5 Reasons Why People Love Mood Boards

Often used by filmmakers, artists, and designers, moodboards have been deemed crucial in many creative processes. They help content creators visualize their ideas and convince their customers. Simply relying on words (especially when presenting ideas) can be quite difficult. This is where moodboards come in.

What is a moodboard?

Moodboards, by definition, are a collection of visuals intended to convey a design concept. It can be called a collage of all sorts of items which include; color schemes, patterns, fabrics, textures, images, fonts and many more.

Objects selected for the moodboard are used as inspiration, a guideline that content creators should stick to during the creative process. A mood board can be useful to almost anyone, not just professionals! It’s also handy for bloggers and online creators because it really cuts down on the aesthetics of the content.

Why use a moodboard?

Ultimately, a mood board can truly reflect the ideas you have in mind and ensure your creative pursuits reach the right demographic. It’s free, quick and easy to do. Moreover, you will indeed have fun completing it.

For bloggers, mood boards ensure that every piece of writing produced follows the theme you’ve set for your main page. Essentially, you avoid going astray and ensure that your aesthetic concepts are consistent.

After all, too many different creative designs for one page can be overwhelming for the audience. A mood board can also be used for the following reasons:

1. Pay homage to your childhood favorites

Moodboard inspired by Harry Potter, created on Pixlr.

A mood board can be just about anything. It can describe your interests, from the broadest to the most specialized. It could be your favorite childhood books or your most adored franchise movies – either way, don’t be afraid to unleash your passion on the subject.

Design your mood board based on the media that influenced you the most and let your creativity run wild. For example, you can create mood boards inspired by Harry Potter according to the aesthetics and color palettes of the houses. Be it for your blog or social media content, these mood boards are foolproof because they are highly relevant.

2. Find a dream aesthetic

By using mood boards, bloggers can find exactly what suits their tastes. In that case, if you’re yearning for a soft, dreamy look, a pastel-themed mood board can really help you stick with it.

Pastel palettes are ideal for light and relaxing content while illustrating a soothing atmosphere for your target audience to enjoy. They are also suitable for the fashion-related range. Especially if you like lolita or cottagecore.

3. Show off your musical tastes

Neon themed moodboard, created on Pixlr.

For music-loving content creators, mood boards can help illustrate any type of genre you have. If you’re a blogger writing an appreciation post about the types of music festivals you like, or maybe for a specific band or albums, mood boards would be the perfect solution for that.

Neon themed moodboard, created on Pixlr.

As each musical genre has its own visual style, rest assured that the materials available for your music-inspired mood board will be endless. EDM music, for example, would be perfect when transmitted in bright neon tones (as seen above).

4. Find your favorite color scheme

You can discover the color combinations that really speak to you with mood boards. Monochromatic palettes are generally reliable for interior design inspirations. After all, they are colors derived from a single hue, which makes them look harmonious and serene anywhere.

5. Illustrate your love for K-Pop

Moodboard inspired by K-drama, created on Pixlr.

Like many others, if you happen to get caught up in the K wave (i.e. the Korean wave) and are obsessed with K dramas and K-pop bands, you can conceive a mood board inspired by them.

K-pop inspired moodboard, created on Pixlr.

It’s actually been a popular trend among K-idol fans for quite some time. They tend to combine images of their favorite idols with images in the same shades and tones.

Create mood boards with Pixlr now

Now that you’ve gathered all the inspiration you need, why not head over to Pixlr and start designing? Better yet, if you are looking for more aesthetic concepts and inspiring designs, visit the official Pixlr website pinterest account for a visual feast.

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