15 secrets for increasing social media engagement

There are tons of payment options to play, but in this article we will focus on how to increase social media engagement organically. When we say organically, we mean growth that doesn’t require an extra push from the outside. Organically good content engages people because of its interest, not whether or not users are incentivized to interact with it. Organic content doesn’t just make it to the top of a feed because someone paid for it to happen.

Read on to learn how to increase social media engagement for businesses and individuals and grow your personal professional brand, with our tips and tricks for creating content that sticks.

What is social media engagement?

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You can think of engagement in terms of interaction. When you post content, people interact with it. In other words, they commit to it. Depending on the platform, viewer engagement can include liking social media posts or photos, commenting, re-sharing, or writing direct messages in reaction. Even viewing content is a form of engagement.

But don’t think of engagement as talking to an attentive audience in person. The average engagement rate on social networks is historically below 2%. There are a number of solid tips you can apply to increase social media engagement, but don’t expect out-of-this-world numbers. It’s best to stay realistic and learn what level of engagement is considered good in your market.

Why is this important?

You can post all the high-quality content you want, but if no one sees or interacts with it, that social media content is unlikely to help grow your brand or business. And, the opposite is also true. If you reach the right audience with the right content, you can drive engagement and brand loyalty.

How to measure your engagement on social networks?

Regardless of the size of your business or your social media presence, you can track how people interact with your content. The proof is in the numbers. Here are some metrics you can use to measure how well people are engaging with your content.

  • Love: See how many people like your content and compare those numbers to the number of subscribers you have. The lower the ratio, the lower the engagement. Treat low engagement as a learning opportunity (while remaining realistic about the number of social media engagements). Maybe that post style, time of day, or content just isn’t right for your viewers.
  • Comments: When viewers love the content so much they have something to say about it, you’ve given off an even deeper type of engagement. It takes more time and energy to engage with posts in this way, so you’re doing a good job if your viewers are made to engage in this way.
  • Actions: Some content is so useful, interesting or funny that it is worth sharing or retweeting. Find out how many of your posts are garnering this high level of likes.
  • Mentions: Are people talking about your brand? Find out by seeing how many organic mentions you get. An organic mention is simply when someone mentions your brand with an @ without you having to ask or pay them to do so.

15 ways to increase social media engagement

If you’re convinced you want to increase your social media engagement, but aren’t sure where to start, check out these 15 tips for creating content and habits that drive engagement.

  1. Create engaging social media content
  2. Reply to comments and DMs
  3. Host a giveaway as a fun kind of social media marketing call to action
  4. Make your content visually appealing
  5. Increase your number of followers / reach
  6. Know the preferences of your target audience and the type of content they like
  7. Ask your audience for questions and comments
  8. Keep it short and to the point (and only share relevant content)
  9. Don’t slack off on posting
  10. Use emoticons
  11. Team up with a public figure or celebrity to do influencer marketing
  12. Cross-promote your content on different social platforms
  13. Use all the tools at your disposal (static posts, stories, reels, live videos, etc.)
  14. Avoid visually loaded content, but, if that’s okay with you, give it a meme or GIF once in a while
  15. Stay on brand and keep your account consistent

What tools can help you increase engagement?

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There are tons of third-party apps that can help you analyze engagement, but measuring metrics isn’t everything. Check out these three types of tools that can support your social media engagement strategy.

  1. Use metrics trackers and post scheduling tools like OneStream, IFTTT, SocialPilot, and Wave to set up posts and see how people are interacting with them. Social media analytics provide great data points, and if you can get the added benefit of being able to anticipate and schedule posts, these apps are not only handy for understanding what’s working, but helping you keep going. do it.
  2. Use Picsart to take your visuals to the next level. Using intuitive creative tools, you can create engaging posts for all types of social media platforms. We offer pre-measured canvases, templates, and simple sharing tools to make your life easier. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create eye-catching social media content. You just need to know your brand inside and out.
  3. Use a tool like Woorise to coordinate giveaways and boost engagement initiatives by getting people to follow your brand and sign up for more. Remember, social media is just one place to grow, so if you can engage people to the point that they also want to receive email content from you, take advantage of it.

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