15 Affordable Engagement Party Favors

This blog post is all about engagement gifts.

It’s hard to find affordable engagement gifts. But we are here to help you. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or a fancy dinner party, we’ve found some great party favors that will be a hit at your event.

And while we’re on the subject of gifts, we want you to know that we have the ultimate resource for wedding-related favors and gifts. You will find many last minute bridal shower gifts and last minute bachelorette party gifts. We also have a detailed list of top selling bridal shower favors.

these party favors also make great engagement party decorations. This is perfect for someone who is planning a party and wants something creative to give to the guests or if you are a guest looking for some great items to buy for the couple, you can also find some amazing ideas in this article from blog.

From gifts as simple as popcorn to one-of-a-kind champagne glasses and more, here are some of the best engagement gifts that are affordable and guests will love.

15 Engagement Gifts Your Guests Will Love

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  1. Pop corn
engagement party favors popcorn

The popcorn is a real crowd pleaser. Not only does this make a great snack station for guests, but some cute “He Asked the Question” bags make it even better. If they don’t like the corny quote on the bag, they’ll at least like the treat inside.

2. Life savers

engagement party favor mints

Peppermints are always useful when you least expect it. That’s why they’re called lifelines and what’s an engagement favor without a quote to match. “Mint to be” labels are the best way to give a mint something extra. And if you love the mint theme, check out a full Mint to Be bridal shower here

3. A shot

If you’re in the drinking mood, one way to be sure to enjoy the party is to gift guests a few photos as they leave. This is a great gift for people who would like a consumable gift. It’s also a great tactic for an engagement party if you don’t want people drinking too much.

For example, you could have beer and wine during the party and give guests the hard-packed things for them when they leave. And the fact of having it well wrapped can encourage them to save it for another time. You can also get them on Etsy in a set of 12.

4. Candles

Elegant tealight candles make lovely engagement gifts. They are so affordable and easy to customize. Although it may be a popular choice, you can still make unique wedding favors with a personalized date and your initials.

5. Married dog treats

Dog treats are perfect for a couple with dogs. You could have treats for your own dogs and guess you could take some for their dogs. We love the design of the bride and groom on these which represent the lovebirds.

6. Ring Pops

explicit favors that adults and kids will love. We love an engagement party where everyone walks away with a ring.

7. Tic Tac Mint To Be Labels

Ticks are a bit less complicated than Lifebuoys because they come in larger quantities. It’s a great take-out dish for guests. The point that makes this so special are the personalized labels. You can find them on Etsy and they are very easy to print and apply. Just place them over the original tic-tac sticker and you’re good to go!

8. 50 Personalized Chocolates

Love is sweet so grab a treat! It is a delicious snack for guests. You could never go wrong with chocolate engagement gifts.

9. Mini bottle opener

Bottle openers are a standard engagement party favor, but we love them because they’re so useful. If a guest does not directly use it themselves, chances are someone in their household will use it at least once. The best thing about it is the adorable heart shaped topper which makes it awesome for an engagement party.

10. Chambongs

We’ve never seen this before, but we love how this product combines the elements of a champagne glass and… You know. We admire the creativity of this party favor and your guests will love it too.

11. DIY Favors

If you are feeling creative and considering making some party favors yourself then go for it, there are so many ideas you can do for DIY favors that are both affordable and very easy to make. TO DO. Something simple like these filled ice cream cone favors will do. Save money and if people don’t take them you wouldn’t have spent a fortune.

12. Custom Maps

Personalized playing cards are the most underrated and overlooked party favors on this list, but you’d be surprised how many of your guests will appreciate this favor. It’s a gift that doesn’t have to be affiliated with couples or married people or even party people. Some guests might even open the box and play a game of eight bishops right at the engagement party.

13. Small Stemless Wine Glasses

these are so easy to order and there are custom options available. It is also something that customers will find useful and keep for a long time.

14. Tea favors

Tea party favors with tea diffusers also make great party favors.

15. Personalized Mason Jars

It is a nice favor and gift for an engagement party. For example, if you know who is going to be at the wedding party, you can get them with their names and roles.

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