4 Podcasts To Help You Navigate Your Photography Side Hustle 

Listen ! Whether you have a full-fledged career in photography, the pandemic has led you to explore it on the side, or you just dream of taking your hobby to the next level, then look no further. These podcasts will educate, excite, and empower you to achieve your dream career, camera (and paycheck) in hand.

Creative Enterprise: “Take Your Break” Podcast

Hosted by destination wedding photographer and wildly successful business coach Jai Long, this one is literally a must if you want to make a name for yourself in wedding, elopement, portraiture, family or any other type of business. service-based photography business. Saying that, I’m none of that and watch the podcast regularly for Jai’s advice on goal setting, mindset, and a big kick in the ass when I’m really feeling defeated by social media or unmotivated.

Jai Long and his team bring you interviews with other members of the community who have taken their own break, whether through Jai’s lessons and coaching or simply by hustling and absorbing the free knowledge that is so abundant in online now.

I will say that not everything Jai preaches is applicable or realistic for us individual entrepreneurs with limited resources, time and money, but I admire him for his “all in” approach. While I’m hanging out or scrubbing my bathroom, Jai’s voice is a welcome reminder in my ear to achieve those unrealistic goals that make me want to give up cleaning and pursue my own photography business dreams!

My recommended interview episode is with Em Jensen, who is a wedding photographer who shoots exclusively on 35mm film with a focus on creative couples looking for something a little different. Em Jensen is a great example of the attitude that Jai promotes on his podcast and shows us all that anyone can step into and carve out a place for themselves in a saturated industry like wedding photography.

Startup Creative Podcast

Kaylene Langford is an author, business coach, and keynote speaker passionate about helping promising young creatives kick-start the careers of their dreams. This podcast made it to the list because of its valuable episodes covering topics we can all relate to, like self-sabotage, feeling stuck, and productivity guilt. These are complemented by more concrete and direct business advice, including marketing tips, diversifying your income and building brand equity.

All of Kaylene’s incredible anecdotes, interviews, and startup stories will inspire you and give you insight into what others have gone through to get their small businesses off the ground and thriving. While this whole podcast isn’t strictly about photography, there’s a must-listen episode for all of you in the photography business. Rural photographer Chantel McAlister shares her story of moving from in-person workshops to going online post-COVID, an incredible story we can all learn from.

This podcast also offers a witty way, drawing parallels and advice from other sources that you wouldn’t expect to find on a business podcast. Kaylene also has a book, “How To Start a Side Hustle”, which is beautifully designed and allows you to leave your device and do some pen-to-paper work on how you can start, improve or refine your side hustle for do it your full time gig.

This is a photography podcast hosted by cinematographer, contemporary landscape photographer, and YouTube host Kyle McDougall. Kyle is well known in the analog community for being all about the process and the creative journey with his polished videos on the subject, his courses on Skillshare, and this brilliant podcast.

How does that relate to your side hustle, though? Well, Kyle is all about projects and building bodies of work, something we photographers are still actively working on or ruminating on. This desire to connect with other artists reveals many truths and pearls of wisdom that can be carried over to your journey, earning your place in the photography industry.

Among the many talented and accomplished photographers interviewed on the Contact Sheet podcast, you’ll also find solo episodes in which Kyle shares his current thoughts on photography. Topics like the importance of being patient, the question of which ego is holding you back, and just general thoughts on social media and image making are mini-lessons in mindset and the realignment of your focus, something we all crave, whether we jostle or not.

A recent episode inspired me to tick off a task on my list that had been dragging on for a while. Hearing curator and photographer Wesley Verhoeve talk about his new photo book and the success of his various projects really intrigued me to learn more about his work. This led me to his PROCESS newsletter, which is a weekly installment covering all things photography, including building your own brand. Getting to know Wesley through the podcast led me to create my own newsletter, proof that it has inspired me to take action and continue to do the work that will put me in front of more people to potentially connect with my content and my activities. photographic. Do yourself a favor and get to know Kyle McDougall and all the wisdom he has to offer.

My daily business coach

When you listen to all the podcasts, and you really should, you might notice quite a few Aussie accents in your headphones. Fiona Killacky, host of the My Daily Business Coach podcast, is no exception when it comes to the Aussie twang. With two decades of experience in the marketing industry working for big companies like Amazon and having published articles in reputable newspapers and magazines, Fiona is anything but short of tips, tools and tactics on how to to improve the day-to-day running of your business, whatever its size. or small. She is also a certified business coach.

Fiona offers heaps of value here for free, and you’d be just plain foolish not to browse through the 200+ episodes she has available on her podcast. Every Tuesday it’s advice, every Thursday it’s a coaching episode, and once a month you get an interview with a creative entrepreneur who tells you about their story from idea to creation and how it evolved. until it is today. It’s truly inspiring to hear stories of struggle turning into success, and even though it’s not photography, we can align ourselves with these artists, creators, designers and creatives who believed in them and built the life they want and love!

If you’re someone who loves things like frames, spreadsheets, and apps to help you organize your work, then Advice Episodes are for you. Fiona will walk you through various technology solutions, or sometimes it’s just a whiteboard and marker to keep your systems and processes tidy, efficient and smooth so you can get back to the fun stuff. A recent episode breaking down the buyer cycle (sometimes called a funnel) will really help you reflect on your last photography client and whether or not you’ve completed these essential steps. This podcast is a supplement to your weekly listening that will serve you well. Besides, you must love an Aussie accent, right?

Apply what you have learned

I’m amazed at what I’m learning from all of these podcasts, but saying that, it’s easy to get disconnected even if you’re online. In an age where information is literally at your fingertips every second of the day, it’s easy to let valuable advice slip through one ear and the other.

So let this remind you to take notes and act on what applies to you. Let these podcasts be the daily push to improve or expand your current hustle or let them be the catalyst to finally take that leap from hobbyist to paid photographer who loves life!

If this list wasn’t enough for you, check out my podcast interview with London-based photographer Sophia Carey to learn more about her journey to full-time industry at just 25. Comment below with your favorite podcast in the photography or entrepreneurship category. I would like to listen.

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