s watch received more than 8,000 likes:

meiinpsn instagram influencer marketing

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This strategy helped the hashtag #danielwellington get 900,000 user-generated posts on Instagram and make it a household name 1.7 billion brands.

5. Influencer marketing improves your site’s ranking

Which means influencers who mention your brand or product give it a better position and traffic. But let’s dig deeper into how influencers help businesses address two ranking factors.

  • Backlinks from high quality domains. Links to your product that they post on their websites or social media are a great boost to your link profile.
  • Quantity and quality of shares. First, due to the high quality content, influencer posts get a lot of reposts. Second, they engage followers to create content for your brand.

The more people know about your business, the more traffic and sales you get.

For instance, Welterweight Heating — a heating and cooling brand — collaborated with local influencers. As a result, the company was mentioned in posts by the local weather reporter, the rapper, and other local stars.

welterweight heating influencer marketing

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When these messages went online, Welter Heating got a 609% traffic growth.

traffic growth through influencer marketing

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Your SEO manager will love such a result. However, not all influencers can bring such results. It is important to rely on recording of user behavior to analyze influencer performance and understand which opinion leaders bring the most value to your brand.

Last word: how to obtain these advantages?

Intrigued by the prospects of influencer marketing? The examples mentioned above prove that it works. But only if you choose wisely. Here is a short guide to get started:

  1. Choose your goal: reach a new market, increase your sales, increase site traffic or brand awareness, etc.
  2. Know your target audience to find a relevant influencer.
  3. Build influence agreements according to the Federal Trade Commission requirements, such as the “sponsored” tag.
  4. Assess the relevance of influencer content to your niche, the number of potential customers you can reach, and a blogger’s ability to engage with their followers.
  5. Approach the chosen one. But first, interact with the influencer’s content. And don’t forget to personalize your message.
  6. Discuss the best content format together.
  7. Measure results with UTM links, discount codes, and more.

Use it to build lasting relationships with customers through influencers.

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