10 of the Best Teleprompters for Video Professionals

There are so many materials you need to shoot a good video. Cameras, lenses, lights, monitors, microphones and more. Teleprompters might not be the sexiest piece of gear around. But they’re essential for news broadcasts, talking videos, and more. It’s important to have a functional and easy-to-use teleprompter so it can speed up a shot rather than drag it out. Here are 10 great teleprompters you can buy, in a variety of price ranges. We’ve also collected some that work with phones or tablets, and some that use computer software. There will definitely be something here to suit your studio!

1. iKan Elite Universal Tablet and iPad Teleprompter for Light Stand

For those on a budget, this $400 teleprompter checks a lot of boxes. It fits a variety of tablets, so it’s perfect for use with any standard iPad with a dedicated app. It attaches to a lighting stand, so the connection is standard.

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2. Handheld Teleprompter Kit V2 for Padcaster Parrot smartphone

If you’re on a budget and need a small teleprompter, this phone-sized device in the $100 range is perfect. It won’t impress anyone in a TV studio, but can be useful for solo creators or vloggers. This teleprompter has nine mounting rings so it can be easily mounted on any camera lens.

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3. iKan PT4700-SDI Professional 17″ High Bright Beam Splitter Teleprompter

Moving out of the tablet teleprompter range, we move on to professional items in the $2000 range. This teleprompter has a variety of display inputs so you can connect many different devices. It has a sturdy camera mount and a fabric shade for the camera to make the image as clear as possible. The glass is high quality to make text clear to the reader but invisible to the camera without distorting the image. In fact, this device has a visible range of 20 feet.

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4. Autocue/QTV Starter Series 15″ Teleprompter

This premium teleprompter is designed for viewing up to 20 feet away and comes with its own teleprompter software license. It is designed to be used on camera, on the floor, on a tripod or directly on camera, giving users many options. It has video inputs to connect to a PC.

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5. Proaim TP300 Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit

This tablet teleprompter kit is sturdy and full of features. It is easy and quick to mount on tripods. Ideally, it can be used with most camera sizes while maintaining smooth pan and tilt capability. This is a functional and simple tablet teleprompter with a viewing distance of up to 15 feet. It even comes with protective cotton gloves to keep the glass clean while handling.

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6. Telmax G2 19″ Teleprompter

This teleprompter is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for video production inside and outside the studio. It works with most cameras and tripods, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. The camera riser allows for easy adjustments so you don’t have to spend too much time centering the camera perfectly. It has a respectable reading distance of 18 feet. It also comes with professional software that can be used with the device. This product also includes a fabric camera cover to prevent incoming light from interfering.

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7. Prompter People QPro 32″ Presentation Teleprompter

At $2900, it’s the most expensive teleprompter on this list, but it includes the features to back it up. Due to its large screen size, it offers a reading distance of up to 40 feet. It supports small and large cameras and is highly adjustable. It has multiple video inputs and can be both mains and battery powered. This makes it versatile and even usable outdoors. It also includes professional telepromp software. Although it includes a controller, it is compatible with additional controllers.

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8. MagiCue Mobile Teleprompter Kit

This mobile kit can support many different tablets and has a reading distance of 15 feet. Combined with its tool-less assembly and ability to fold flat for storage, it’s a great teleprompter for filming on the go. It has a large anti-glare fabric hood that will block light no matter what size camera you have.

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9. Prompter People Prompter Pal Camera Sled Teleprompter

This simple but effective teleprompter costs $700. It has a camera adapter that can fit most phones, tablets and cameras. It also included dedicated software for use with a computer. It is very versatile while not taking up too much space.

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10. Autoscript Professional Series 17″ Teleprompter for PTZ Cameras

At $4,500, this professional teleprompter serves PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. This means that it is specially designed for these special types of cameras, so it has an extra large hood assembly. It’s expensive, but it fills a unique need.

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