12 Incredible Automotive Photographers to Follow

Who doesn’t love a cool photo of a sports car? Whether you like cars or not, a great photo of a vehicle is always impressive. We found 12 awesome automotive photographers and featured their work. If you want to know more about any of them, check out their profiles. Some of these talented photographers are also active on FilterGrade, so we’ll be sure to share their presets!

1.Aaron Brimhall

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Aaron Brimhal is known specifically for his automotive photography, and he has a knack for capturing moving objects! They have worked with big clients like Mtn Dew, Honda Powersports, Alfa Romeo and Tommy Hilfiger. Their grainy images really show off the lengths they’re willing to go to capture the right shot.

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Check out Aaron Brimhal’s Instagram profile.

2. Steve Ketner

instagram photo of steve ketner
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Steve Ketner is a cinematographer, photographer and director who excels in vehicle photography. Their photos have an 80s vibe to them, so if that’s your vibe, you’ll love their feed! They also have some awesome presets on the FilterGrade store, so check out their vintage-style presets here!

Check out Steve Ketner’s Instagram profile.

3. The creative car

the car creative instagram photo
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The Car Creative is an automotive photographer and videographer who works with car manufacturers, dealerships, and more. Their photos are crisp, contrasty and epic! If you want to emulate their style, you can start by checking out their presets on FilterGrade.

Check out The Car Creative’s Instagram profile.

4. Laurent Nivalle

instagram photo of laurent nivalle
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Laurent Nivalle is a photographer based in Paris, France who takes great photos of cars and motorcycles. Many of their photos are black and white, and the ones that aren’t yet feel like their colors are muted and vintage. They work for DS Automobiles, a brand of luxury vehicles in France. However, they take more than just car photos, so check their feed for a wide variety of content!

Discover the Instagram profile of Laurent Nivalle.

5. Amy Shore

instagram photo of amy shore
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Amy Shore is an automotive photographer who takes great shots of vintage cars. Their diet is undeniably old-school, European and comfortable. Vintage cars have never looked so good, especially with the filters used.

Check out Amy Shore’s Instagram profile.

6. Marcel Lech

instagram photo of marcel lech
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Marcel Lech is an automotive photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Their photos showcase awesome sports cars and racing cars. Action shots of cars on the road or on the track are well worth watching! All photos are super sharp, even at high speeds.

Check out Marcel Lech’s Instagram profile.

7. Oskar Bakke

oskar bakke photo instagram
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Some of Oskar Bakke’s photos are simply stunning, like the one pictured above! They have a wide variety of car photos, and each shot is clear, artistic, and has fantastic lighting. There are even great pictures of motorcycles on their profile.

Check out Oskar Bakke’s Instagram profile.

8. Easton Chang

easton chang instagram photo
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Easton Chang is an automotive photographer who has mastered the art of moody shots! Check out this night shot above. What’s really unique about their profile is that they mix normal car pics with some video game pics! That’s right, if you don’t read the captions you might not realize that some of the photos in this profile are from Cyberpunk 2077 and Gran Turismo. It’s definitely a unique take, and this profile has a lot of variety.

Check out Easton Chang’s Instagram profile.

9. George F. Williams

Georges F. williams instagram photo
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If warmth and contrast are what you seek in automotive photography, then George F. Williams is the photographer to go for. The cars in these images practically pop out of your screen. There are fantastic photos that show the extremes of cold and hot photos. Either way, these will make you feel something!

Check out George F. Williams’ Instagram profile.

10. Dejan Sokolovsky

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Dejan Sokolovski has otherworldly automotive photos like the one above! Their profile is super satisfying to watch, with blocks of photos from different shoots. They are color coordinated, with some shoots feeling red, some feeling green, some feeling blue, and everything in between. If you like an engaging Instagram feed with great car photos, you should check out this profile.

Check out Dejan Sokolovski’s Instagram profile

11. Philipp Lohmann

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Philip Löhmann has some fantastic photos of supercars, both relaxing by the sea (in this photo above) and in motion on the track. While some of the other profiles we’ve featured in this article focus on consistency, this profile has a bit of everything. If variety is what you want, you’ll find plenty of settings, car types, and angles here.

Check out Phillip Löhmann’s Instagram profile.

12. Stephan Bauer

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Stephan Bauer has a unique old school feel. Most of their car photos are of vintage cars released before the 90s. This profile is a fantastic blast from the past, so if you love seeing cool sports cars and race cars from decades past, follow this profile! Of all the automotive photographers we’ve featured here, Stephan is the most nostalgic.

Check out Stephan Bauer’s Instagram profile.

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