2022 Creative Trends | On the Road Again

Every year, Shutterstock analyzes what users around the world are looking for. Their Shutterstock.AI performance data has the power to reveal the trends that fuel creative projects around the world. And now we transfer the power of knowledge to you – learn how to be fashionable with the latest design trends of 2022, starting with On the Road Again.

As Willie Nelson so beautifully wrote: “On the road again, I can just just wait to take on the road…” Welcome to planet Earth, where time is sacred and where there are people to see, places to visit and endless photos to take.

In a world so full of twists and turns, it’s only fitting to hit the road with your favorite camping gear, digital camera and a playlist of good vibes.

So queue up those bits and buckle up to find ways to incorporate The Great Outdoors into your designs with PicMonkey. More! We’ll walk you through how to create a designer-made creation yourself – one that will take you straight into the desert. Let’s go!

What is the On the road once more tendency?

While road trips have always been a readily available form of travel, the past few years have provided perspective on how to navigate this wild and precious life of ours (thanks, Mary Oliver).

Whether you choose to fly solo, bring a friend, or plan a family vacation, this trend is all about breathtaking nature scenes.

And don’t forget the complete aesthetic – on the road, attire is everything! Whether you are a mountain biker, hiker, climber or a beginner adventurer, everyone is welcome here. From motorcycles to caravans, Under Armor to athleisure – the rustic, natural experience is gaining traction like never before.

Searches for “road bike” increased by 14,911%, with “road to mountain”, “road bike” and “badlands” not too far behind. Personal note: Add Halsey’s “Badlands” to the Good Vibes playlist.

Alright, now that we’re all dreaming of our next destinations, it’s time to bring the outdoors to you with these perfect PicMonkey assets.

Imagine your outdoor adventure with textures and effects

Although no one can dispute the beauty of nature, you can adjust its exposure with our effects to like color enhancer, Increase, and Soften. Just click on the Effects tab in the left tab menu in PicMonkey.

Brighten, darken, or adjust focal points as desired.

Outdoor graphics that inspire

Check it out, adventurers! PicMonkey is loaded with thousands of graphics to help you capture your best trip ever or the one you manifest. Use your creative process as a way to savor the memories, or let it serve as a vision board for future experiences.

To find PicMonkey’s Explorer charts, simply go to the Charts tab and browse. You can also search for words like “trip” under the same tab, or find car trip details like camera, location, car, map, status or anything else you are looking for . The road world is your oyster!

Basic fonts to document where you’ve been

Now is not the time to be humble about your whereabouts. Brag to your friends, family, and social media about where you’ve been or where you’re going! Try one of the suitable fonts outside of PicMonkey to add a “Look, Mom, I made it!” slogan, or simply to share your location.

In PicMonkey, open the Text tab in the left menu and click Add text to image. Scroll until you find your perfect font, or search Gothic League, Rokkitt, Brushabilityand our other font suggestions to complete your creation.

Get the look on the go with PicMonkey

Hello, everyone, from Monument Valley! It’s time to learn how to make this specially designed designer postcard in PicMonkey. Read these detailed steps to replicate this nifty design before embarking on your next adventure.

Greetings from the Valley

  1. Open a blank 7×5 canvas.

  2. Click on Bonding on the top toolbar and choose the first layout on the left to create a single cell. Adjust the spacing so that you have a border around your postcard.

  3. Add a photo of Monument Valley by opening the Photos & Video tab on the left. Search for “Monument Valley”.

  4. Go to the Effects tab and click Tucson. Adjust it Vanish cursor as desired and click Apply. Then apply Posterize. You can adjust details, saturation and colors as you see fit!

  5. Now let’s add some text, starting with the word “Monument” which is behind the rock. Open the Text tab and click Add text to add a text layer to your canvas. Type “Monument” in all caps and scroll through the fonts to find League Gothic Condensed. Enlarge the size to 900 by entering it in the sizing box in the left Text Tools menu. Spread the edges of the text box enough to see the entire word on one line.

  6. From there, place the text above the rock. To adjust Blend and Blend about 50% so you can see the photo through the text.

  7. Use the Erase Tool in the Text Tools menu to erase text that follows the shape of the rock and creates a layered look. One shot will suffice for now! Once you have an even stroke, you can enlarge the size of the eraser and touch up areas that still have text on the rock. (Pro tip: keep the text that appears above the sky. And don’t be afraid to make a mistake! You can always repaint the areas you didn’t want to erase.)

  8. Once you are done erasing, use the Blend and Blend orders again to blend your text even more (we opted for between 0 and 12%).

  9. Add your title. Scroll through the font menu (or use the search bar) to find Changō and personalize your message: “Monument Valley, Navajo Nation”. Use the Text Tools menu to change the text color and add a drop shadow. Use the Intensity, Fade, and fall out sliders to find your optimal look.

  10. Complete your holiday correspondence with a classic “Wish you were here!” message. Try script font, Brushability. Then add another drop shadow, weather related colors and voila!

There’s nothing quite like being on the road, but be sure to give yourself time to brainstorm, create, and post your best nature-powered designs for all to see. The world awaits your discoveries, so get started!

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